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Hello all!

The holiday season is upon us I am getting lots of emails about my steampunk Christmas ornaments, the Santa and Gingerbread Man. I am sorry to say I will not be making any this year (again). As some of you know, my life took a very different turn last year. I (happily) left behind a 20 year marriage. While my life is far better now (and I have no complaints ), I am taking my time of getting my 'self' back....the damage didn't happen overnight and the healing won't either. While I'd like to be a creative work horse right now, I am letting it happen in it's own due course, not trying to force anything. So, as much as the extra money would rock, I am not currently making anything....hopefully soon!

I still have quite a few things in my online shop @ shop.desertrubble.com/handcraf… including a steampunk octopus, a nautilus, a flashdrive, a dragon's eye, and a couple of dragon wings.....and quite a few other odds and ends. I have stopped posting items in my etsy and artfire shops because with a full time job, keeping my dog entertained, and rebuilding my life, I simply don't have the time to maintain more than one shop. My online shop is entirely secure and I use the same credit card processor used on artfire as well as paypal, so it's completely safe.

On a lighter note, my dog, Boozer, and I have started hiking, something I would have always liked to do but did not because my ex had knee issues and I wouldn't have gone by myself. Now I do it for myself =) It is helping me with my goal to get healthier in all aspects, but Boozer is pretty lazy and I am beginning to think he will only be good for short hikes lol We did the Hieroglyphic Trail at the Superstition Mtns on Thanksgiving day and I think it about killed him, 2 days later and he is still recovering. We were having record highs that day and I made him carry water in his pack, so he did not have it terribly easy =( He was packless on the way back out, though, I'm not a total slave master.

Boozer-hiking-pack by DesertRubble Hieroglyphic-canyon by DesertRubble

You can see he was not happy the first time he tried on his pack! The other pic is why they call it hieroglyphic trail =) He did surprisingly well getting in and out of the canyon the glyphs are in, I guess 4 legs are an advantage there. It would have been far easier on me had I not had to hold his leash and worry about him, but it was fun.

So that's what I'm up to, pretty much taking it day by day, but I see so much improvement in my overall attitude, confidence, and self esteem, and that's what's important right now. Thankyou for stopping by and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and wonderful holiday season =)


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