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Muscles - Lower Body

Hey everybody! The third out of four muscles tutorial! Next will be the ones we can actually see through the skin. Lower body turned out to be more simplistic than I thought, so here you go. It's about time I did another one of these anyways. Hope this helps you all!/

As always, since this is anatomy and particularness is super important, sauce for you all, left to right, top to bottom~:

1 -…

2 -…

3 -…

4 -…

5 -…

6 & 7 -…

8 -…

9 -…

10 -… 

11 -…

12 -…

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Awesome resource and thanks for listing your sources.
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well when it came to actual anatomy I didn't wanna fuck around, everything had to be fairly proper
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Thanks a lot! It was really helpful with proportions and making things look natural and such.
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I googled "Olympic speed skater", and I've got to say, it did not disappoint :D
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Thanks so much for this! Well done and fun stuff!
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Would look more professional and less animesque without the "funny" faces, but I can't deny it helps. Thanks.
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