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Hello all!

The holiday season is upon us I am getting lots of emails about my steampunk Christmas ornaments, the Santa and Gingerbread Man. I am sorry to say I will not be making any this year (again). As some of you know, my life took a very different turn last year. I (happily) left behind a 20 year marriage. While my life is far better now (and I have no complaints ), I am taking my time of getting my 'self' back....the damage didn't happen overnight and the healing won't either. While I'd like to be a creative work horse right now, I am letting it happen in it's own due course, not trying to force anything. So, as much as the extra money would rock, I am not currently making anything....hopefully soon!

I still have quite a few things in my online shop @… including a steampunk octopus, a nautilus, a flashdrive, a dragon's eye, and a couple of dragon wings.....and quite a few other odds and ends. I have stopped posting items in my etsy and artfire shops because with a full time job, keeping my dog entertained, and rebuilding my life, I simply don't have the time to maintain more than one shop. My online shop is entirely secure and I use the same credit card processor used on artfire as well as paypal, so it's completely safe.

On a lighter note, my dog, Boozer, and I have started hiking, something I would have always liked to do but did not because my ex had knee issues and I wouldn't have gone by myself. Now I do it for myself =) It is helping me with my goal to get healthier in all aspects, but Boozer is pretty lazy and I am beginning to think he will only be good for short hikes lol We did the Hieroglyphic Trail at the Superstition Mtns on Thanksgiving day and I think it about killed him, 2 days later and he is still recovering. We were having record highs that day and I made him carry water in his pack, so he did not have it terribly easy =( He was packless on the way back out, though, I'm not a total slave master.

Boozer-hiking-pack by DesertRubble Hieroglyphic-canyon by DesertRubble

You can see he was not happy the first time he tried on his pack! The other pic is why they call it hieroglyphic trail =) He did surprisingly well getting in and out of the canyon the glyphs are in, I guess 4 legs are an advantage there. It would have been far easier on me had I not had to hold his leash and worry about him, but it was fun.

So that's what I'm up to, pretty much taking it day by day, but I see so much improvement in my overall attitude, confidence, and self esteem, and that's what's important right now. Thankyou for stopping by and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and wonderful holiday season =)


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It was a ton of work but I finally have a great shopping cart on my website! Now that it is, that's where all my new stuff will get listed, so it'll be the go to place if you're looking for one of my pieces for sale =)

It's been a busy year for me, in more ways than one. I had hoped to have my cart up months ago but there was some upheaval with Jeff's struggling business with his son, they did finally split on some not so great terms =( And pretty much derailed us both for a couple of months dealing with the fall out of closing a business and starting a new one for him. Still not finished...I need to get decals made for his truck and some tshirts made for him, but we are pinching pennies right now.

Once he was pretty much up and running I focused on my's a 3dcart and you can use it out of the box, but there was a lot I didn't like about it and I wanted to incorporate it into my wordpress site as seamlessly as possible, so there was a lot of css to fix, among other things, you have no idea how many emails there are to edit! Then there was testing features and figuring which one worked how and with what. I am really pleased with my cart but it was a ton of work to get it just how I wanted. I might tweak the colors some soon if I get time, though.

I've really taken an interest into my blood circulation lately and why it makes me sick so often. I used to go to the doctor a lot when we had insurance and couldn't really get a single one to take an interest in what was wrong, I don't think a one of them thought anything was. But what I realize now is that I have thick blood, and have had my whole life. The symptoms only just got worse as I got older and developed some bad habits with not drinking enough water, drinking coffee, a bad diet....I did some research into vasodilators to relax my arteries and in blocking the clotting vitamin K. So I'm pretty into what I eat and drink at the moment and am feeling pretty good. My head feels clearer than it's felt in at least 10 years, isn't that sad? No headaches, no vomiting, no dizziness, no little guy beating down the back of my left eye lol My feet and hands don't feel like clubs in the morning. It's a bit weird though, I can feel sensation coming back that has been missing, it's like when your hair has been short and it starts to grow and is hitting your arm, you're not used to it and it kind of freaks you out sometimes. It's like that. I was in the shower feeling water hit my feet and calves...thought frickin' bugs were climbing up!

Now I need to get focused and make some new stuff! I get so many ideas running through my head sometimes it is hard to focus, I kind of hate that. I need to get back to meditating, that helps so, so much. If you haven't truly meditated, you should. It's not some silly hocus pocus thing, it's a tool to help you focus and visualize, it's a good thing =)

But, so hopefully it is smooth sailing and serious productivity from here til Christmas!

Have a great Summer!
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Happy Holidays all!

I am very busy raising lovebird babies right now and it was all I could do to get out requests for Christmas gift purchases in time. All other stuff is pretty much at a stand still right now I'm afraid. Anyone waiting on steampunk USBs....I will get back to making those after the first of the year. I am not taking any genuinely custom requests right now and not for some time either, but if there's something I've made and it's not in my artfire shop,, please ask because I should be able to make that after the first of the year.

Anyone who wants to be on my USB list, please let me know. They're $49.50 plus shipping, it's an 8g flash drive.

Have been working on my website,, and hope to have a shop up and running there sometime this spring. Wishful thinking, my time management skills really suck, but I'm hopeful =) Am beginning to get galleries up there, I made a fancy new entry page, and I hope to start selling polymer clay project tutorials there next year.

I have so many things I want to do, but in all honesty, having the drive to really get them accomplished has been an issue for me. I've spent the last year working on getting healthier and trying to improve my circulation and that has certainly helped, now I really need to work on my discipline because it seems like I take one step forward and 2 back....gotta put a stop to that and keep moving forward! It doesn't help having a houseful of baby lovebirds either ;P No more babies for awhile for me. As much as I love them, it really blows creativity and focus.

Everyone be merry and be safe and have a great holiday season!
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Oh, boy, I'm not good at writing much of anything unless it has to do with lovebirds....seem chock full of info about those! but so, OK, I'm gonna write something. It's hot as hell here right now, I shouldn't complain, we had a great spring and a good beginning of June, but now June sucks. I have lovebirds outside that laid eggs late because of the weather and now they're paying for it, I really hate that =(  I just finished up making some steampunk owls so if you haven't seen those, please check them out, they're cool, they're all on my facebook, I think 2 are here. Floundering a bit right now....have some angel wings waiting to be finished but I'm feeling a need for some inspiration so it's time to sit down and go through my inspiration file to stir things up and do some doodling. Wish me luck!
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I've been sick and in a fog and then even after I felt better it took a bit before I felt any kind of focus, but I'm getting there. I've got some new things and I'll post pics here as soon as I have them all finished and listed but I wanted to share my news! I'm in the new PolymerCafe! On the front cover no less, so go check it out!…
This issue also has my first how-to/tutorial so that totally rocks =)
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