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Skirt Plugin Tutorial

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because the skirt plugin is godly and i hate 3DCG physics with a passion but sometimes they have nice skirts and well this fixes everything~

Questions? please ask!

DL the Skirt Plugin! [link]

How to install.
Get your pmde
Only works with the PMX version.

Go to your pmde folder>plugin>User
open the folder you downloaded and paste the files from it into your folder.

Open pmde go to
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I`m currently workin' on Sephy from the remake!!

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Oh man!! you saved me a lot of time!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sadly the plugin doesn't workin any PMXI havein my computer =/

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What!? it doesn`t?

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yep, doesn't work in any version of the editor I have.

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OH I`ll see that if it works with mine

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thank you very much i do same other tutorial but not work for me cuz of you work for me easy to learn Thank again

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I know this tutorial is old, but every time I run the skirt plugin (following all the steps), the skirt disappears when loading into MMD. This is not a texture issue, as all the textures are there

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It's falling off the model. Make sure the topmost skirt bones are connected to the hip bone, and make sure the topmost skirt bone joints are connect the topmost skirt physic bodies to the hip physic body.

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I think this might be a problem with my PMXE (Skirt plugin always spawns joints above the head/skirt, transform view does not work). Also, it always said "Direct3D Initialization Failed" even tho I had the June 2010 Runtimes DirectX on my system.

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Oh hm, maybe. I dunno what to do about that aha, sorry.

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I actually managed to fix that. Now working on a different skirt (redoing its physics) and the skirt falls. Guess like I will follow the advice you sent earlier than

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Is there a way to fix the tool to actually link the bones/ joints? Every time I try to use it . The editor says the bones are linked . But, when I check the bone and joint tabs. Nothing is actually linked.

 I'm trying to do 32 rows with 24 bones per set. An so far this plugin has been garabge . I dont get square physics like you said before. Since, the editor just gives me the standard physics for multiple models I tested it on. Like pyramid head and some ddr models.
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Honestly, I barely use this plugin for actual physics anymore. I sometimes use it for joints, but overall, it's main use is best for spawning bones and weighing the material TO the bones. Bone strings should always be linked. The only ones that don't usually link are the very first bones in each string, which you'll usually have to manually link.

Otherwise, I just use this plugin for the bones, then use the basic PMD/XEditor auto-joint + physic option, and adjust as needed. Should be under the editing window's Edit tag, and under either Bones or Physics. Mine is in Japanese and I don't have it on hand atm, so I couldn't tell you for sure.

I got used to doing it myself since it's a lot easier and a lot less goes wrong.

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when i follow this my physics become a bunch of weird shapes instead of a nice circled shape
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skirt physics are going to be rectangles. it's the best shape for skirts so the legs don't clip through.

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Maybe it's me. But, I did everything you said. An not a single joint moves. An every version of the skirt plugin I used hates to be ran in anything above pmd editor 0139 otherwise the plugin seems pretty useless :/ 
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Honestly now I just use the skirt plugin to get the bone strings I need and get everything weighed, then I delete all the physics and joints and add in my own. You can add your own physics and joints by selecting the bones you want to move around, then going to the edit tab, down to Bone (B), Create Body/Joint (X).

It'll add in some basic physics and joints attached to those bones. Make sure you set the topmost joints to attach the topmost skirt physics to the hip physic or your skirt will melt. You'll need to adjust the physics to be whatever kind of blocks you want because they'll start out as tubes. Blocks usually work the best for skirts to keep the legs from slipping through.

You'll also need to see about creating joints between each string of joints to hold the rows together, otherwise legs will slip through.

It's a bit more of an advanced way to do this, but It's honestly how I do this since skirt plugin has so many bugs. Otherwise, I have no idea why your skirt isn't moving. Try not putting the numbers I told you to put in. I found that fudges things up sometimes. At the time I didn't understand those very well.

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The thing is I tried a few different variations to fit a trench coat. So I roughly set it for 10 rows with 8 bones per row. But, the physics never work. In mmd it would, move with the model. But, the joints near the hips would be posed in a odd angle, 
 An I didn't see any physics being applied by the plug in. So , I pretty much gave up on it. Since, doing it from scratch seems to work better. Even if it will take hours to do on some models XD 

 But, from what I can gather. Any pmx editor 0139 or higher seems to crash the plugin. Tho maybe the skirt plugin doesn't work properly with Hp laptops.
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Yeah you need to have a plugin version that matches your editor version. Otherwise it won't work. I just always use an older version of PMX anyways cuz the newer version does some weird stuff that fiddles with my process. So that might have been your issue.

But yeah the way I described doing it works fairly well. It's a process but it works just as well, if not better, than skirt plugin. It's just nice to have the plugin give you the string bones and weigh everything for you (with you needing to make some minor adjustments so it moves smooth).

And I've used the plugin for coats as well as hair, and hadn't had too many issues. So, I figure it's just a version problem.

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If it helps I've tried multiple versions of the skirt plugin but I get issues like this…

I've tried pm editors versions 0063, 0139, 0232, 0219, 022, and 032.

Any editor above, version 0139 seems to have 20+ dll and other loading issues.

So I'm at a lose on what to do.
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Does it works in PMX Editor? Or only in PMD Editor? :)
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bless you, i had no idea how to use this!
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