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Sitting Tutorial (female)

Cannot believe I didn't think of this until now, but here is a tutorial on people sitting! I will totally (especially if I get the request for it) do a male version.
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I am freaking out over how much the model in the drawings here look like me! Everything from the body type, the belly, and the hair positioning/type!  0__0
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Well too bad cause it's me! We must have really similar body types ;)
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I love the way you draw women. That's probably an odd thing to say, but it's true
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You're welcome :3
Xss-'s avatar
Hm, this might be helpful. Thank you for sharing! :)
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What's with You and toes? xD
Anyway, this is just great. Telling me way more than I'd ever think i need to know. Thank You so much for Your help :heart:
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Like hands, toes are expressive & successful rendering of feet requires paying attention to the details.  I believe it is very informative & great reminders if you find yourself drawing feet.
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Both this and the male sitting tutorial and incredibly helpful. Many newcomers to the drawing world can feel overwhelmed by how much they Don't know. You've made one of the most important aspects of drawing people easy. Thanks a lot.
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Wow, you're welcome!
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Thanks a lot for this, very useful!
I would love a male version, too! :) 
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that's so fantastic and sexy! I like the belly! I can't take the anime shit anymore!
Meekshi's avatar
LOL hahHHhahahahaha. Anime shit no more. xD
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I'm going to do a male version! Anybody have any suggestions for any super-specific-but-actually-obvious poses I missed in this one?
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yes, you missing a simple pose in front :) like the woman see us and legs are side by side not one leg on other leg.

or some other pose in front :)

thanks for a man version :)

i wish you a nice day and thanks for this models poses :)
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Male version please please!
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the people have spoken! A male version shall be done!
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Thank you for this! I have such a hard time drawing people sitting down~
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Your tutorial is so great!  Thanks!
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you're welcome!
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this tutorial did not actually teach me how to sit and i want my money back
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