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Lily: Mhhh.. Vic? What are you still doing here? Sleepy 

Victoria: Just checking up on you.. making sure everything is alright down there .

Lily: What do you mean, you just cleaned us half an hour ago when you put us to bed and.. gasp  Oh Noes! 

Victoria: Just look at how helpless you are.. unable to help yourself, and with your dear Mona out of the picture as well, someone has to take care of you and your desires. And the satisfaction of my patients is my top priority - especially when they are as irresistible as you are. 

Lily: Are you out of your mind? She will hear you and…

Victoria: Stop worrying, she won’t... I made sure that "Swan Lake" is the only thing she’s hearing for quite some time. And now relax.

Lily: I.. you.. this is.. sigh...

I’m not really sure where to go with this, maybe some ménage à trois? But feel free to interpret it however you like :) (Smile) 

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Lily closed her eyes and moaned softly as she responded to Victoria's stroking.

Victoria placed a red pill in Lily's mouth and gently caressed her face:

"There my lovely one, you'll sleep soundly more pain."

With soulful eyes, Lily gazed at Victoria for a long moment.

Then she drifted off into dream land as the magic red pill began to take effect.

Victoria slid back and forth several times while straddling Lily's leg cast and then

leaned forward to place gentle kisses on her breasts.

With a deep sigh she dismounted and straightened her uniform.

Then with a fervid glance at the sleeping Lily, she slowly turned to continue her rounds for the evening.


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always double check.

Thats basic QA.


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Looks like the Doctor ordered physical therapy for Lily - exactly each six hours a day. :D

I wonder how resigning Lily's final sigh was: "This is"... "great"? "... cringe"? "... quite awkward, Victoria. But please wait until it's your turn, as the doctor is just about to arrive to start... huh... treating me..."? :D

Let's hope Victoria didn't mistake the sound file of "Swan Lake" with Lil' Louis' "song" "French Kiss!"

But... well... maybe it is even better for Lily and Victoria if she had mistaken it! :D

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Yes but mona is paraplegic now?

looks like nurses are taking their nightly hours of sleep

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Vic seemed to have an interest in Lily from the first day.

Now she is following up with the best nursing care possible to relieve Lily's pain this evening.

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The nurse is going a high risk, taking advantage of this situation ... However, if she knows what she is doing, and Lily will enjoysit (and it seems so ...), Lily may keep it to herself,and not tell Mona, let alone the chief nurse ... =P

Doing this is wrong and I really hope karma gets this nurse in some casts

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Hell yes MORE OF THIS ❤

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Well, maybe Vic could start blocking Mona’s eyes and ears early every night so she and Lily can always make out, until the woman starts getting suspicious about it and stops complying.

But that‘s just a suggestion of mine. Either way, this is a really hot situation and a gorgeous render as always!

My God, is so exciting!!

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"I’m not really sure where to go with this..."

We have got a very devoted nurse who cannot hold herself back from doing everything for her patients and from giving special services to them... I think we are going to a good direction!

P.S.: If I would be in a hospital, having confining and big casts, this kind of nurse would be like a jackpot. (Well, not exactly like her :-) In this case, she should feel attraction to male patients...)

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