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Hijack- Tellou vs Loren
Hijack: Necromancers Can't Share
For several moments the pounding felt like it belonged in Loren's brain, but eventually he realized it was someone knocking on the front door of his small, disorganized flat. The detective cracked his eyes open, surprised to find that dawn was barely approaching. A heartbeat later he was surprised he was even in bed. Well, mostly on the bed. One arm was dangling towards the floor, the fingers completely numb…and there was a ring around his middle finger that didn't belong to him, or hadn't the night before when he'd gone to the Crossroads, which was incidentally also the last thing he remembered from the night before. Loren wriggled into a sitting position before he slid off the bed, finding that he was mostly dressed; he hadn't gotten farther than the crumpled jacket on the floor (one of the poisoned mice had fallen out of a pocket), one shoe, and unbuttoning his blue vest and half of the heavily wrinkled shirt underneath; even his glasses were st
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One Who Is
United States
Hi hi hi hi! I've finally started it!

I'm retelling Strange Fruit as a series of e-pub books. I've got the first one out right now, the Prologue! Go have a look if you like, it's freeeeeee!…

If you're familiar with my old comic Strange Fruit, a lot of this will be new material. More about Azriel, and the twins, Raziel and Luci, Rin (heh heh), and more! It might even make more sense! : O

If you're stopping by because of Miru and the amazing Return to Eden, welcome welcome. Isn't she a sweetie? Be sure to show her your luvres! <3

-(the not quite dead) Rae


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*hearts all over the place*

Lovies dear!
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Disregard previous comment : ( Unfortunately, my entry was accidentally in violation of one of the rules. I had misunderstood, but a good Samaritan pointed out my mistake without reporting me. To retain a shred of dignity, I removed the entry myself, instead of becoming a fugitive of the scholarship law >.>
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um...sorry...haven't been on dA in a long time and I just saw this. Sorry to hear that you had to remove the entry : <
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Yeah... thanks >.>;
it's embarrassing all around
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As you may have noticed, you're something of a famous person on the net. I, on the other hand, am but a tiny emo boy in a corner of the world wide web. Due to this, I have a slightly odd request... Okay, here's the story;
I really need money to continue school, and have an entry in a scholarship contest that involves getting votes to progress into the finals. Now here's where you come in... if you could pity me just enough to post a little blurb in a journal[and tell everyone you know to do the same :D], that would be a great help. Here, DA, facebook or myspace... Where ever you
think it would help. ^^;
I know this is weird, sort of inconvenient, and just a tad creepy... I am willing, of course, to do something for you in return; commission type art or story, or... whatever you think is good ^^;

Here's my journal sorta explaining it again...

Please don't file a restraining order ;_;
Jemmeh Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2009  Professional General Artist
:B Gurrrl you got the art to make me say oyveyyyy


God I'm a random fuck. I read Strangefruit again and Yaygloves! I love his gloves. <O<
desdemonhu Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2009
yesssss, the gloves!

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