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Hijack: Necromancers Can't Share

For several moments the pounding felt like it belonged in Loren's brain, but eventually he realized it was someone knocking on the front door of his small, disorganized flat. The detective cracked his eyes open, surprised to find that dawn was barely approaching. A heartbeat later he was surprised he was even in bed. Well, mostly on the bed. One arm was dangling towards the floor, the fingers completely numb…and there was a ring around his middle finger that didn't belong to him, or hadn't the night before when he'd gone to the Crossroads, which was incidentally also the last thing he remembered from the night before. Loren wriggled into a sitting position before he slid off the bed, finding that he was mostly dressed; he hadn't gotten farther than the crumpled jacket on the floor (one of the poisoned mice had fallen out of a pocket), one shoe, and unbuttoning his blue vest and half of the heavily wrinkled shirt underneath; even his glasses were still on somehow. He started shaking out his left arm to work out the numbness.
Oh right, the knocking. There was only one reason why someone would call on him at this hour- someone, or something, was dead. Loren slid off the bed, made a cursory effort to get his long hair under the semblance of control, considered going to get a drink of water to dampen his cottony mouth but decided his guest had waited long enough and headed to the front door. He passed his raven, perched deathly still on the back of his small, worn couch; at least he still had Retribution.
The detective peered through the peephole, surprised to find an apprentice from the House of Masks furiously knocking on his door, usually dead people were not the problem with necromancers. Frowning, Loren opened the door mid-knock, startling the would-be necromancer. He tried not to relish in the small delight that gave him, but why not, they all thought he was an imbecile anyway, that is until a puzzle needed to be solved or a body acquired.
"What do you want?" Loren said blandly, trying to hide his curiosity.
Strangely the apprentice didn't have the time to get irritated, smoothing over the detective's abrupt appearance to answer the question. "Someone broke into your Master's lab."
Loren's surprise overrode his knee-jerk reaction to correct anyone who called Vernon Hes, the Master Necromancer, Head of the House of Masks, his master. They had an agreement. Loren wasn't a wizard, he was just looking for a way to save his twin. "And they didn't die of organ failure or explode?"
The necromancer shook his head. "There wasn't anyone in there when Hes and, well, everyone who was in the House at the time, went to investigate. There wasn't even a ghost."
"When did this happen?"
The young man glanced down at his watch, "A half hour ago? I've been here for 10 minutes. I would have given up sooner, but I noticed your crows on the building."
Loren internally grumbled at himself, then walked back into his bedroom to grab his coat, checked to make sure he still had a live mouse in an inner-pocket, replaced the dead mouse, and then headed back towards the door. Retribution flew out ahead of him, almost ramming into the apprentice before taking to the air with the Firebirds and Decoy. He directed Retribution to fly to the gunslinger, Amelia Helstrom-Petre's clockworks shop, and the other to the outskirts of London where the White Wizard of London, Meredith Irons, resided. "Lead the way."
It was a fairly short trip to the House, not even worth a carriage ride, and the whole time Loren fished for details, which there appeared to be very little of. Hes couldn't tell if anything had been taken, but they'd found the door unlocked, however Meredith's ward hadn't triggered, the explosion had happened in the lab. Loren had pursed his lips together at that little tidbit. If nothing else had been taken, he knew at least one thing that was missing: Possibly the most terrible spell Hes had ever invented, coupled with some other very important information. When Hes had told him about both, Loren had immediately called Meredith to trap the thing with her most powerful spell that wouldn't burn down the building: her Fire Tornado.
Unfortunately it appeared even that had not been enough. The detective took the steps up to the small porch of the House of Masks two at a time, briskly walking past the desk clerk and towards the back where Hes' lab was. The narrow flight of stairs down to it was crowded with necromancers. Surprisingly they parted for him so that he could examine the thick wood door at the bottom of the stairs. As expected it was unlocked and open, Hes standing inside his study, arms crossed, about the most emotion the man had ever shown since Loren had started working with him a little over a year ago.
