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Dragon Age Origins Leliana

By desfunk
Oddly enough, this was the last pic i've drawn, but was the first i coloured in the last while.

Went back to the DAO images i promised. I'm probably only gonna do Alistair, then call it quits. I'm tempted to move onto Mass Effect 2 stuff, but i think i'll just go back to new gum-gum designs instead.


~note~ i totally rushed the bg on here. after working on the pic off and on all day, didn't feel like doing anything special~
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firebreather2536's avatar
I need to start playing this game.
AxelChicRikuGirl623's avatar
Aww! This is adorable!
PandaTJ's avatar
hehehe super cute
KingApe1's avatar
<3 leliana and <3 this lol
thebluerooster's avatar
Leonar-Cousland's avatar
Leliana is the best. That why I romanced her. As you can see from my avatar.
Porygonfanatcs's avatar
I loved it so much...
StormWolf92's avatar
so cute, but so deadly
reinblood's avatar
your good at drawing her
chaoticshifter's avatar
:aww: She actually looks even cuter than Morrigan!
frostmourne16's avatar
D'aww, isn't Leliana the cutest little archer ever... :aww:
artof-ravnbee's avatar
this is adorable! love it!
Koyukionna's avatar
Ah, she's so sweet!
LukeTripp's avatar
Nice! Super cute! Love it.
tomjhyde's avatar
I love the tongue sticking out in focus! Great job! :) (Yay cute!)
Al-the-Underboss's avatar
Love it! I have just finished Dragon Age Origins 4 times already and I still want more! MUST.PLAY.DRAGON AGE ORIGINS AWAKENING.NOW!
BA-LDR-LIAM's avatar
leliana=best npc in the game
SteveGarbage's avatar
My god I love Leliana. Totally cute.
bahamut357's avatar
Omg! So cute!! :heart: I love your style!
It makes me wonder Zevran would look like...:?

Anyway, Awesome! fave for sure!
DoaWin's avatar
Oh maiiii cute coloring
zonzalee's avatar
Unusually cute as always.
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