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The piece i contributed for yesterdays stream over at monstieur. Was a nice time with sally @sallyjacksonart, josh, luke @sirshredder and james @jccoffron.

Designing a version of Jason was pretty cool, thx for having me.

If you're interested in my thoughts, just let me know and i'll see u in the comments.
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JOSHRAMBO123's avatar
This is such an epic redesign of Jason! The net like mask and the bone jaw attached to it gives it a very cool design :)
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Thank you! I kinda went into the small things to make it a redesign. ;)
MicahSchulte's avatar
Nice! very dark and creepy.
derylbraun's avatar
Thank you!!! ^^
Puhumaton's avatar
Love the hanging jaw
derylbraun's avatar
Thanks. I imagined it being the one of his mother. oO
Puhumaton's avatar
Oh damn! :D

Yeah that's a viewpoint too, I just like the idea of a rotting corpse, jaw hanging down from behind the mask. So frightening. Honestly, the detail in your work is pretty amazing in itself. I especially loved that Jaeger contest entry you did. Top notch.
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Oh Thanks man! That Jaeger Contest didn´t went anywhere but i really
enjoyed the work. I appreciate the compliment. Thumbs up for you. ^^
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Suoniko's avatar
This is so cool!! Thought it was a photo at first
derylbraun's avatar
^^ Well, some parts have phototextures. So you´re just half tricked. ^^
Firest's avatar
There's a lot to like here, but the jawbone sticking out is a distraction.

If it's supposed to be Jason's jaw it doesn't mesh well with the mask and if it's someone else's attached to the mask it looks too big.
derylbraun's avatar
Thanks for that! It is woven into the net that is hanging over his head and yeah i took quite some liberty there. ;)
i love horror stuff i like it a lot keep it up
derylbraun's avatar
Cool, will do. thx!
derylbraun's avatar
Nic compliment. Thanks for that! ^^
combobomb's avatar
I love the gritty photorealistic style here, and your version of jason is defintely unique! A lot more "modernized". Only thing is I can't really tell what's going on with his face. Is his mask missing a bit on the bottom and his jaw dangling out? Or does he have a different style mask on entirely? Great piece.
derylbraun's avatar
Hey, thanks for that. The jaw bone is entangled in the net that is hanging over his head and torso.
Airwalkboy1's avatar
His head is so small
derylbraun's avatar
So his body looks bigger. ;)
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