Hes turned towards Loren as he stopped at the door. The 56-year-old Master Necromancer was one of the few wizards who had never bothered to create some sort of anti-aging potion or spell, considering them a waste of time because their effectiveness always produced diminishing returns (but he was like most necromancers in the fact that he was looking for a way to defy Death once and for all), so he looked his age; wrinkles, nearly white hair, and the customary, for a necromancer, dark circles under his eyes. "They took my personality journal." The man said sourly, almost as if he were accusing Loren, fixing his hard, black-eyed stare on the detective even though they both knew he could not be bullied or intimidated; he had nothing more to lose.
Loren shook the self-indulgent thought away, his eyes starting to scan the room he'd spent plenty of time in. "I don't think it's the only thing they took. Was the door closed when you showed up?" Hes nodded, and Loren pushed his glasses up his nose while he thought. "Have you been outside of the House, in public, at all recently?"
Hes looked almost disgusted at the idea. "Of course not, I started a new project a week ago."
Loren held out his hand, "May I see your key?" The Master Necromancer fished around, and then remembered the key was attached to a chain in a belt loop of his slacks.
He unclipped it and handed it over, but before Loren could examine it, a clear voice rang out behind him, "So what's going on down here? Your bird said something about a break-in?" Loren turned to find the Lamplighter, Amelia, standing in the doorway, her hand on a cocked hip, a mischievous smile on her face. Her long black hair was pulled in her customary ponytail that curled slightly at the end, her brown eyes sparkling. She was dressed in the casual pants and lace-up shirt she customarily wore when she sensed there was going to be a fight.
Loren rolled the silver, linked chain between his fingers, the key dangling from it turning lazily. "Someone raided Hes' study. Not sure what all they took yet, but they grabbed the book Meredith trapped."
Amelia's eyes widened slightly, the smile fading. "Oh dear, that's serious. How did they get down here?"
Loren held the key up to his line of sight, letting it twirl slowly; it looked clean. He lightly skimmed his fingers along the contours of the teeth; they felt clean. So most likely an imprint of the key had never been made. "Well, not with this." He finally concluded, handing it back to Hes. "Meredith's trap on the door wasn't triggered, so it was certainly unlocked, but even though the door was closed when Hes found it, it hadn't been relocked. It's not likely they had a key, even a skeleton one."  Loren made a speculative noise, and then walked over to the door, Amelia sliding out of his way. He touched the small latch that would unlock or lock the door from the inside; it was slightly colder than room temperature. He turned his head towards Amelia, "There isn't a big enough gap under the door for anything to slip through, what sort of supernatural things could pass through a door, but still affect a material object?"
"A fae, most likely." Meredith interjected from the top of the stairs. Loren looked up to watch the woman, whose colors had been sucked out of her by something beyond reality, meet them in the study, her white coat nearly brushing the stairs as she descended. She pulled off her wide-brimmed hat at the bottom of the stairs, revealing a torrent of straight, near-silver hair tucked behind her white, slightly pointed ears.
"Or a Spirit."  Amelia added. "Hi Meredith."
The wizard nodded once, tipping her head towards the other woman. "True, or a sufficiently powerful ghost."
Loren huffed. "So just about anything. Ok, what would leave the lock slightly cold to the touch a half-hour later?"
Meredith tilted her head slightly, "Fae of the Winter Court?"
Loren turned away from the girls and started to wander towards one of the many shelves of necromantic paraphernalia Hes kept on hand. "Ok, but if it was a fae, why would it need to unlock the door at all, it would be able to pick up the book just fine, right?"
"Oh, so Hes' personality book was finally stolen." Meredith replied dryly. "And yes, a fae wouldn't need an accomplice to approach the book, and actually, my Fire Tornado would have done way more damage to a fae of the Winter Court anyway, which means it likely wouldn't have gotten away with the book, if at all."
Amelia brushed her fingers over the locking mechanism. She had an excellent sense when it came to magic. "A spirit that could pass through the door wouldn't need anyone else either. So most likely a ghost powerful enough to temporarily affect reality?"
Loren nodded absently, eyes roving over the things Hes had collected over the years. A few things were missing, however, as Loren roamed, he discovered the thievery was quarantined to the side of the room nearly in the opposite corner from the book and the explosion. The detective sifted through his memories, checked the dust patterns that had formed around the missing items, and managed to infer by proximity to other items in the almost organized collection, what many of the missing components were. He quickly recited them to Hes. "You might be missing a few ingredients, but can you make anything with that combination?"
