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:iconx3v2plz:Visit My Page For More Picture:iconx3v2plz:

Flareon is here :icononionx3plz:
i knew there was so many eeveelution lover love Flareon, so i decided to draw Flareon now :D
You can wait for the another eeveelution soon before i will draw them free style :D

Enjoy the picture :D
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hello can you hear me Asher other flareon or hitmochan for you and give me love
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so cute X3 i have a flareon plush
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So cute.
So Adorable.
so much cuteness!!
I just want to cuddle up and sleep next to it.
I can just imagine it - a soft fluffy warm pillow
sterlingnimbus1's avatar
Aww! Look at how cute he looks!
Ninjawolf216's avatar
:D I think its cute. Flareon and Jolteon are my favorites. This is really good! nice job
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"Paint me like one of your French eons!"
I quite like the shading on this one, and I have to admit, Flareon's my favorite eon!
F-L-R-N's avatar
OH MY GOD. It's so cute! :D
MasonAndAGhast's avatar
I just wanna rub its belly! X3
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A. M. A. Z. I. N. G. All I can say. Very neat and detailed piece of art. This is heaven compared to my fails that I call art.
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Whoa!This is the best flareon image i ever seen!
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Daww, she's just asking for a belly rub!!!

*gives her one*
bubbles46853's avatar
Wow, cute!

He's asking for a belly rub!!!

*gives him one*
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Nice job. Flareon is Cute.
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Yeah they're :D
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I had one on my pokemon Crystal game that I bred as I recived an Eevee from Bill and bred it with a Ditto so I could have all of the Eeveelutions. Mehehe... Dittos can be so convenient sometimes when your desperate to breed rare Pokemon such as Eevee or the Starter Pokemon. :)
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the best eevee in the world tied with leafeon and eevee itself! hands down! XD
KimonoFlareonEXE's avatar
I :heart: Flareon, and I still do! =D I just wanna cuddle the widdle thing! :onfire:
He's still my favorite Eeveelution! :iconyayzplz:
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D'aaaw, so cute! *rubs it's tummy* Oh, it feels nice and hot!
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