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Part three of the Greek myth charas gone mech.


- non-humanoid parts are inspired by hammer head shark and stingray.
- the crease in the chest leads to a turbine located in the lower stomach area.
- crease inhabits systems for sonar and measuring of water streams.
- stingray wings are attached by hydraulic systems and act as shields and extra 
swimming devices.
- going classic with the trident.

hope you all enjoy.
Next and final piece from the series will be Hades. 

Have a good one and stay Ninja.
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I don't think I've ever seen a mech that was actively designed exclusively for sub-marine environments! So unique! :la:

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hmm, now that you said that.... ^^ thx
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Amazing! :O <3! 
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Thanks, very much.
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Imagine this in real life. That would be so cool
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Uhhh, would like to see that.
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Is this the highest quality you have i would really like to convert this into a canvas. Your work is amazing :D (Big Grin)
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Is it alright if i can have it ? i really want to frame your art its amazing to look at :DD
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Thx. If you just going to frame and don´t resell it, sure. If you can,
it would be nice to see a photo. ;)
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derylbraun i wont resell it if i desire it alot :)
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Badass! And since everyone else is commenting what this reminds them of, I'll join them and add the leviathan from Disney's Atlantis to the list.
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Yeah. It definately reminds me of the film Atlantis the lost empire
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It´s more like a Triton than Poseidon/Neptune.
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Foud this via pinterest, it's awesome! great job!!
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Cool. Thanks for that!!!
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it's just... wow...

I wish you could make some more mech-gods! :D
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Thanks again. ^^I don´t know yet about the mech series but it could be beneficial. So not a no but also not a yes. XD
Joetheone's avatar
ok, wishfully thinking then =P
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