Hes considered this very carefully, his eyebrows drawn together. Meredith and Amelia waited quietly. Meredith knew a bit of Necromancy, but Hes was the expert here and so she simply listened. "Well, some of them are just rare, but you could possibly start an ineffective immortality potion with most of them." The disgust at the potential use was plain in the Master Necromancer's voice, but just to make it obvious, he amended the statement, "What a waste."
As Loren considered this information he unconsciously reached in a pocket for his flask and downed (just a bit) of scotch, only noticing the motion when Amelia frowned at him. He decided to ignore both. "Well, either the accomplice is a necromancer, most likely picking up the items as he was looking through the room for the book, or worked for one that knew Hes' study incredibly well. The second I find unlikely since he usually keeps the door locked when he isn't in here."
"And the other House members aren't allowed access to my research." Hes said sharply, clearly excluding Loren from that list since that rule didn't seem to apply to him.
"Could have been a wizard that travels through mirrors, at least that would be one way to spy on the lab. However with the position of the mirrors Hes has now, you wouldn't be able to see much, let alone all of that section of the room." Meredith chimed in. "Besides, there are very few wizards capable of traveling the mirror world like I can." She punctuated the statement with a smirk.
Amelia rolled her eyes at the wizard's unshakeable pride, but couldn't argue since the assertion was true. She made a thoughtful noise. "What about a Shadow magician? They would be able to slip in and have a peak." The lamplighter's words trailed off weakly as she realized the holes in her own theory even as she spoke it. "Yeah, but then they would have just grabbed the book and the supplies then, or tried to at least."
Loren ran his hand over his longish black hair. "So, most likely a necromancer then, which would likely mean…" instead of finishing the sentence, the necromancer murmured a few words before closing his eyes and touching the tips of his fingers to his eyelids. When he opened them again his view of the world had slightly shifted, all the organic material brighter than the inanimate objects and brightening the longer they decayed. It was a useful spell he'd learned watching Hes once, it allowed you to see spirits and locate dead bodies easily. However, even with the sight, it was difficult to spot the small chunks of dead and charred flesh splattered against a few items and the floor that had been near the book.
"If a waking dead picked up the book, where are the body parts?" Hes asked, "Why on earth would you take a broken zombie with you? It's just a waste at that point." The disgust had returned by the end of the sentence.
Loren looked up sharply at the statement. He couldn't tell why, but somehow that was an important observation. As the detective mulled that over, he picked up one of the bigger chunks of flesh for later, slipping it into his pocket. That also brought a wrinkled frown from Amelia; as often as she'd seen him perform it, she was still terribly uncomfortable with Necromancy.
The detective sighed, rubbing the back of his head. "Ok, now we have at least 3 culprits, the necromancer, the zombie, and the possible ghost. That makes sense, the necromancer would want to work with things that they could control, especially around such valuable materials." His eyes scanned the room as he continued talking, "The ghost unlocked the door, the necromancer and the waking dead started searching for the book, the necromancer starting over there," Loren pointed to the plundered section of the lab, "and the waking dead likely started on the other side so that they could work their way to the middle. I guess it's a good thing, for the necromancer, that he got caught up in stealing, or else he might have died when the zombie picked up the book and exploded."
Loren tapped his finger over the crease in the fabric of his pants that the small chunk of flesh made, contemplatively. "For some reason the necromancer took the time to pick up most of the waking dead, which is strange because most necromancers could at least track the source of any zombie parts that were missed."
The detective sighed, irritated with his next statement even before he uttered it, "I don't understand how they knew about the book though. It's incredibly unlikely the necromancer got a ghost past the House's wards to spy on Hes, so it could have been a third party with other resources… but then the necromancer got a ghost and a zombie into the House, so…" Loren sighed again.
"So let's look around and see if we can find how they got in. They opened the door, so they didn't teleport in; there has got to be a sign around here somewhere, right?" Amelia supplied with an encouraging smile.
Meredith smiled. "I'll check for broken or foreign metal and wards that were tampered with.
Amelia glanced at Loren, "I guess that leaves us to the more mundane search methods. I'll take the ground floor, you handle upstairs?"
Loren nodded shortly. "Done."
The group dispersed like oil and water, forgetting Hes had even been in the room with them.


