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Midnight Motherhood
The Fire Nation palace was calm and peaceful at the hush of midnight. The summer breeze brought a wonderful chill to those in their warm beds that night. All was silent except for the calm sounds of a new mother putting to bed her newborn child.
"Please be quiet, you darling little parasite," cooed Fire Lady Mai to the swathed bundle in her arms. She'd been pacing through the nursery for almost half an hour now, rocking the baby steadily in her arms. Clearly it wasn't working since the little darling was still screaming its little head off.
Mai had long since lost her patience. She had done everything she was supposed to. She'd changed it, feed it, burped it, changed it again and still it continued with the waterworks. Why wouldn't it stop?
The young mother debated upon her options. The Royal Nanny was on leave (Zuko had been in a rather annoyingly generous mood), so that was out. Her next choice was to wake up her husband and make it all his problem, just for the fun of it. Unfortunat
:icondesarasoleil:DesaraSoleil 16 16
Swamp Tribe in the City
"That'll be five yuans, Toza."
The aged man with his rounded belly grunted a thanks and handed the money to the sales woman behind her kiosk in exchange for his kabobs. Preparing to walk away towards the busy Republic City streets, the old man noticed a little hand reach out from under the kiosk, searching for a kabob.
"Now what do we have here," he gruffed, as he grabbed the hand and dragged out the body of a young girl attached.
"Let go a me ya old man!" hollered the little girl. She was dressed rather oddly, bare-foot in a long dark green skirt that wasn't in any Earth Kingdom fashion knew of. Her tanned skin suggested Water Tribe, though lighter than expected.
"Pardon my cousin, sir," said a voice coming from up the street.
The deep, Southern Earth Kingdom drawl came from a tall young man around Mako's age. He was taller and slightly less muscular, but had the same serious expression the Fire Ferret sported. The most noticeable thing about him was his attire. Like the young girl hi
:icondesarasoleil:DesaraSoleil 6 7
His Garden
My son spends his time in the garden.
He says it's the place that makes him think of me the most.
I find this strange for I spent little time in this sanctuary;
But still, when he misses me, this is where he goes.
He says the heart of the sunflowers remind him of the shade of my skin,
the petals' rays of my smile in summertime;
The prickly roses of my temper at its worst
But at my best: loving, embracing silk arms--
they embraced him from the thorns.
But still, he realized, it was the earth that reminded him most of me.
You see, the earth was always there; always present.
No matter the texture after dry heat or pouring rain,
no matter a hard reality or a soft-clouded dream,
no matter the flora that sprouted from its depths, it was there.
Maybe that was how the garden differed from me.
The Earth was constant;
changing in form, in temperature, in touch.
It was varying;
always there, always underfoot, always present.
He understood I was there no matter what form or presence
:icondesarasoleil:DesaraSoleil 0 2
I've tried everything that could do anything.
Thus far, not a thing works.
I've tried all the cures and all the magic;
       All those pills that do the impossible.
I've tried all the stances and all the dances;
       Every movement that this body can make.
I've tried all the chants and all the songs,
       Every rhythm since lips could communicate.
I've tried every emotion and every thought
       All that my soul can feel; can hope to create.
I've tried it all, yet nothing works.
I don't love you.
The Love Bug just don't bite.
:icondesarasoleil:DesaraSoleil 1 13
Pidgeons in a Coffee Shop
The world wasn't fair.
I'm at the coffee shop and the world wasn't fair.
You want to know why the world isn't fair? Have you seen me? Of course you have! I'm bloody gorgeous! I have graced the cover of every worthwhile magazine from Cosmo Girl to Vogue since I was fifteen. I have my own perfume and accessories line and was making a fortune from morons who thought they could be like me. I have DOMINATED runways in every fashion capital in the world and never have I been outshined. Not once.
