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Perspectives Tutorial

By DerSketchie
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A perspective of the human body seen from intense angles. Something close up and personal is implied by drawing something that's so "inside your bubble". There's a few other examples of this that I wanted to put in but didn't have room. If I can think of a few more I may make a supplementary piece.
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Super helpful! thanks!!

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Excellent drawings! Thank you for posting these. I'm a rookie with the human figure so this will help a lot.
hi folks, peace and health
someone can to give me some book to learn to draw the human body in perspective.
forgive me for my english, I from colombian. gracias
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It helps a lot those tutorials to be able to advance. Thank you very much for sharing them.
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I really want to draw comics and stuff and this will definitely help! thaaanks for the tut:D This is so good 
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Wew..Thanks for the tutorial #DerSketchie ..So nice!
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Thanks for the tutorial!
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Awesome stuff man, the only single one that is looking a little bit strange is the centre one, the one with the knee up. 

But I'm sure you realised that since the rest look so accurate :)   Seriously awesome stuff, keep it goin'! :D
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It's weird, isn't it? Real models though, so it's all there!
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genial aun que nose ingles ;n;
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Really Excellent!
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Thanks for the tutorial... it helps me alot drawing human :-)
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Foreshortening always looks wrong to me even when it's done correctly, but from what I can tell, these seem pretty accurate. Thanks for providing them

My quest to be able to foreshorten properly continues... 
Wooooow, these few examples are superb. Thank you for the great tutorial resource!!! :) 
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Loooooove this!
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Thank you! :D You did a great job!
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Oh gosh thank you! I suck at perspective so this will go a long way.
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This is super helpful! Thank you!
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Finally! I have been waiting for something like this.
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Hi DerSketchie, I wasn't sure if you'd answered this somewhere else, but have you found any books or materials that have helped you achieve people at different angles and perspectives? Thank you!  
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Outside of just random short tutorials on the internet, no, unfortunately, I haven't :(
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