A half hour later everyone was back in Hes' study and the sun was weakly shining through the rainclouds. Loren had been completely unsuccessful on the second floor, thankfully Amelia and Meredith had significantly more luck. They'd found a sliver of enchanted metal that had disrupted the delicate web of wards on the door leading to the overgrown backyard. The piece of metal was important. It had been left imbedded in the wood and Meredith had explained it had to have been the combined effort of a Metal and Shadow mage, so the necromancer had either had it made, or it had been given to him, most likely by the person who wanted the book.
That still left the question of how someone outside of their group had found out about the book in the first place. Loren pulled the small chunk of flesh from his pocket, staring at it carefully. "Well, let's try asking our intruder how he found out about the book." The necromancer announced smugly. Amelia wrinkled her nose again and hung back a bit while Hes, Meredith, and Loren approached the operating table. The detective pulled a small knife from a coat pocket, slicing his finger and drawing a short series of symbols in blood.
Hes made a thoughtful noise behind Loren, "Interesting." He simply said, and Loren realized he'd neglected to share the undead-hijacking spell he'd created several weeks ago on accident. Thankfully the Master Necromancer didn't immediately start to launch into ways the spell could be refined or improved, which was always necessary because Loren tended to make things up that mysteriously worked but were inefficient casting-wise.
Loren finished the short ritual by pressing his bleeding finger against the flesh, smearing it with his blood. His body jerked slightly and there was a moment of nausea as his perception shifted. He was staring at a wall with one tasteful piece of art, reminiscent of a hotel room.
Behind him he could hear a voice in mid-sentence. "…caused quite a bit of damage." The voice was conversational, accompanied by the abrupt snip of a pair of scissors. Loren had a perplexed moment to wonder why what was clearly the necromancer was reprimanding the Waking Dead as if it would respond.
And then it did, grumbling out, "It's not like I triggered the spell on purpose. How was I supposed to see that fire trap underneath all those useless necromantic wards?" The surprise of the response nearly broke Loren's concentration, but then he reasoned out it was probably an advanced Waking Dead spell. He'd heard Hes talking about one where it restored semi-consciousness to a zombie, but he'd never seen it in action. If that was the case, he was a tad surprised he could hijack the zombie at all.
"Yes, and I'm sure that was the point," The necromancer returned blandly. "Unfortunately your practically flying apart didn't give me nearly enough time to examine the rest of the study."
The undead growled, but a woman's voice covered it, "Now Tellou," The waking dead turned his head to glance at a rather attractive blonde woman wearing an expensive-looking pale pink dress of the latest fashion, "We were in a hurry, Ysef didn't have enough time to look that closely."
"That is true, Alunwey." The necromancer replied.  
Ysef, Tellou, and Alunwey. He'd never heard of any of them, and the woman didn't look even vaguely familiar; they were most likely from out of town. But Loren was tired of waiting and decided to do what the spell was meant to do. He forced Ysef to look over his shoulder at the necromancer. The man had long hair, was wearing a dark coat of a foreign fashion and an irritated expression.
And then chaos ensued. Just as Loren was realizing a complex soul weave had been sealed so well in the body that not only did the waking dead have complete cognizance, Tellou had a connection he could utilize to monitor and better control Ysef, and just to crowd things even more there was some sort of conscious power harness that was shifting.
"Sit still!" Quix de Tellou snapped and was alarmed to find Ysef's eyes widen slightly.
"I…I didn't intend to turn around." He said, his voice bewildered.
"Are you suggesting that I made you?" Tellou responded indignantly.
Suddenly Thurston surfaced at Ysef's throat in a surge that was uncharacteristic of him. "Ysef has an intruder." The parasite announced sharply.
"An intruder?" Tellou and Ysef's bewilderment echoed each other.
Thurston let out a long-suffering, unnecessary sigh, "Don't ask me how, but someone hijacked Ysef. And he's not really here so I can't expel him. You and Ysef are going to have to do that."
"But first," Ysef started, and Tellou instantly knew by the sudden change in his whiny cadence that the zombie did have a visitor, "I would like to introduce myself. My name is Detective Loren Zavier, and the book and supplies you stole belong to an associate of mine…"
"Ah…" Tellou responded weakly, but stopped because the detective continued with what was most likely going to be a threat.
"…And I would appreciate it if you would return everything and tell your employer that the book was unfortunately gone already."
Trying not to be surprised by the lack of threat, Quix de Tellou straightened, brushing out his coat slightly. He didn't care about the book, but the ancient spell Q would be able to trade it for could possibly lead him to the immortality he had long looked for. "I'm afraid that won't be possible. I would gladly return the other items, but I really need the book."
"This is absurd!" That was Ysef, his voice whiny and indignant, "You saw what that spell did to me, and you know that damn immortality spell isn't likely to succeed anyway! I told you this was a waste of-" Ysef's mouth snapped shut, and the next time it opened it was clear detective Zavier was in control again.
"I don't need you to argue my case, zombie." The necromantic detective sighed slightly, "However that means I have to resort to threats. I know your names, and I've seen all three of you, including the lovely Alunway over there." Ysef gestured towards the woman even though she currently should have been outside of Ysef's peripheral vision, "and because it's my job to be familiar with London, I know what hotel you're staying at too."
Quix de Tellou quickly weighed his options. On the one hand was a gamble for an immortality potion, which would only be possible if he could get away from the detective who could possibly have the police surrounding the hotel right this moment, or was there himself, ready to take them out personally. On the other hand, he lost a chance at a possible solution to all of his problems and would earn the anger of his employer who he knew very little about. Neither seemed like a delightful proposition.
"You make a logical argument," Quix de Tellou said as casually as possible, "and I've always considered myself a reasonable man. I would be delighted to return the misplaced possessions. Shall I just leave everything in the room then?"
Ysef chuckled and for some reason Thurston shifted to his hand. "And let you go before I've verified everything has been returned? Do you really think I'm that stupid? Why don't you have Ysef bring everything back to the House of Masks? Unless you'd like to do it yourself?"
Tellou pursed his lips together, and then said in a pleasant voice, "I do have Ysef for a reason."
The real Ysef had enough time to grumble before the detective overrode him and responded. "True. Ok, I'll expect to see him in 15 minutes. Ah, one last thing, how exactly did-"
Much to Quix de Tellou's surprise, Thurston reentered the conversation with a short command, "Now!" The necromancer could tell the sentient ward released the restriction on the body-destroying magic, and at the same time he could feel a tug on the part of his own soul that bound Ysef and Thurston; it wasn't a particularly pleasant feeling…
…Amelia caught Loren before he fell forward and brained himself on the operating table. When she let go, he continued to lean on the metal table taking deep breaths to try and clear out the nausea, and closed his eyes to try and shut out the blossoming headache.
"What happened?" Meredith asked taking another step forward to get a look at Loren's pale face.
Loren scrunched up his nose and took several more deep breaths before straightening and turning towards the wizard. "I was shoved out."
"That would need to be a pretty powerful-"
"No. I was contesting with two souls and some sort of talking power seal bound into the waking dead's body, and…" Loren frowned, grumbling, "…I got distracted and they forced me out. Right after I'd convinced them to bring everything back too." Hes tsked and Loren shot him a glare that, as expected, didn't move the Master Necromancer.
Amelia finally joined them at the table. "Do you think they'll follow through still?"
Loren looked around the room, and then shook his head. "I doubt it. They will likely try and make a run for it."
The Lamplighter touched the butt of one of the guns hanging against her hips, grinning, "Well, we should go after them then, shouldn't we?"
"Definitely" Meredith answered, mirroring Amelia's enthusiasm.
"Alright, I know where they were staying. I'll tell you what I found out about them on the way there."
"Excellent!" Amelia seemed to beam, her smile so enthusiastic, "lead the way."
Once again the group left the room, neglecting to explain anything to Hes.
The Firebird crows were streaking towards the hotel before the trio even made it out of the building.