I. Was. Perfect.
So why was I surrounded by all these ugly people? I'm not even lying; there are some damn ugly people in this coffee shop! Like they were just there to annoy me with their faces. The swan in a nest of pigeons. I was above them in every meaning of the word.
But, for whatever reason, all the pigeons were all paired up. Mating, if you will.
Like those two at the booth. Young. In their early twenties, first year of college probably. So in love. Her hair was as
:icondesarasoleil:DesaraSoleil 2 10
The Sun shines bright and mighty,
The Moon glows sweet and lovely.
Each day they compete for my attention,
Demonstrating who truly brings love to the sky.
I watch, simply amused;
My eyes are for the Stars.
:icondesarasoleil:DesaraSoleil 2 11
Family Left Behind
It was a half hour past midnight now. I had to go. I had always known this was going to be hard, but did it have to feel so painfully impossible?
Fully dressed in my robe and cloak, I brushed my fingers against Miranda's cheeks as she slept. She was gorgeous in her sleep. Peaceful. Radiant. How much would that change once she realized I was gone?
I took out my wand and whispered a False Memory Charm as the tip touched her temple. My original plan was to make her hate me. Plant ideas onto her head that I was a terrible husband and father and that she'd never want to see me again.
But I couldn't go that. I knew it was selfish and it wouldn't make their lives any easier, but I couldn't. Instead, I rid her memory of my name and replaced it. I'll let her think we named Dean after me. If any Death Eaters came, they'd know she knew nothing. The only things that would show I had been any part of their lives were a few family photos and my son.
I kissed Miranda's temple one last time and told m
:icondesarasoleil:DesaraSoleil 2 15
What is Shared
Tell me your Secrets
Know all of me thereafter.
Tu et moi... Diaries.
:icondesarasoleil:DesaraSoleil 0 3
Loving the Sea
I was supposed to be your sea.
Your soulmate within the waves,
Crashing our true love against the shore;
For eternity we'd turn the storm.
Alas, our bond shifted with the tide of tales.
It carried me away from you, effort you made not to fight it
Left to drown, sun swept me away,
Like your love, I evaporated to ancient history nothings.
In time, the skies returned me from the heavens,
Unrecognizable daughter of Nereus I was.
The splash of sea foam, the sparkle of the waves
Unknown, that's where I'll forever be.
My dear, take the time to listen.
From seashells you'll hear my silent moan,
Begging, I am, for you to cup me in the caress of your palms,
Never would you allow a drop of me to spill.
I was meant to be your Ocean Queen,
Yet you left me to remain the Seaweed's Maid.
:icondesarasoleil:DesaraSoleil 0 6
Sonnet 1
Once I knew my Summer lass.
She filled the air with giggling sunbeams.
Not ever letting the moments pass,
She burst with life from her very seams.
Then the seasons struck me with winter,
And my summer girl's beams disappeared behind clouds.
There, I met her distressing Anger;
Giggles died of disease; reborn as frostbite sounds.
She was the two-headed snake I came to love.
Her warmth healed me of my scars with smiles she graced upon me.
But with Hestia's cry, her icy wind burnt this fallen dove,
Soon Summer's love, with I, could no longer be.
Forever hypothermia, her Anger is my friend.
Summer girl, a stranger now, has left me to this end.
:icondesarasoleil:DesaraSoleil 0 4
The Breakable Things
"Oh shit!"
"Mommy broke something again."
I didn't bother turning my face from the computer screen. Tamela didn't sound so concerned either from her spot on the rug with her gazillion toy figures. Something near Mom broke. Nothing new.
"You okay Mom?" I asked loudly, my voice deadpan.
I heard some shuffling in the dining room. She probably broke one of those wedding dishes again. They seemed to be her flavor this week.
"Yeah, I'm all right sweetie," replied Mom in her false-cheerful voice, "Just that China plate Auntie Glenda got me on our wedding day. You know, the one with the robins? No big deal...not like the marriage lasted.  No worries, I'll clean it up. Thanks for asking, Cal!"
