Anybody Can Write a Novel - Outline

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Anybody Can Write A Novel - Outline

A Step-by-step Guide for Anyone to Learn How to Write a Novel

This is an Outline of all my current articles, and a look at what is to come. I will try to update it, at least once every two weeks. Also note that just because something is absent from the Outline does not mean I don't plan to write it. This is a compilation of only chapters that have already been written.

(You'll notice that I have neglected some points and chapters within this Outline. This this is simply a result of realizing that there is so much to learn, when it comes to writing. Don't worry, I'll be sure to come back and fill in the gaps. Also, if this list inspires any requested topics that you would like me to address, please feel free to suggest them in the comments section.)

Chapter 1– Beginning to Write


    Reading Like a Writer

    Writer's Block

   Optimizing Your Writing Space

Chapter 2– Choosing a Genre

    Story Types





    Young Adult/Children

    Historical Fiction








Chapter 3- World Building

    Constructing a Timeline

    Mapping Your World

Chapter 4- Preparing Your Plot

     Creating a Twelve Point Plot Outline

    Writing a Plot Premise

Chapter 5- Choosing and Designing Characters

    Characters to Use in Your Story








        -Supporting Characters

        -Universe Filler Characters



        -Point-of-view Characters

    Characters to Avoid in Your Story

    Character Motivation

Chapter 6- From One Plot-point to the Next

  -Act I


    Inciting Incident

    First Turning Point

  -Act II

    Rising Action

    First Pinch Point



    Second Pinch Point

    Second Turning Point

  -Act III

    Stand Up



Chapter 7– Revising Your Novel

   Building Chapters

   Constructing Paragraphs

   Writing Sentences

   Using Words

   Punctuating Sentences 



   Describing Your Setting

   Creating Descriptions

    Getting Rid of Melodrama

    Giving Effective Criticism

    Adjusting Pace

    Dramatic Tension

    Character Dialogue

    Action Scenes

    Exposition Dumps

   Receiving and Using Reader Criticism

Chapter 8– From Story to Art

    Adding Depth to Your Novel

    Adding Mystery to Your Novel

    Ethics and Responsibility in Writing

    Cultural Diversity in Writing

    Frame and Meta Narratives

    Attaining a Sense of Realism

    Understanding Originality

    Introducing Your Characters

   Creating a Character Voice

Chapter 9– Types of Writers

    What Type of Writer Are You?

    Career Writers

    Indie Writers

    Casual Writers

    Fan Writers

    Revolutionary Writers

    Commercial Writers

    Niche Writers

    Personal Writers

    Literary Writers 

Chapter 10– Publishing and the Writing Life

    Becoming Self-Motivated

    Reasons to Write a Second Novel Before Publishing

    Difficult Writing Truths

    Collaborative Writing

   Loving Your Stories

   Teaching Others to Write

Chapter 11- Resources

    Youtube Channels 

Chapter 12 - Mini-tutorials


Chapter 13 - Draft Progressions

   The Woodcutter (waking in the woods scene)

This is an Outline of all my current articles, and a look at what is to come. I will try to update it, at least once every two weeks. Also note that just because something is absent from the Outline does not mean I don't plan to write it. This is a compilation of only chapters that have already been written.

© 2015 - 2021 DesdemonaDeBlake
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Odd-dea's avatar

Wow now I don't have to find all these randomly, thank you your tutorials are really useful for most aspects of writing

ScarletQuill's avatar

WOW Thank you 😊

DesdemonaDeBlake's avatar

Hope it helps :) Best of luck in your work!

I've read everything down to chapter 8 and all i can say is this is gonna help me with my writing, currently making a long term story based around an anime called My Hero Academia, i'm calling it "My Hero Dual Legacy". I've gone through months and months of planning characters and quirks even made a base plot for each different story arc but haven't been able to start writing yet. This guide will help me in my future writing a ton.
DesdemonaDeBlake's avatar
I hope so! Best of luck :)
TalkerNotYawner's avatar
How would you structure episodic fiction? (Like the episodes in a T.V. series that all lead up to a finale?) Is it basically the same as with the 12 Point Outline just more spaced out?
Excellent guide, thank you for sharing. This is helping me quite a bit.
SirEPIC48's avatar
I'm writing a story now and I just wanted to say a few things.

