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The Magic Body Stocking - Chapter 3 by DervDimension
Mature content
The Magic Body Stocking - Chapter 3 :icondervdimension:DervDimension 9 7
The Magic Body Stocking - Chapter 2 by DervDimension
Mature content
The Magic Body Stocking - Chapter 2 :icondervdimension:DervDimension 14 2
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Mature content
The Conscience :icondervdimension:DervDimension 14 4
Tanya By Scratch52 by DervDimension Tanya By Scratch52 :icondervdimension:DervDimension 5 7 Yumi By Scratch52 by DervDimension Yumi By Scratch52 :icondervdimension:DervDimension 3 1 Janet by Scratch52 by DervDimension Janet by Scratch52 :icondervdimension:DervDimension 3 2 Angelica from Dervland (by Scratchcat52) by DervDimension Angelica from Dervland (by Scratchcat52) :icondervdimension:DervDimension 8 31
Mature content
Polyphylon Girls - Chapter 18 -Final- :icondervdimension:DervDimension 6 12


The Magic Body Stocking - Chapter 3
Chapter 3 was just completed by the great SASHlMlSAN last week.  It's already been uploaded to my patreon page, but since I plan on closing that down soon I thought I'd make it available for sale here.  30 pages in all.  I hope you enjoy it!
The Magic Body Stocking - Chapter 2
Chapter 2 of one of my first stories (originally written way back in 2000).  But this time illustrated by the great SASHlMlSAN

It's been available on my patreon page, but since I'm closing that down, I thought I'd put it up for sale here.  38 pages in all.  Just in case your wondering, Chapter 1 was illustrated by fantomaz way back in 2010, you can buy that here as well in "The Magic Bodystocking" section.
"Just when I thought I was out ... they pull me back in ..."

Yes, I reactivated my account, with a name change.  My return is most likely temporary, at least until core runs out.  I still have some business to take care of.  But I needed the name change for personal reasons.  I am still planning on ending my patreon later this summer though.
Jun 12, 2018
:icondervdimension:DervDimension has changed their username (formerly MandrakeMoorglade)
I know this is news that a lot of you don't want to hear, but this has been a long time coming.  On Tuesday I will be deleting my deviantart account permanently.  And no, it was never my plan to switch to patreon only, I plan on deleting that account as well at the end of the month.  The truth of the matter is, I simply do not have the time, energy or passion to create the stories and comics that I once had.  I thought that starting a patreon would re-light my fire.  I did get modest support from some patrons, for which I am grateful, but it wasn't enough to motivate me, and I found myself spending more time pursuing other avenues outside this hobby.  I am also getting older and I do not feel it is healthy for me to spending as much time indulging in these fetishes.  Writing these stories and comics was a great outlet for me when I started as a teenager, but I am approaching middle age now and I just don't have passion for it that I once had, nor do I have the desire to regain that passion.  But even as my passion for writing diminished, my presence as Mandrake and the time I spent on DA grew.  I knew it was only a matter of time before it would become too difficult to keep this private outlet of mine private, so the time would have to eventually come when I would have to delete my account.

I had been thinking of deleting my account for years now but there were several things that kept me from doing so.  One was that I didn't want to leave behind the great community and circle of friends I had made in the 14 years I had been a member of this site.  I have built up quite following in that time, and it was difficult to just delete the account and lose all those connections.  Second was that it had just become a habit to log in and check this site each night, and I knew I was going to find it difficult to just end all of that.  Third was the fact that I wanted to finish the longer stories I had started.  Well I did finally finish Polyphylon Girls this past winter, something I am still very proud of.  Sadly I did not get to finish Dervland, a much more ambitious story, and potentially my greatest, but considering how much longer it was taking me to write nowadays I knew it was going to take me at least another decade before that one was finished.  This was another reason I wanted to delete my account.  I simply didn't want that weighing over my head anymore.  It was a story that I came up with in 2005 when I was still a kid.  I have changed a great deal since then, and it's harder for me to get into that mindset nowadays.  It's possible that I may still finish it and post it someplace else sometime in the distant future, but I think that's an unlikely scenario.

Some of you may want to try to change my mind on this decision, but my mind is already made up.  I've already decided to do this.  I do apologize to those who will miss my posts, infrequent as they have been lately.  Consider this a heads up.  I'm keeping this profile up until Tuesday night at which point it will be deleted, so save whatever it is you want while you can.  My Patreon will stay up until the end of the month, and I'll continue to post things that I have backlogged until then at which point that too will be deleted.
"Just when I thought I was out ... they pull me back in ..."

Yes, I reactivated my account, with a name change.  My return is most likely temporary, at least until core runs out.  I still have some business to take care of.  But I needed the name change for personal reasons.  I am still planning on ending my patreon later this summer though.


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This DA page is mainly for my foot fetish stories and comics. The focus is on nylons, silk, stockings, pantyhose ... anything sheer that covers the feet (especially toes). I'm also into tickling, catfights, women losing their shoes, damsel in distress situations and slow shrinking so you'll see a lot of that sort of thing here as well. Some of it is pretty strange, I guess, but you won't see really gory or abusive stuff. I like to keep it fun and innocent for the most part, but it's not a place for kids.

My stories tend to be of the science fiction/fantasy sort and don't necessarily revolve around these fetishes. In fact, for some of these ideas, it was my original intention to write them as more mainstream fiction stories. But, as many DA users know, your art gets more attention the more you appeal to fan-service, so each of these entries rely heavily on fetish fuel. I'll let you be the judge as to whether or not my stories would be able to hold up on their own without such a heavy reliance on fan-service.

I keep this identity separate from my more mainstream work and like to keep this aspect of my artistic side private. That being said, I'm not at all embarrassed of this work, on the contrary I'm quite proud of it. It does in fact get a lot more attention than my mainstream work.

Requests? On occasion I do take them as time allows. Commissions as well if you really want me to write something for you. I don't do anything that involves rape and keep the characters 18 or older, even though they're fictional. My DiD preferences are pretty mild. I don't usually go beyond tickling although some of my stories have involved some more sexual themes.


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I truly believe one thing ( I hope you share this with me) in a peril pic.
1)Costumes/Uniforms best...there is an inherit rigidity already in the premise of someone in authority who fights, loses, gets captured, 'de-booted', 'de-shoed' wearing either hosiery or socks
2)Their now useless equipment (boots/shoes/weapons/hat/radio, etc. should be visible in the  pic near but useless to bound hands...merely a tease.

Your view, appreciated in response.
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