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Hands on Stuff Tutorial

Hands on hips and shoulders, along with a few tips on stances involved
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Thank you for this!!
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this helps tremendously, thanks! :happybounce:
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thanks for tutorial
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thanks for tutorial
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This will come in handy. Thanks!
DerSketchie's avatar
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Thanks so much! This was super helpful.
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Glad I could help!
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Aw man, I wish I had seen this before attempting this drawing:… It always looked wrong after the fact, but I could not put my finger on why. Also, I've been drawing hands on hips wrong this whole time!
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so draw it again! And then draw it one more time after that. I always found my third attempt to be the best when drawing poses ;)
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thanks so much for this, first time doing hands on hips and it's made even harder because the character i am drawing doesn't have normal human hands (she has claw like hands)
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Thank you. This helps quite a bit.
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I still have the hardest time drawing hands on hips; they always come out at too much of a right angle. This is incredibly helpful, though; thank you so much!
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Oh my life is saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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OMG! why, why, why? Why didnt I find this before? >_< I had to learn the hard way of drawing hands at the hips. This will be a handy reference ^_^ thanks!
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This helped me a lot.  Thanks! :)
MegaAnimeFreak7's avatar
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you have really good tutorials even though i haven't seen them all yet :D
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I thought I was the only one who had this problem! I'm not alone in this cruel world!~ ;w;
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Hand-on-hip poses are my nemesis! :shakefist: This will be sooo useful next time I have to draw one.
sweetredpeppers's avatar
oh jesus.

Hands on hips.

My worst enemy.
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i love the smirky face ;)
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