There was a moment of complete silence before Tellou spoke. "The detective is gone now, right?"
"I am relatively sure he is gone." Thurston responded.
"Relatively?" Ysef blurted out irritably. Then he turned his attention on Tellou. "That snotty necromancer has to die!"
"Actually, I think we will chose the most logical solution," Tellou said, his voice casual, "we run."
Ysef almost snarled, "And let that damn necromancer get away with....with," the former dark lord gestured vaguely, "what just happened!"
"But we'll have his precious book." Tellou responded with a smirk. "So start packing."
Ysef snarled, but didn't even try to disobey the order. The trio set about shoving what little they'd brought with them back into the small trunks suitable for a quick carriage ride to safety.
"Ysef, secure a carriage for us, we'll be down in a moment." Tellou was pleased with the fact that for once the zombie didn't huff at a command and simply headed out of the room.
Ysef left the hotel and stepped out into the road. Thanks to the fact that they were staying at a hotel, carriages were fairly plentiful, especially ones headed towards the Zeppelin docks. It was a matter of moments to reserve one.
As Ysef turned to head back upstairs to help Alunwey with her luggage he noticed something peculiar. A crow seemed to be staring intently at him, head slightly tilted. However, even that wasn't abnormal, it was the fact that it wasn't moving at all, it appeared…dead. Ysef quickly ducked back inside, running up the stairs to the room. "We have a problem." He announced as he opened the door and stepped inside. "He has an undead bird watching us."
Tellou grabbed his bag and motioned for Ysef to do the same with Alunwey's. "Well, that most likely means he's not here yet, correct? It doesn't matter if he knows where we are if he can't catch us." Trying to appear as confident as possible, and still make a hasty retreat, the necromancer started for the door.
Ysef stared after Tellou in disbelief. "Is he actually going out there?"
"Come on, Ysef." Alunwey said briskly. "We certainly can't hide in here anyway."
The zombie sighed in response, picking up the Fae woman's bag and leading the way out of the room. Ysef rushed forward, passing Tellou on the stairs, ready to do his job if the detective was already at the hotel. Luckily, as he burst out into the open, even though the crow was still there, there was no sign of an irate necromancer.
Ysef and the driver had loaded the luggage and the zombie was getting ready to help Alunwey into the carriage when the crow suddenly swooped down from the tree it had been patiently perched in. Ysef barely had enough time to call a warning when the crow seemed to malfunction, and instead of swooping over them, it crashed into the side of the carriage. Seemed to malfunction until the carriage was tipping over from the explosion the bird's impact impossibly created. Everyone scattered to avoid the toppling vehicle.
"Is everyone alright?" Tellou asked from one side of the large canopy.
"Just fine over here." Alunwey returned as she climbed to her feet, dusting off her elegant and fashionable dress.
Ysef grumbled and muttered, scanning the area for any more of the exploding birds. Another was perched on the building itself, staring down at him with beady black eyes. Better to get rid of that one before it became a problem. The zombie mumbled a few words and a globe of ice enveloped the bird. It didn't even fight, just snapped its beak as it froze solid.
"Ysef!" Alunwey yelled, but the former Dark Lord had little time to do more than turn around before a funnel of fire spun around him, hot enough to cause skin to blister. As the whirlwind of rippling heat and flame dissipated it was very clear who had cast the spell; the albino woman dressed in white was wearing a smirking, self-satisfied smile. She was flanking a pale young man with gold-rimmed glasses and barely groomed black hair. He was most likely Detective Loren Zavier. On the other side of him was a grinning woman with a dark ponytail pointing two elegant guns at him. The women were clearly the necromancer's firepower.
He had little time to ponder this before two loud barks made it easy to recognize the reason why he was suddenly flat on his back was because of the bullet wounds in his chest and right thigh.
"Ysef!" Alunwey cried out, distressed but still sensible enough not to run to the side of the carriage the attackers seemed to be focused on.
He could hear the quick clicks of the woman reloading as he tried to climb to his feet, and then suddenly a scream was rattling through his bones. The scream of a banshee. The horrendous sound caused the necromancer and the mage to cover their ears to try and block it out, the sonic wave pushing them back. The woman with the guns however wasn't protected from the soul-disruption a banshee's scream produced and dropped to the ground, unconscious.
"Time to go!" Tellou announced and headed back into the hotel to find a back way out. Ysef paused, glaring at the detective, but couldn't disobey an order and followed Alunwey and Tellou inside. They wove through the patrons milling in the lobby towards the back, headed for the kitchen and service exit. Ysef glanced over his shoulder but no one was in pursuit; they were either running around to the back or waking the gunner.
"Wait!" Ysef barked getting their attention, along with a few other people. "They're probably headed for the back, we should go back through the front." The former Dark Lord pointed towards the entrance no one was coming through.
