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LAT Aoki Lapis - RD

Finished up Aoki to go with Merli. She was surprisingly really simple and easy. Well there she is, all nice and LAT. Hella

Download is under the favorite button.

please follow the rules!

LAT Project…

Model orignally by LAT and edited by RandomDraggon.

Do not edit
Do not redistribute
Do not use for characters other than Aoki
Credit RandomDraggon when used

The Aoki Head model is editable.




Modelo original hecho por LAT y editado por mí, RandomDraggon

Por favor...
No lo edites
No lo redistribuyas
No lo uses para crear otros personajes que no sean Aoki
Dame créditos cuando la uses

*Sin embargo la cabeza si se puede editar (solamente)
© 2014 - 2021 DesertDraggon
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Cute - thanks!

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aww i remember about 2-1 years ago (when i started to mmd) i downloaded this model (as well the others) and i made with them videos, although i didn't make it to upload them.. i remembered how i cried, i was like a grumpy when my older brother formated the computer XD
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lmao yeah, well they're still here for you to download and play with again~ just like old times!
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and i will :-D
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I tried using the model on PocketMQO(with MMD) but the model didn't seem to load. Yes, I did unzip the file, still, nothing worked. Help? 
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I don't know because I don't use that program. Sorry. 
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Thank you!love it
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Can I put her a plugin? :P
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I guess yeah, just if u post a thing, credit me. 
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