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Got a Light

By DesertViper
This is a poster we had to do for my Visual Design class. This is meant to be an anti-smoking/ awareness kind of poster. I recently started to play with typography and I wanted to explore the possibility of creating an image entirely with text.

From a distance, it should look like a lit cigarette. When you move closer, one would see that it is made up of words. These words are products which contain the same toxic chemicals found in a cigarette.

Hopefully the poster speaks for itself :) Enjoy and tell me what you think!

You can download the full size version for easier readability.
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This is awesome!!!
This is freakin' awesome. I love how you put the various toxins in the cigarette itself. Your use of color is excellent. The text inside the black stands out nicely (great use of contrast) for the main point. should see this. Excellent job. I know you will have a prosperous career in the visual arts!
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Brilliant Work
LostInAPhotograph's avatar
This is awesome! Nice work.
irishpancakes's avatar
this is really cool, I hope it gets people thinking about what they are putting in their bodies ^^
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I'm addicted to Isoamyl Benzoate LEARN ABOUT IT---- [link]
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great concept. I didnt know rat poison contains stuff which is in cigarettes too o.O
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They dont put rat poison and bug spray in cigarettes.
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that's quite a shock for me O_O
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I think the "TAR" should have been done in an ember-red, personally (for the lit cigarette effect). This is a very brilliant idea. I quite like it.

Yea, I smoke but I'm the first to admit that it's a dirty and harmful habit. I'm just not ready to quit.

Good job, and congrats on the DD.

If there were a picture of a person puffing on the cigarette, I could see where the use of the red color to signify an ember at the end of the cigarette, where it says "TAR". However, the red ember only appears when someone is drawing in on the cigarette. I think the fact that he used the cigarette alone makes the point better because his poster describes what is in the cigarette itself.

The color he used for "TAR" is actually perfect for a cigarette sitting idle and not being actively puffed on. The fact that the list of carcinogens in the background are actually legible without the cigarette getting lost in all of that is amazing design on the part of the artist. And, I learned something from this single poster, so the message he conveys is powerful and effective. His design drew me in, and the use of the yellow text directed me through the poster. In short, the poster did its job.
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I've come to the conclusion that half the shit I read about smoking is bullshit. Rat poison? Bug spray? What POSITIVE purpose could these things have, being there? Surely they must have one, or else they wouldn't be there in the first place. Forgive me if I'm maive for thinking tobacco companies aren't so evil they just stuff randomized harmful shit into their products for kicks.
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a very powerful message you're sending. :] i like it.
antoanette's avatar
This work has been featured in my new journal:wave:
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Stop telling people what they should and should not do and respect freedom of choice.
Also, awareness is unnecessary; we all know smoking is bad.
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This perosn did not say whether people should or should not smoke. It is simply a poster stating what a cigarette contains. Yes, people know smoking is bad, but they might not know what they contain.
NotAFake's avatar
How can they not? It's on the fucking package.
nekoxxakki's avatar
Yes, but all 4,000 of them? I think not.
NotAFake's avatar
Is it necessary to know all 4,000? Isn't it enough to know cigarettes are bad for you?
pnginlvr's avatar
I HATE cigarettes and smoking. My mom smokes/smoked. I haven't seen her for years and hope she's still alive. BUT! Life moves on and I hope no one else gets pulled into the abyss with her.
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