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Jaeger - ALAS



Location - Frankfurt/Main

Various elements are inspired by an eagle. The animal of the city. Chest resembles the form of an eagles head, hands got some clawlike feeling to them, legs have the same curvature like the ones of an eagle, face and neck have a similar gesture line like the head of an eagle. Tried to use triangle like shapes as much as possible for the same porpuse aswell. the lower part of the chest piece slides up when kneeling or leaning forward ;). The shield on the lower left arm should have a loose feeling of a wing or better said its feathers but also should have a more massive feeling to it then a wing. An extra arm is attached that holds the close combat weapons (spear and sword) and moves around in combat. The spear can be shot by the third arm. The sword unfolds after drawing. Projectile waepons are hidden in the shoulder pads, forearms and chest.

Alas is latin for Wing, which also plays with the eagle theme.

Also used the city emblem animal for the Logodesign. Left side shows the original emblem of the city Frankfurt. The right side has a skull on top, not only that you can´t go wrong with skulls but the chosen part also mirrors the form of the left side, and a shield underneath to also mirror the form. Placed it on the shoulder too.
069 is the city dial of Frankfurt.

The Jaeger is standing in the Main, the river crossing the city. The boat is just for scale ;P. The skyline is placed between his legs and is framed like that in order to give it a focus besides the Jaeger. I chose to show the jaeger as prominent and big as possible. I also chose a wide format for the picture to have a bigger and detail focused presentation when looked at the picture. Well at least that goes for monitors.

Enjoy and best of luck to everybody in the contest.
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I really was rooting for your work, anyway I will continue to follow your work, it is inspiring, congratulations!