Tellou only took a moment to consideration before waving Ysef forward, "Well let's at least have a look." The group ran back towards the glass doors at the main entrance, Ysef reaching it first. He peered through the glass, finding no sign of the detective and his hit-squad; even the gunner was gone. The woman had certainly recovered faster than normal from a banshee scream, but then she'd had a necromancer and an albino wizard to wake her.
Ysef pushed one of the glass doors open and stepped out quickly. If they were laying an ambush he wanted to trigger it before Alunwey exited at least. Nothing happened. Had they really run to the other side of the building and left this side undefended? It was too good to be true. Ysef turned in a circle, scanning the area for the group or one of the abnormally still birds. He spotted a raven halfway through his sweep sitting in a tree branch staring at them.
It opened its mouth "I'm right behind you," it announced in that screeching raven voice a moment before it and the tree it was in burst into flames from Ysef's simple, elegant spell. Tellou and Alunwey, who had also heard the zombie-bird's taunting statement turned around to find that it hadn't been lying, the other group just coming through the door to the back room. The distraction meant that they all of them missed the raven that plummeted from the roof of the building, spreading its wings at the last moment to sweep through the open door and land on Alunwey's shoulder. Even though the bird fluttered its wings to be especially careful not to harm the woman, her head snapped back and she quietly crumpled to the ground, unconscious.
Both men screamed her name as the bird launched itself back into the air, flying back to its master. Ysef helped Tellou pull Alunwey's unconscious body completely out of the hotel and to what they hoped would be a safe corner near a carriage away from the building.
"Time to stop running?" Ysef asked, his voice tight. Tellou simply nodded, placing his suitcase on the ground to demonstrate his agreement. A ferocious grin spread across the zombie's face, and he stepped away from Tellou and Alunwey, facing the door the detective and his lackeys were casually walking out of. Ysef noticed the detective had been sensible enough to send the offending raven away.
Amelia pulled one of her guns from its holster, chanting a prayer in Latin just as the ground began to rumble. The disheveled zombie was yelling rather powerful words to command the earth. The ground heaved; stone cracking and grinding together in a cacophony of noise. Her Counterspell protected her from the worst of the effects of the roiling cobblestones, but didn't give her time to shoot. Meredith beside her seemed to have also picked up on what spell was being cast and boosted herself off of the ground with a brief spiral of wind.
Loren, as usual, got hurt. The heaving earth flung him to the ground and he landed heavily on his left arm with an audible snap; it really was a good thing he could heal himself. Amelia stepped in front of her crumpled friend hoping her Counterspell could at least partially shield him as well. And she was glad she did because a wave of fire came streaking towards them. Before the flames obscured the zombie, Amelia noticed its skin seemed to be more rotten than it had been before and she was certain Loren hadn't done it. Meredith made a motion with her hand a second before the fire would have consumed them, turning it into her favorite howling spiral of Fire and Air, the funnel spinning back towards their attacker.
Amelia took a shot at the zombie as she continued to chant, grinning at her solid hit to the chest that knocked the zombie to the ground. The brief break in the zombie's concentration allowed Meredith's fire tornado to overtake the zombie Loren had referred to as Ysef. Loren also got to his feet behind her, his arm healed. She flicked her attention to the grass at her feet that was now a dead brown mess. She grimaced slightly; it was creepy that he had to kill plants to heal himself, but it was far better than transferring the injury to the other necromancer and starting a wound transfer fight.
Amelia knew the respite was over when the spiral of flame froze and the singed zombie climbed back to his feet. She took aim for another shot as a blast of razor wind rushed towards them. Meredith easily deflected it, but the burst of wind crashing through one of the hotel windows; the White Wizard of London didn't even look back. Unfortunately this time the Counterspell didn't hold up as well and the sharp wind sliced into her left arm. She nearly dropped her gun then, which ruined her aim, sending her shot wide.
"Enough of this!" The zombie shouted before uttering a string of archaic words Amelia couldn't even begin to recognize.
"Shit!" Meredith exclaimed, obviously having picked up on what was happening. The wizard pulled out the jar of mercury she kept in a pocket of her coat, throwing it into the air. The liquid metal shattered the jar as it fell and spread out like a bird taking flight, creating a curved metal shield a moment before the blast of pure, concentrated magic washed over them.
