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Very limited foot massage

".. mmmmmmhmm yeah, that's it. I just wish you'd be able to massage the rest of my feet.."

Natalie (Got a new leg cast) - Previous
Muriel (Also got a new leg cast. And a massive shoulder spica cast) - Previous
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Wow the shading is amazing

wooooow!!! Love this story. Muriel is a dream and the miami its really perfect. Love the light sun in Muriel. Thats pure art!!!

It is really nice that Natalie gives Muriel a feet massage especially in this situation when both a in plaster casts. Maybe Muriel will enjoy to get a pedicure for her nails too ? To combine a little bit color on finger and toenails i with the white casts is something which makes her live a little bit nicer

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Natalie seems to have an anguished expression on her face.

She knows the next few months are going to be stressful as she has to take care of Muriel and she herself is barely able to hobble around with one crutch.

She thinks back to their experience in the alpine hospital after the avalanche disaster. They were nearly killed but at least they had nurses to care for them and they had some company.

At that time they didn't think that things could be any worse but, regrettably, their bad luck continues.

(Perhaps there's a wheelchair for Muriel just out of sight)

wow... what did you change about that quality?

lighting effects or texture seem much better but im not entirely sure.

very nice to say the least!

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Thanks! It's the lighting (low sun through a semi-transparent curtain), which makes apparently for some really interesting visual effects.

ah, i see, its the low light source :lightbulb:

that makes sense :D

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Ah this photo have a very high quality! Congratulation!! Beautiful cast and beautiful girl

awesome...but...Natalie's teeth seems a bit crooked now that i watch them carefully,maybe she need a visit at the orthodontist? :P

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Dear Muriel, there is still some skin on both of your legs for Natalie's miraculous fingers to reach.

Just in cast you forget about it! :D

I am surprised they are back at home and not in the hospital, where they had already stayed less restricted.

But I guess it is good to recuperate at home in a beloved environment. And in any case of emergency Natalie has still one healthy arm at least to call help.

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