"Okay Mom," I answered. I truly hadn't heard a word she just said. My attention was on the screen and it wasn't like she had said anything worth hearing again.
Our mom had then tendency to break things a lot. Ever since Samuel left a few weeks back.  Since then, ev
:icondesarasoleil:DesaraSoleil 3 25
The Queen of Swirls
In the Land of Swirls,
There lives a Queen.
I know her like my fingers do the walls of a dark cave
She'll never forget to bring the Light in.
She is tiny, like a child.
Like a child who has experienced the heartbreak of life
Her mind and soul have been wrecked, but she mends like a Mother's Kiss
She shines her Light for all to heal.
Long ebony threads pour down her petite shoulders
I like to follow and twirl my fingers in those curls,
For she is the Queen of Swirls
She doesn't leave the Light behind.
Her emotions and feelings are like the sea itself,
Raging strength, Calming splash,
Endless whirlpool of it all.
Watch where you stand on the shore;
She knows how to hide the Light away.
The Queen is warm like the Stars.
Her Thoughts,
                          Her Love,
:icondesarasoleil:DesaraSoleil 2 7
Just SO You Know
"You know those moments when there's really nothing to say?"
"Don't say anything."
:icondesarasoleil:DesaraSoleil 1 4
In the Night
He and I,
We sit together
We eat in our silence
Nothing illuminates but the candle between us
We walk upon the stone path
His words fill the dark night air
He begins to mimic my movements
I giggle and roll my eyes
In the darkness with only clouds as light,
I stare up while he looks at me
He chatters his words for himself alone
Soon, his presences is nonexistent
It takes me time to realize
But I stare on and on
Nothing had happened.
My brother and I,
We sit together at the dinner table and
We eat in our bored silence
Electricity eludes our home and we're stuck with the burning candle
We're too hot to stay inside now,
Walking aimlessly in the darkness and speaking to no one
Monkey see, Monkey do
He tries to do what I do
I laugh when he can't but can't help but smile when he does
With mosquitoes and dying batteries,
I keep my eyes on my work while his own wonder
My brother enjoys hearing his voice
He watches me type while the night is still
My eyes glued to the screen,
I realize there
:icondesarasoleil:DesaraSoleil 0 2
These Two
From my perch under the Willow tree, I see the moon, the lake and the two.
Yes, the full moon's luminous glow is unparalleled.
The vast pond holds beauty and wonder in its depths.
But my eyes, oh my cynical eyes, are hypnotized by the two.
They sit just before the water, eyes up to the sky.
Eyes for each other. For only each other because, this sight before them is all they need.
They sit close, themselves delicately intertwined. But that's not what reflects their intimacy. They are glowing. They're adoration; you will see it, from miles away. From the coast, to the south... it travels across the way.
From my perch under the Willow tree, I cannot comprehend it. I have heard of this 'First Love' but seeing it... can it be?
My experienced eyes have seen them all. The jealously and lies masquerading themselves as this emotion; Selfishness and hate using this passion as an illusion;  Lust and betrayal dressing themselves as this tenderness they are not.
But here... here they
:icondesarasoleil:DesaraSoleil 4 22
Tightrope Act
They've placed me on this gentle rope,
To amuse this judging crowd.
They don't seem to care that I am suffering,
As long as I don't hit the ground.
I make my way very slowly,
For I know they are watching me.
If this act of mine isn't perfect,
My life as I know it will cease to be.
If I lean to the right I am jeered at.
They find me bush and rude.
If I move to the left I am scolded.
I am suddenly big- mouthed and crude.
I must stay perfectly balanced,
That way they will smile at me.
I must smile like it's perfectly easy,
The pain I feel they must not see.
I have almost reached the end now!
I cannot possibly fall!
Because I know that if I do,
It'll be the  pathetic end of it all.
If I fall,
I know I will never get back.
If I shamefully reach the ground,
My detailed mask will crack.
If I crack, I will cry.
I will lay there without console.
But they will crowd around me taunting,
On the tightrope I abandoned my soul.
:icondesarasoleil:DesaraSoleil 2 14

