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Unexpected outcome

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Seraina: Uhm.. hey.. I'm sorry for trying to help you get up.. and well.. not catching you. I feel kinda bad, especially now that I see you're still in such a giant cast.

Leandra: Apology accepted! Although it was painful, some good came out of it. They realized that simply connecting several casts was not the best for me, so they put me in this new cast made out of fiberglass. And while it will be removed today, I would have been stuck for an additional few weeks in the old one, even if you hadn't let me fall!

Seraina (feeling guilty)
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Leandra (exited to get out of her cast) - Previous - Next
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I like the reaction of the patient in the plaster risser/torso/body jacket cast while sitting in the waiting area. She is stunned at what she sees rolling by and is worried about what may happen to her as part of her next treatment phase, as she only has a simple torso cast and soft collar thus far. She thinks how she would not be able to cope with total immobility, vulnerability, and dependence on others for the most intimate care of every bodily function for weeks or months on end.

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My comment got lost.

I wondered what Seraina is waiting for: getting off her cast, having just a control appointment get a new one with the same size – or a bigger size because treatment has failed.

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Wow, wow, wow!!!

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The ventilation holes on Leandra's body cast are more discreet.

I wonder why I didn't notice it before?!

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Are those ventilation holes? I thought at first they were part of the texture of the fiber material.

Leandra is in danger of heat stroke and dyspnea.

Thank goodness Andrea will see that she gets the proper treatment.


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First I was also confident that Andrea will take good care of Leandra.

But if you check the previous three pictures of Seraina, you can notice a certain trend.

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I see what you mean.

Seraina is the Harbinger of Disaster.

Already, Leandra could nearly fill a book on orthopedics.

She has a few parts that would potentially complete the book:

8 fingers

10 toes

1 nose

We'll see....


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Apparently there are only few who are immune to Seraina's influence on accidents.

I think of Tamara.

And it has been proven that Leandra is not immune to this kind of ... well... magic? curse?

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She looks quite happy in her new body cast

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Leandra is so happy to be getting out of her cast.

It's nice to see Andrea is really taking good care of her.

After some rehab, Leandra will, before long, be back up to speed.

Wait...did I say speed??

NO Andrea! Not so fast...



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Have you improved the faces? They look so good!

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Yeah, I toned down Leandra's tan.

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Leandra looks very pretty. I like her new skin color.

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Leandra does seem to be rather pleased to be in her new cast, remarkably. Very pragmatic girl. :heart:

And yeah, Andrea is a lovely cheary soul. :heart:

Great stuff as ever. :D

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Leandra has lost her tan from all that time spent in the hospital. maybe she can get some sun in her new cast.

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Chances leandra falls onto Andrea. Andrea is my favorite girl from your page so I'm really hoping we see her in a cast soon

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This poor nurse always has got the patient with big casts. I hope she's paid very well.

Is Leandra able to speak comprehensibly?

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Umh, this headgear does not seem to affect her articulation that much (or maybe I was just to lazy to edit the text :D).

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It seems Andrea is having fun right now.

She looks happy while pushing this wheelchair through the corridors.

Let's hope that she doesn't want to set a speed record right now. :D

That a very good point regarding Leandra's speak. I guess Melanie Black would wonder, too. :D

But maybe the solution is quite simple and Leandra is a very capable ventriloquist. :D

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Very cool picture, love it!

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