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Muscle Tutorial - The Torso

By DerSketchie
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Hey everyone! I thought it was finally time for me to upload another tutorial. This is the first of at least three tutorials about muscles. Now, these aren't going to be quite like my other ones in the way that these aren't showing you how a certain body part looks at a certain angle, but moreso about what's underneath. One of the most helpful ways to understand the body is to understand the muscles that move it. If you get in touch with those, body movements themselves will be easier to understand.

I must make note that the original pictures used in this tutorial were not my own this time, but ones I've appropriated from google searches to highlight the lesson. Below are the links to credit each picture.

top left:…
top middle:…
top right:…

middle left:…
middle right top:…
middle right bottom:

bottom left:…
bottom middle:…
bottom right:…

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Thanks for these tutorials like this, it's really helpful!
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Titans.... eheheheheh
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thanks for sharing..very helpful
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I can really appreciate these types of tutorials because there are so many artists that don't seem to understand these basic principles. They are so helpful when it comes to proportion, movement, and dimension of a piece of artwork. Keep up the good work!
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super KOOOL! helps alot~  =w=/
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Colossal Titan 50M-02 [V4] Yeeep. This'll come in handy. Thank you!! <3
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I didn't understand the foot rub thing when your back hurts but oh well, lmao
 Thanks for sharing!
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this might be useful :]
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Thank you great help
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This will help immensely. Thank You!
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Awesome! Your tutorials are always helpful :aww:
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