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I know it's a little cramped, but here's a fabric type/clothing tutorial. I was recently requested to create this, hopefully it will cover what's needed, but if there's more that you wish to see send me a note and I'll get on it!

Some basic notes that are fairly generic, but didn't really show up on the image above:

- thick fabric like corduroy or denim is very stiff and dense, so the creases are usually large and sometimes awkward looking. When you bend your knee - even just while walking - the jean will scrunch up and actually keep protruding over the knee. Seriously, when you're out and about look at someone wearing jeans and look at their knees. 75% of the time they will be bunched at the knees, unless they're really tight or have a lot of elastic mixed in with the fabric.

- All fabrics get looser over wear and washes. Sometimes you'll notice your favourite pair of jeans getting more moveable and/or softer. Sometimes an already soft cotton shirt will feel thinner or lighter.

- dress pants usually hang loosely on the body. Sometimes with womens dress pants they are tighter around the butt and upper leg (starting to flare out around the knee) so they will be tighter. Elastic is usually added to the fabric so a pack sausage look can be avoided when sitting or bending.

- half the difficulty of getting the fabric right is having the body itself looking proportionate and proper. You may want to even pull a Klimt and draw/paint the fleshy body itself before drawing/painting on the clothing. The way the shoulders slope on the shirts above, that's not the clothing, it's the body underneath.

- when fabric is blowing in the wind or draping elegantly it doesn't just stay straight and flat, it folds over itself and flaps around. Look at a curtain sometime, a lot of fabrics have the same kind of draping effect like silk and chiffon, as you can see above.

I will be adding more tips to this section (with updated dates) so keep checking in!
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Very helpful, thank you so much for putting this together :)