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Exploration Companion Chart

I was inspired by some of the other Toko Height charts to to some companions ones as I'm starting to get into drawing them and it's been a pain trying to picture companion sizes. I have these organized by the Companions effect (fishing, caving, competitions, etc.) and will eventually be including all companions into a chart with likewise Tokota friends.

Please note everything here is approximate in size based on online information (if available)/my idea of the companion. I did not contact any of the admins for clarification on the heights of any animals in Tokotna, so some of these may be incorrect in sizing (especially if they are Tokota exclusive RE: pygmy cave lion). I have the Tokotas measured at an average height. The dire is at ~190 cm and the normal Tokota is around 165 cm. Some of the companions are a little larger here than would be expected elsewhere as I think big wolfbears might accidentally inhale their under 1 inch firefly companion accidentally while strolling through a cave or something.

From left to right we have the following Exploration companions: Raven (wingspan and resting), Corgi, Stoat, Reindeer, Deer, Raccoon

I'd reccommend you download to get a better view of the sizes. I haven't added text about Companion type or size ranges, but may do so in the future if I have the time.

Breeding Companions: N/A
Caving Companions: HERE
Competition Companions: HERE
Diving Companions: HERE
Exploration Companions: You are Here
Fishing Companions: HERE
Hunting Companions: HERE
Multi-Activity/Misc Companions: N/A

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