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Worm -- Mannequin

Mannequin from wildbows story "worm".

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Great work!
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I'll leave a fav'even if I personally didn't imagine it like this at all.
He was a lot more mad of chains in my mind, almost only chains, with fingers, blades, some components for the canons and the boxes for the head and body.
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Okay so how did he do this to himself?
This is very nice, love the face. And the shading is also well done.
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This is the best depiction of Mannequin I have seen so far! Even reminds me a bit of Slenderman.
Pokespecshipper's avatar
ragdoll on steroids
GrimKid98's avatar
Well...I now have a new reason to fear department store Mannequin's...or at least keep a healthy 25 feet distance.
Regiking's avatar
*nerdgasm* Favorite Character by far.
Great job! Would love to see a Mannequin with his blades extended and arms whirling.
boomslangvenom's avatar
You made me actually shiver.
Pretty creepy. Looks exactly like I pictured him.
Jack-Mc-F's avatar
I imagined him covered in more blood personally.
Best mannequin I've seen. Still too flashy though.
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Fuckin' great. Great great great. GREAT.

Damn, this is exactly what he looks like in my head.
Goblin2carnival's avatar
I am speechless here. 
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very awesome :) I wish more folks would take a stab at drawing him .
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Very menacing. Love it.
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okay this is almost exactly how i imagined he'd look. *0* great work!
Nice, this is definitely the most intimidating art of the character that I've seen so far, all the other pictures I've seen make him look sort of goofy.
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