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OC Lineup: Main Cast



(Updated the character descriptions a bit lot :'3c)

A while back, I asked what I should do for 1k watchers. I'm still quite a bit away (around 30 people) but with the pace I've been drawing, I better start getting ready- the majority asked for an OC contest, after all, but I have no accurate and up-to-date references of my OCs up!! That and uhh,, I wanna take part in Goretober, a different OC every day (I even started sketching them out so I have something planned for each day and not get left behind bc lack of ideas) but first I have to figure out how to draw most of these characters consistently, haha. I already have a pretty solid idea of what they look like in my head, so lineups are in order.

Anyway! Time for some brief, updated descriptions of my good terrible children:

25 | she/her | 5'5'' 
Just hopes to make friends- with the monsters she's supposed to be fighting.
Hellbent on learning everything she can about the so-called "Depraved", she won't hesitate to risk a mission (or a limb) to approach the beasts. It doesn't often work in her favor, but she still swears to one day publish the most accurate and analytical encyclopedia on those creatures- starting by naming them after celestial bodies as she deems fit.

28 | he/him | 6'5''
Needs a five year long nap.
Perpetually exhausted, he still somehow manages to get by and offer support in missions. Having always dreamt of being able to provide a good life to his sister and himself, he's made more than a few less-than-perfect decisions. That doesn't stop him from still trying to keep his eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel though.

26 | she/her | 5'
Serious up until the first horrendous pun.
While athletic, her power resides in her strategic thinking. Slowly making her way up the ranks of the local association due to that, she makes sure to remain as impartial as possible, sometimes to a fault. Despite that, she remains loyal to her friends and family, and wants to be there for them whenever possible.

26 | she/her | 5'7''
Looks pretty well put-together for someone who hasn't slept in almost a week.
Spending too much time (according to her sibling) in researching one thing after another, she ends up with dozens of tabs open and her PC turning the room into a sauna. Not a fighter in any sense but she tries her best. Her new part-time job at the local association as an Analyzer of Depraved Gemstones makes her some money at least.

25 | they/them | 5'1''
Wants to believe they appear dark and mysterious (they don't).
Impulsive and headstrong (and having no idea where they came from), they often rush into danger and pay the price (sometimes literally). They're still willing to do that if it means protecting their sister, but they'd much rather die than have someone acknowlege that -or any of their soft spots for that matter- out loud.

There'll be bits and pieces of their stories scattered in the descriptions I have planned for their Goretober days, so please look forward to that >:3c (I'll be putting mature filter when the content of the picture is too much, but you'll still be able to read the descriptions if you're interested.)
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THESE CHILDREN MUST BE PROTECTED UNDER ALL COSTS!(looking at them now,i can understand why you can't pick a favorite,they are all amazing on their on ways)