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Dragon Age Origins Alistair

By desfunk
Been too busy with soooo many other series, that i was never able to finish this pic sitting around on my computer.

This will probably be my last of the Dragon Age series. Cause i'm not sure if there was anybody else i wanted to draw. I pretty much just drew the 3 main people i used on my team :p

Anyways, here's Alistair. Initially i was gonna draw him in his spoiler gold armor. But chose not to, and just did a hybrid of some other armors instead.
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Now take one for the team and (Bleep) the witch!
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top three favorite party members:

3: oghren(obvious reasons)

2: alistair tied with morrigan

1: leliana <3
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Yeah, like he needed to be a chibbi to be cute!
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I love his hair!
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So incredibly cute! :ohnoes:
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I cannot imitate the face of joy that appeared on my face when I saw this picture. Kudos. This is fantastic.
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Awww thanks. Now that i'm done DA2, i've gotta do designs for all of them as well :P
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the more stupid alistair gets, more i like him. it is a pitty he only date girls....
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Awww!!! That's so adorable!
Vomiting from cuteness in 3 2 1 (bleh! cleans screen) Great pic! 5/5
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He's so cute!! ^_^
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MAGE: "Tell her I will not be harassed in THIS manner!"

ALISTAIR: "Yes, I was harassing YOU by delivering a message."

Love Alistair. He's the ultimate comic relief
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awww plz don't say that I love the style art you use for these. Can you at least reconsider doing more like doing your own character from dragon age? I kinda just wanna learn on how you can draw these pictures, plz? <3
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heh, i have been tempted to do my own character from the game. but i just wanted to get my 'main' team done first :p
SiNsINsANe's avatar
aww so your not gonna do it?
desfunk's avatar
I might.... eventually :p I was just a bearded knight anyways lol
SiNsINsANe's avatar
lol well then I look forward to it<3
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Alistair is just way too adorable
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wow! great job again. Got to show you my new win7 visual style i'm been working on w/ the little free time i had between studying for my finals and taking the finals. It's off Jigoku Shoujo(hell girl series) and it's not done yet. Still depating on the overall colors to use. Also trying to get a start button(reg=cursed symbal hover= cursed symbol w/ glow and click= hell flower) can't get all the images to make it though.

Here's a link to a sceen tell me if you got any idea's on colors/changes/etc.

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The colours actually work nicely. The only real issue i have, is how will you be able to look at that purple font all the time? It is BRIGHT! lol
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