Random Favourites

"You chose them from among thousands of toys, Aang. The toys you picked were the four Avatar relics. These items belonged to Avatars past. Your own past lives… You chose them because they were familiar."
- Elder Air Nomad Monk
"You have to let him go."
The young mother turned at the soft-spoken words, to see a monk she knew well. He was dressed in the yellow and red of the Air Nomad robes, just as she was, and his once brown mustache had turned grey with the advance of old age. She met his blue eyes for a brief moment, and then turned back. "I know, Gyatso," she whispered. "But if it's him…, I would like to know."
He stopped next to her, but neither of them touched. Gyatso would be remaining here, while she left on her journey for enlightenment. But the hardest part wasn't letting go of Gyatso (how could it be, when she had known him only a few months?), but in letting go of her young child. She wanted to be there for him, to care for him and to raise him, but it was n
:iconcaseyjewels:CaseyJewels 9 13
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I've seen a lot of cool meme's I've wanted to do but this one I just HAD to!
Ripped from: :iconlohlite:

You Know You're a 90's Kid If...

You remember watching:

[X] Kenan and Kel
[] Dough
[] Ren & Stimpy;
[X] Pinky & the Brain;( I've been singing that theme song all this week as well! lol)
[X] AAAHH!! Real Monsters;
[X] Rocko's Modern Life;
[X] Animaniacs;
[X] Gargoyles;
[X] Hey Arnold!;
[X] Out of the Box; (MY fav kid's show for a while. disney was da bomb!)
[X] Bear in the Big Blue House

[X] You've ever ended a sentence with the word "PSYCHE!"
[X] You just can't resist finishing this: "In west Philadelphia born and raised.

You remember:

[] Step by Step; (day by day)
[X]Family Matters; (Did I do that?)
[] Dinosaurs;
[X]oy Meets World;
[X]Full House (Loved this show on Nick @ nite)

[X You remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons (WB and Me!)
[] You remember reading Goosebumps

When everything was settled by:

[x] "Rock/paper/scissors";
[x] "Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish";
[X] 'Miss Mary Mack".

[x] When kickball was something you did everyday (almost everyday)
[ ] You used to listen to the radio all day long; Just to record your FAVORITE song of ALL time on a tape.
[] You remember Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis;
[] You remember The Original Game Boy
[x] You always wanted to send in a tape to America's Funniest Home Videos... but never taped anything funny

You remember watching:

[x] The Magic School Bus; (AHHHH! I loved that show!I was a young tv addict. lol)
[x] Wishbone;
[x] Reading Rainbow; (Theme song now in my head... yay!)
[] Ghostwriter.

[x] You remember when Yo-Yo's were cool;
[x] You remember those "Where's Waldo" books; and "I Spy"
[x] You remember eating Warheads and Splashers Gushers. (i LOved gushers! Still do but of no supply here.)

You remember watching:

[] Batman the Animated Series;
[x] Aladdin;
[x] Ninja Turtles;
[x] Ghost Busters.

[x] You remember Ring Pops;
[x] You remember when everything was "da BOMB!";
[x] You remember boom boxes vs. CD players;

[x] Making those little paper fortune things, and then predicting your life with them;
[] You played and/or collected Pogs;
[]You had at least one Tamagotchi, GigaPet or Nano and brought it everywhere you went.(I always wanted a Tamagotchi!)

You watched the original cartoons of:

[x] Rugrats; (Another Nick favorite!)
[x]Wild Thornberrys; (One of my fav super hero powers! lol)
[x] Power Rangers.

[] All your school supplies were "Lisa Frank" brand

You collected:

[x Beanie Babies;
[x] Pokemon cards; (I tried to...)
[] Silver dollars.

You remember when:

[x] Everyone watched the WB;
[x] Everybody knew all the Pokemon by heart;
[x] Digimon was still on; 9I never watched it. I had it in my head when I was young that it was the enemy of my beloved Pokemon so I wouldn't go near it! lol I think I would have liked it though.)
[x] If you even know what an original Walkman is;
[x] You know the Macarena by heart; (I did it with my firends yesterday! lol)
[x] "Talk to the hand"; (Still do that!)
[x]You went to McDonald's to play in the playplace and it was still sanitary; (Me and Mikey D had a special bond.)
[x] Before the MySpace frenzy;
[x] Before the Internet (note, internet was already there, just didn't use it) & text messaging;
[x] Before Sidekicks & iPods;
[x] Before PlayStation3 or X-Box 360;
[x] Back before X-Box period;
[x] Before SpongeBob;
[x] When light up sneakers were cool
[x] When you rented VHS tapes, not DVDs;
[] When gas was $0.95 a gallon;
[x] When we recorded stuff on VCR; (I ttly OWNED that.)
[] You had slap bracelets;
[x] You actually played outside until it was dark; (I almost cried at this part! I would spend HOURS on my bike riding around the neighbor hood, not having to worry about pedophiles and rapists. Good times!)
[x] Way back before we realized all this would eventually disappear; (Why must it go?!?!)

[x] Post this if you smiled at least more than 5 times


Agyeiwaa Asante
Current Residence: Maryland, US
Favourite genre of music: Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Gospel and some Country, Rock
Favourite style of art: Animation
Operating System: No idea
MP3 player of choice: iPhad
Shell of choice: Uh... Squirtle!
Wallpaper of choice: dA artist's wallpaper
Skin of choice: I prefer my own thank you very much.
Favourite cartoon character: Misty (Pokemon) and Toph (Avatar: The Last Air Bender)
Personal Quote: Wish for what you want. Work for what you need.


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