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Black Miku Set
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Published: October 8, 2014
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I changed Miku's skin tone whoops there u go. I hope it looks natural enough???? I just really wanted her to have a really dark skin tone, rather than a lighter dark.

We need a lot more dark skin representation in MMD and VOCALOID for sure.

Comes with 10 models. All of which were editable!

Download under the favorite button.

Check out my latest model:…
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why are you race bending models? what kind- you literally changed a texture, not to mention it's kinda offensive to just race bend characters--
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DesertDraggonProfessional General Artist
Here's the one where I listened to everyone complaining about it just being a texture change and did: not a texture change  MMD Black Miku V3 [Koron Style] by DesertDraggon

Shutup about it being offensive because it fuckin ain't. If all people were treated equally regardless of skin color, it sure fucking wouldn't be a problem now would it. Get that internalized racism/colorism out of here. 
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i'm not racist? i find it offensive that you're race-bending a character that is white, to match the standard you want, because it looks like blackface. and to be fair, at first i thought this was a joke, but now i'm even more disappointed. and by the look of the comments, i'm not the only one offended.
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DesertDraggonProfessional General Artist


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MasterSaruwatariStudent Writer
She is so cute. 
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i appreciate the representation but this makes me kind of.... uncomfortable ? i know that she is a character and up for the artists interpretation but ( to me) its coming off as appropriation and blackface ? im not trying to be combative or critical but i hope u can see my pov
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DesertDraggonProfessional General Artist
This is a racebend. Not a lightskinned person who slathered dark makeup on themselves to be a racist prick. There isn't an ounce of making fun of black folks in changing the skin tone of a character because there's lack of any dark skinned vocaloids in the canonical fandom.

Also if you paid attention I made a new model where I completely redid a model of her to have black features, instead of a simple recolor. 
MMD Black Miku V3 [Koron Style] by DesertDraggon
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somehow the remodel feels more offensive ? you do whatever you want but imo it would be better to just make a dark skinned oc rather than turn a japanese character into something she isnt, especially considering the offensive hisory and background with that
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DesertDraggonProfessional General Artist
There are Black Asian people too. Dark Skinned Asians as well. Dark skinned Asians deserve representation as well. But I mean... that must be racist I guess. 
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heuntedHobbyist Digital Artist
came on my other account since you wanted to block that one, you are clearly very defensive about this and in fact quite ignorant on the historical background of blackface and why it is offensive and not something to be used willy nilly. black skin is not a paint for you to slap on your non-black characters as a poor attempt of representation. maybe create a black oc for that ? but dont use my skin for favorites and clicks when it has a serious historical meaning.

you can block this account as well, but i will not be shut out without a chance for a response just so you can appear and convince yourself that you are correct, when you are in fact incorrect and ignorant on the topic. have a nice day and i hope you educate yourself on the topic of blackface and learn to love african skin as much as i do. chao <3
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DesertDraggonProfessional General ArtistFeatured
I do care, that's why I made Black Miku. That's why I support as many black and mixed organizations and companies and productions as I can afford. That's why I reblog awareness for events, and why I constantly think 'hey what if something I do is racist' and aim to fix that as much as possible.

That's why I'm mad, because you don't understand that what you're doing, is colorist. You are ignorant of colorist issues within asian countries. I am no spokesperson of it, but I am aware, and I am upset. Little Black Asian girls deserve representation in mainstream media just as much as Black American girls and Light Skinned Asian Girls do. It is not a fucking fight of 'who's the most oppressed'. You need to support your sisters of EVERY color.

I'm a half white half native trans gay man. I'm just here to make cool models for minorities like me. If that makes you uncomfortable, you might wanna think twice about why you're uncomfortable about it.

Clearly? This model isn't for you. Because according to you, black asians aren't real black people. Fuck you. 
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OffensivenessMaximusHobbyist Digital Artist
Chocolate Miku!  Rare but tasty!
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DesertDraggonProfessional General Artist
A Racist! In the same classification as shit and just as nasty!
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Meet-The-Real-MeStudent Digital Artist
You know, this works! :aww:
She (they) look pretty good!
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LeonitusHobbyist General Artist

Don't see why people in the comment section are making such a big fucking deal about what color Miku is. It's fan art. The shit exists for literally everything. I could make the argument of 'why change the original color of something/someone that someone else made instead of making your own original character. Don't whine for someone to make more representation; do it yourself so you won't be disappointed,' but honestly, I don't care. In the end, it's not why I fav art pieces. If I think it looks neat or is something eye catching, I'll add it to my favs.

I favorite this not because of 'why' you made her black, but because I think it looks neat. Carbon Miku happens to be my favorite model of her so I'm not against a darker Miku.

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SamantaiHobbyist Digital Artist
These are so lovely! <333
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OctoSquidVWStudent Filmographer
I rather call this, Darker skin colored Miku. I am not that myself but people MIGHT get un comfortable with some of the related subjects revolving that.
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DesertDraggonProfessional General Artist
They can be uncomfortable then. 
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JadedalicornHobbyist Artist
I seen this on the side thumb nail and yes I know the issue of the skin color on a cartoon character
would be racially profiled and this is wrong miku is not asian .....

As for the black asian thing yes they are real genetically speaking there what are called native american.

they do in fact have the same markers and bone structures that classify them as such ...

But miku hatsune is not human to start off with her skin color does not change
who she is or her program code..
You can not call a car or a toaster a race just because of its paint job or cover..

In the end people calling out miku for being this type of race when she not
only in the mind of the person does this user claim she is asian..

I see her is a mascot for a voice singing program nothing more or less ...
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DesertDraggonProfessional General Artist
I understand what you're trying to say, but Miku Hatsune is Japanese. Not even just, coded as Japanese. She's straight up Japanese. 

Also, black asian people are not called Native American... Native Americans are indigenous Americans... I would know, I am one. Native Japanese are actually referred to as Ainu. 
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JadedalicornHobbyist Artist
Ether way there is all ways going to be some one who brings up race with a cartoonish character
is just wrong..

By the way the vocaloid program was not coded by japanese people it was done by someone who once worked
at microsoft so no the program is not fully one race..
I just find it funny that people label things I guess its some weird human flaw...

I just look at the facts as miku not human there for she doesn't have a human race labeled on  her
just because her voice bank doner is human miku is not so her skin color can be any thing..
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DesertDraggonProfessional General Artist
honey, color blindness isn't anti-racist. 
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JadedalicornHobbyist Artist
there is no such thing as anti-racist only racist

as for the color blind thing meh its another label human are human no matter what color there skin maybe..

Its just some humans tend to get triggered if you make a darker skin of a non human character with darker skin tone some people have no lives..
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DesertDraggonProfessional General Artist
yeah no colorblindness is racism lite. until we're all treated equally, we are people of color. we are queer. we are nonbinary. 

'i don't even see color' yeah well sorry brenda I'm native american and gay. no matter how much you pretend i'm 'normal' it ain't gonna change the fact that i'm native and gay.
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