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Tristan Grimm

By derylbraun
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Finally something new to post. Commission for Shawn Pleil. It´s his original Character Tristan Grimm and i had a blast coming up with a new look for "her". Also my 1st 3d Model base that i made to paint over afterwards. I think i´m going to post that model in the comments. Enjoy! Check out Shawn at
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Very Rita Vrataski like!
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Yeah, she was on the reference board. ^^
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Tristan's my name! :O 
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Sharing gives a nice feeling. ;)
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Hey there. I really like this piece. I could almost use if for a sci-fi character of my own. Where can I go to find our more about your commissions?
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Well someone thought cranking it only 11 was for wimps.  Kick ass lady you have here.
Thank you for sharing.
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^^ You´re welcome and thanks for the compliment.
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o.O Nice. Thanks for that!
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This is so cool looking, great work. 
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Die Axt und der Style der ganzen Rüstung erinnert mich irgendwie an Battle Angel Alita... nur einer der Gründe warum ich diesen Character stark finde :)!
Sehr schöne Details und Hintergrund.
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Ich pack einfach Rollen unter die Füsse und lehne sie nach vorne. Dann noch einen Ball und es gibt ein sickes Rollerball
Bild. ^^Thanks a lot.
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dismal landscape... must have had a tough time clearing the bodies unless the war burned their bones to cinders small enough to blow away...

then again she could just be posing for a photo shoot on a volcanic landscape.
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They just pulled them behind the camera. ^^ 
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This is so amasing! Details are outstanding!
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Thanks you. Looking at it now, i think i did too much detail work or maybe trying to show to many.
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Amazing.... top notch work😍😍
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Glad you like it like that. thx
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