1. Haven't read all of it but great job!

2. Why not publish this book?

3. What's your opinion on multiple perspectives and do you have a section for that?
DesdemonaDeBlake's avatar
1. Thank you :)

2. Well, it's not finished, for one. The other reason is that I don't feel like I can sell it in good conscience until I have published a novel. Publishing a novel would both legitimize the point of the series as well as teach me a few more things that I need to make these tutorials complete. And until then (and even after), I'm more than happy to continue to making these and making these tutorials readily available for free. 

3. It's not my personal favorite style, but I've seen it done well. My tutorials on Point-of-View and narration should give you some help on that. I'll link them below. 

It was hard for me to get started with your outline and writing advices. I have some idea how to get started. Thanks for the how to become a writer info.
DesdemonaDeBlake's avatar
Glad to provide it :)
A-M-Strix's avatar
I am going through some of my Favorites folders and doing some downsizing and splitting so that I don't end up with too much put into one folder(it makes navigating for specific art difficult). So I'm going to keep this outline in my Guides folder and remove most of the other things that are linked on this for less excess.
I would recommend allowing the links on this outline to link back to this to make navigation easier for people that have slower PCs that like to lag when they open too many windows/tabs at one time.
GreenGardenFairy's avatar
This will help every new author if he or she don't know how to start with his or her story :D revamp
sakura4568's avatar
Would u mind writing about diversity in writing please?
DesdemonaDeBlake's avatar
Could you explain specifically what you would like me to address about this topic so I don't cover the wrong things? :)
sakura4568's avatar
Well...why do publishers always white-wash or take out the person of color from the cover even if the main character of the book is black, asian etc? People shouldn't do that. Many authors get upset when their covers get turned into a white person or their cover just has a faded person on it. We as artists want to express ourselves the way we want to. We don't want someone else change our work. If we have an idea for our covers or art then let us keep our work the way we want to. Don't change it. That's why a lot of people go independent. Because we want our work the way we want it without anyone trying to change it. And another thing: whats wrong with the hero and heroine being virgins in books? There's nothing wrong with people being virgins. Not everyone has sex at a certain age. Maybe they want to wait what's wrong with that? Nothing I tell u. *coughs & blushes a bit* 

Sorry I got carried away...My thing is...Whats wrong with there being diversity in writing? I prefer having characters of all ethnic backgrounds and body shapes then just broad-shoulders, overly exaggeratedly handsome men and skinny and falsly pretty blondes or redheads. I have nothing against them but people act like those are the only men and women that should be in books and that's not how the world is. Our world is diverse and full of culture. Not all women are skinny, but are described as curvy and automatically go for a guy just cause their in a crisis and not all men are broad-shouldered, overly-muscular and brood over whatever. The world is diverse and should be shown as that especially in books or else those of us in the world won't be able to identify with anyone in the books we read. I'm sorry if I'm confusing you. I just feel like all ethnic groups are being represented in literature without using stupid stereotypes. And as a young black aspiring author, it angers me that I don't see enough diversity in writing especially in young adult and new adult fiction which is what I want to write books in. Its hard to keep my love of writing and reading up when all I see and hear about are books to where the hero and heroine are experienced in sex and they fall for each other based on looks and they have more sex instead of getting to know each other. Sex and appearance isn't all there is to relationships. I'm not every book is like this. But most of the books are and it's annoying. It's hard to write a book that has diverse characters when their always being represented by false stereotypes and their always treated like their the bad guys. Once again, I'm sorry for getting carried away. I just really want to see and hopefully write/finish a book that has diversity without any stereotypes.
DesdemonaDeBlake's avatar
Gotcha :) Thanks for the specificity. I will start generating ideas for an article about the topic.
sakura4568's avatar
Thank u very much ^_^ if u need any help let me know ok 
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