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By DesertRubble
It was a ton of work but I finally have a great shopping cart on my website! Now that it is, that's where all my new stuff will get listed, so it'll be the go to place if you're looking for one of my pieces for sale =)

It's been a busy year for me, in more ways than one. I had hoped to have my cart up months ago but there was some upheaval with Jeff's struggling business with his son, they did finally split on some not so great terms =( And pretty much derailed us both for a couple of months dealing with the fall out of closing a business and starting a new one for him. Still not finished...I need to get decals made for his truck and some tshirts made for him, but we are pinching pennies right now.

Once he was pretty much up and running I focused on my's a 3dcart and you can use it out of the box, but there was a lot I didn't like about it and I wanted to incorporate it into my wordpress site as seamlessly as possible, so there was a lot of css to fix, among other things, you have no idea how many emails there are to edit! Then there was testing features and figuring which one worked how and with what. I am really pleased with my cart but it was a ton of work to get it just how I wanted. I might tweak the colors some soon if I get time, though.

I've really taken an interest into my blood circulation lately and why it makes me sick so often. I used to go to the doctor a lot when we had insurance and couldn't really get a single one to take an interest in what was wrong, I don't think a one of them thought anything was. But what I realize now is that I have thick blood, and have had my whole life. The symptoms only just got worse as I got older and developed some bad habits with not drinking enough water, drinking coffee, a bad diet....I did some research into vasodilators to relax my arteries and in blocking the clotting vitamin K. So I'm pretty into what I eat and drink at the moment and am feeling pretty good. My head feels clearer than it's felt in at least 10 years, isn't that sad? No headaches, no vomiting, no dizziness, no little guy beating down the back of my left eye lol My feet and hands don't feel like clubs in the morning. It's a bit weird though, I can feel sensation coming back that has been missing, it's like when your hair has been short and it starts to grow and is hitting your arm, you're not used to it and it kind of freaks you out sometimes. It's like that. I was in the shower feeling water hit my feet and calves...thought frickin' bugs were climbing up!

Now I need to get focused and make some new stuff! I get so many ideas running through my head sometimes it is hard to focus, I kind of hate that. I need to get back to meditating, that helps so, so much. If you haven't truly meditated, you should. It's not some silly hocus pocus thing, it's a tool to help you focus and visualize, it's a good thing =)

But, so hopefully it is smooth sailing and serious productivity from here til Christmas!

Have a great Summer!
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Hey, I just had a look at your shop, it looks amazing!!! I still need to come up with something I am happy with for a shop.
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Hey! I'm glad you liked it, thankyou so much! It is simple'll be easier to maintain because of it though, so I don't mind simple =)

I love your stuff so much, I know you'll come up with something totally dynamic. Would be happy to help answer questions (if I can lol) =)
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Thanks for the encouragement, I think we all need a bit of it every once in a while:)
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Yep, that we can =)
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Awesome! I know what Im doing payday X]
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Just you wait and see! =]
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Your welcome. :-)
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