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April 3, 2007
I just think Dodge Viper Vector by ~DesertViper is a beautiful image. Everything looks how it should be in a realism piece - the paint looks lustrous, the plastic has a matte finish look and the tires look like rubber... Nice detail work too, from the headlights to the "Viper" text on the calipers to the Viper logo in the centre caps on the rims.
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Dodge Viper Vector



This is, by far, my greatest piece yet. Started working on this December 21rst. This is my all-time favourite vehicle ^_^ so I gave it 110% and I am very proud with the end result!

My primary goal for this piece was to see how far I could go with the detail using my skills in Illustrator. I am 97% satisfied with the end result after two months of work. The hardest part was the headlights and the inside of the car. Looking at what I had to work with, I think it turned out pretty good.

The original was a little bit bigger and I didn't want to lose any detail resizing it to fit on the screen so I apoligize for the big image (and as a jpeg, it lost a bit of its crispness). Later, I will post a wallpaper version.

All in all, even I am suprised how well this turned out. It was well worth the time and effort and I hope you all see that. After a long project like this, I would love to read all your comments so if you want, comment/fav! Thank you all and Enjoy!

Original image [link]
Outline mode and progress [link]


Total time - 45.5 hours
Started - Dec. 21rst, 2006
End - Feb. 21rst, 2007
Total Layers - 12
Total paths - 850+
Program - Illustrator
No Gradient Mesh used

EDIT: Wow a Daily Deviation!! Thank you very much for the honor of being featured ^__^ This has made my day! thank you all!! :';)
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