The concentrated magic slid off the metal but crashed into the hotel where the wide blast had passed the shield, severely splintering the wood in the front and shattering all of the windows on the first and second stories. Loren took one look at the damage, eyes widening, and then ran into the building. Amelia called after him, but he wasn't listening. The hotel creaked unhappily as Meredith commanded the mercury shield to form in a ball, plucking it from the air to put back in her pocket.
"Where's your Master going? Is he running away?" The zombie snarled. His tone grated on Amelia's nerves.
"He's not our master you idiot!" Amelia screamed back, gesturing her displeasure with her gun.
"And if you must know," Meredith said calmly from beside her, "He's most likely checking to make sure you didn't kill anyone with your childish tantrum. Need I remind you that you all started this? Honestly, if it were up to me, I'd kill you all, but the detective gets very snippy about that."
"Meredith!" Amelia said, exasperated. The albino wizard just shrugged.
The zombie's eyes narrowed, a vicious grin spreading across his face. "Lucky for me I don't have that restriction."
He began chanting, but the blonde fae's soft voice holding a note of warning interrupted him. "Ysef."
The zombie jerked as if visibly struck, his eyes roaming past them to survey the damage. Then he looked over at his companions. The necromancer was helping the blonde woman sit up. She looked drowsy but otherwise unharmed. And then everyone noticed the open suitcase a little ways behind them. Clothing was sprinkled around it but there was no sign of the thief. Amelia sighed. So much for convincing them of Loren's altruistic motives now.
The zombie whipped his attention back towards them, face furious. "You tricked me! You were just trying to distract us!"
Meredith chuckled. "No I'm pretty sure that is what Loren is doing, notice the trees dying around us?" She smirked, laughing more. "But he can multi-task."
Glaring, the zombie raised his arms again, but the necromancer's voice covered whatever he was about to chant "That's enough Ysef." The zombie glared at his master but lowered his arms.
Amelia flicked her attention to Loren as he stepped over the broken doors, his shoes crunching on shards of glass. He had Hes' book dangling from one hand; he looked tired. He passed the book to Meredith and then started walking towards the other necromancer. Amelia took a step forward, but then stopped, not actually surprised by Loren's actions; he was never afraid for himself. The best she could do was back him up if things wound up again, but she wasn't about to start waving her gun around to agitate things. Meredith watched the zombie.
Tellou stood as the exhausted-looking detective approached him, helping Alunwey to her feet in the process. He glanced at Ysef who was too far away to intervene without setting them both on fire. For a moment he wondered why Ysef wasn't trying anything, but realized it was because he'd told him to stop.
Tellou tensed, ready to defend himself despite the fact that the other necromancer looked too tired to cast much of anything at the moment. Loren stopped several feet away. Behind him, perched on the roof of the building, Tellou could see the raven that had attacked Alunwey, waiting.
"I'm keeping the book." The detective announced, voice firm. However the rest of the sentence was spoken almost as if they were having a pleasant conversation, "but you can have the rest of that trash. Hes can live without it." Tellou kept quiet, noticing Ysef moving towards them slowly out of the corner of his eye. Loren on the other hand looked directly at him, and then turned back to Tellou, seemingly uninterested. Ysef ground his teeth together at that but was still bound to do nothing else. "I know I don't have to waste breath on threatening you to leave, since you're leaving anyway, but I don't suggest you make another stop by the House of Masks on your way out."
Tellou weighed his options. Ysef was close enough to take out the vulnerable detective, but then they would have to deal with his very capable, and likely incredibly pissed off companions. Was the book worth it? Was the potential for immortality worth it? Alunwey was touching his arm, making her suggestion clear. Ysef was glaring at the detective, making his stance clear as well. Loren was also watching him, but seemed to simply be observing him, waiting for him to make a decision.
Tellou waved his hand, gesturing vaguely, "I wasn't particularly interested in that book anyway. Just work, you understand."
A little surprisingly the detective nodded, and then he turned and walked back towards his companions. Tellou could tell Ysef was having a hard time restraining his urge to destroy the necromancer arrogant enough to turn his back on an opponent, but Tellou was beginning to understand that arrogance might not be the thing driving the detective.
Loren made it to the two women unhindered. "I need a drink. " The albino wizard looked incredibly disappointed as the three of them started to head away from the hotel, glancing at Ysef almost longingly. The gunner cast a glance over her shoulder at them, hands on the guns resting at her hips, but then even she looked away.
Tellou looked at his disheveled suitcase, taking a mental inventory of the items he had acquired. Beyond the book everything was there. He sighed, "What was the name of the employer Q gave us? I'm sure it will be a good name to avoid for awhile."
This is a cross-over fic I wrote because OC necromancers are awesome! I've done what I can, but please forgive an OOCness of Tellou and his posse. I tried, I really did. T__T

