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Steampunk Santa

By DesertRubble
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In truth, Santa is a pendant, but as you can see, he can be anything, even a Christmas ornament if you chose! This is an industrial steampunk stickpin I am adding to my shop for the very purpose of hanging some of my pieces from and as you can see, Santa is an awesome fit!!!

Entirely handcrafted from polymer clay.
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Nov 19, 2010, 8:56:44 PM
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Love it!! Featured in our "top ten steampunk xmas decorations blog", here - [link]

Would love to see more similar designs.
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Is it wrong that I love this XD?
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lol how can that be wrong, I mean really? ;P
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you do nice work
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Thankyou so much =)
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this is brilliant!
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I don't know about brilliant.....but he is shiny lol

Thankyou =)
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This is amazing! :D
Merry Christmas! xD
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=) Thankyou! And Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!
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Thanks! :D
hows your holidays going sofar?
I see a lot of new pieces from you, and as always, they are spectacular!
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Going uneventful! that's a good thing =) And yours?

Thankyou! I wish I was getting more made than I am, it is hard to focus on getting new pieces made when there's a lot going on. Better to be selling than not though so i won't complain lol
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Its going pretty good(:
I just got back from NYC about a week ago(:
now im just chillen, tryen to figure out how to do a good Christmas photo xD
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Oh, nice time of year to visit NYC isn't it?

Christmas photo? Now you're just overthinking things aren't you lol
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Lol, perhaps your right :P
And yes its a very beautiful place, especially central park
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OMG, this is pure genius! I love it!!
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Coming from you, I am speechless, thankyou Chris =)
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cool! did i tell you that i love your work? yes, i know i did, but i wanted to tell you again. it is really hard for me to do any polymer clay stuff since i know your style, because everything what comes to my mind is a bad copy of your work :-( well, i don`t have any time anyway, i have to finish all the cristmaspresents... and i hope, when i`m not completley overexited about your work anymore (if this might ever happen) i`ll come to my own mind again ;-)
DesertRubble's avatar
lol Thank you! I know the dilemma you're in, too, I really do. When I first wanted to start in clay, the first thing I did was scour the internet to see what the possibilities were, and omg, the sky really is the limit! But I was afraid (still am!) of copying anyone after spending so much time admiring, am even afraid I'll do it without even realizing it. But I tried to find things I found inspiring and I took away from them tidbits and played around with those in some small, uncomplicated pieces.....eventually I found my way to 'me' =) I found a style that I loved and that others did, too.

When it comes from inside you, it shows, that's why copies are only ever just that, copies. It was a huge goal of mine to create my own style and it's an awesome thing to have done and I so look forward to seeing it grow, too, the Santa was a step for me BTW. ....And I wish that for you! I really do =) And a wonderful holiday season, too!
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so many thanks for your kind words! this really helped me out... i`m really ashamed that i did take so much time to respond, but you know, christmas stress and stuff...

it`s true, when it comes from inside it is ok, no matter if others might have used analog bits... but it`s kind of strange, i don`t know you- just your work- and you are so often in my mind when i create...

i did something with fimo again, and i used your lead about glass eyes there and i really hope i did not copy your work. i don`t think so, but sill... maybe you want to have a look at it ( [link] ) and comment there?!?! i also credited (that`s the right word???) you there, hope, that`s fine with you. please tell me if you feel copied, then i know that i did not do the right thing ;-)

i hope you had or still have the greatest holiday and send lots of love around the globe to you <3
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ong no worries on the late reply, really =) Christmas or not!

I love your piece. Your eye is stunning and the whole piece is very unique, you were not copying in any way shape or form! I think you've got your game on, that rocks!

I'm so happy to be inspiring! And I really appreciate the referral to me, but it was not necessary. I know there are some artists out there who think that if anything is even remotely similar to their work, a byline should be added to say it 'was inspired' by whoever. But most people are inspired by so many things! To force a label like that on unique work IMO cheapens the fact that someone was able to be inspired then make it their own. Because it's work to be unique, as you know =)

I can't wait to see your future work!
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:hug: !!!!!

i`m really so glad you like it. It took a load off my mind.
and somehow it was important for me to refer to you, as you take such a big space in my head ;-) i just wanted to tell the people "if you like this piece of me, you HAVE to see desertRubble"

and now it comes to the limit of my english... what does the sentence with IMO in it mean? *blush* or better what means IMO? i can`t find it (my dictionary tells me stuff about seafaring when i ask about IMO ;-))

but anyway, more of my stuff is coming around, so feel free to poke around in my gallery some time

:hug: again!
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