:iconkalkie: created Quix de Tellou (Necromancer and thiefy type), Ysef (undead), and Alunwey (banshee) Seen here: [link]

:iconterravalentine: created Amelia (gunner/exorcist)

Loren Zavier (necromancer and homicide detective) is my alcoholic, douchebaggy character.

And Meredith (the White Wizard of London) is an OC of a non-dA friend's creation.

Now if you haven't already, go look at :iconkalkie: hilarious interpretation of the beginning of this story [link]
© 2011 - 2021 desdemonhu
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Exploding dead birds! Wound exchange battles! As usual, Loren got hurt! And somehow, I find the idea of a swarm of zombie-birds both terrifying and incredibly cool.
There is so much awesome in this, so much awesome :heart: I LOVE YOUR WRITINGS, WOMAN

also, for some reason, I now want Loren and Amelia to find a corner and make out. I'm not sure how that happened, but it sure did 8D
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Yes, once I had the idea that an undead raven made a great messenger THERE WAS NO TURNING BACK.

And thank you my dear, thank you for reading and everything <3

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And then IT SPOKE and it was instantly ten times more creepy. Well done!

And it was a pleasure <3

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That...that was amazing! No, seriously, that was SO AWESOME! Reading this was the most fun I've had all day, it's wonderfully well-written! How does this not have comments yet?! Even for someone not familiar with all the characters, this wasn't too hard to follow. This isn't a story I'll forget any time soon.
If you ever plan on writing more of this, or another cross-over with the same characters, I'd love to read it!
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If I WERE to do a sequel, what do you think would be a good idea? *whistles innocently*
desdemonhu's avatar have a suggestion? 0__0
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Oh, sorry, I was in a hurry and read that wrong. I though it said 'do you think that would be a good idea', not 'do you have a good idea'. Sorry.
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hah hah, that's ok. That is good to know too. : D
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O-oh my gosh, thank you so much for the nice words! THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO SAY THEM. My day, it is made! You have no idea how nervous I was about putting this up here...

...and then convinced myself no one but Kalkie would read it, so it would all be ok. And then...and then... THANK YOU *cries tears of joy*

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