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After Hanna spent the whole summer in her full body cast (affectionately called mobile sauna by her roommates), she could hardly wait to be free of casts again. Or at least this free of that cast, as it has already been suggested that there will probably be several smaller casts before she would be completely free. But several smaller casts didn't sound so bad, as it meant that she would be able to attend lectures again.
She was confident that there would be more (but smaller) casts by the start of the winter semester, and so started to enroll in lectures.
However she miscalculated the timing somewhat, as she didn't factor in her overprotective doctors and nurses: according to them, it would take at least a few weeks after the start of the semester until smaller casts would be an option.
As some of her lectures had mandatory attendance (some lecturers vehemently resisted remote teaching), she had no other choice than to attend them in her hated single all-encompassing cast.

Her two roommates, Sonja and Delia, offered to take her to the lectures. Whenever they laboursly hauled Hanna in her wheelchair to and from university, they still felt their recently fused bones ache.
And for Hanna, isn't wasn't a pleasure either, as she still hadn't exactly solved her thermal issues: While outside, the frigid fall weather tended to chill her to the bones. And while in the overheated lecture halls, she regularly experienced heat build-ups inside her mobile prison (of course, public decency prevented proven means to cool her back down).
Compared to the physical side of things, the social aspect wasn't great either. Being an extroverted person, she could somewhat deal with being the constant center of attention that came with being stuck in full body cast in public. Her roommates taking great care to preserve her dignity by carefully hiding her diaper and to treat her as respectfully as possible helped immensely in that regard.
And although she was happy to see fresh faces at first, she quickly grew tired of it. Answering the same questions all day (to those who dared to ask) or snapping witty remarks (at those who didn't dare and just started) was more exhausting than she could ever have imagined.
The situation wasn't ideal, to say the least.
The only person secretly happy about the state of affairs was Zoë. Not out of schadenfreude, but simply because everyone seemed to have forgotten about her.
She wears a soft foam collar to counter the constant neck pain she experiences due to an accident while bouldering two weeks ago. The somewhat meek girl had a hard time before Hanna arrived, as she felt incredibly anxious and self conscious about that blasted thing adorning her neck. Whenever she was in class, she could not get rid of the notion that everyone was staring at her all the time or whispering things behind her back.
Now, all eyes were on the girl in the full body cast, so Zoë felt less tense about her neck brace.

(front row, left to right)
Sonja - Previous
Hanna - Previous
Delia - Previous
(back row, right)
Nora - Previous

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The stairs in in this open-air auditorium look very accident-prone. Hanna is th omly one who looks well-protected. Nice to see her in public – turning heads from the stairs to her.

Oh, I’d be on time to every lecture in the course.

Love seeing girls in big casts out unable to hide away.

Looks like the blanket over Hanna’s diaper is slipping, despite her friends’ efforts that might end up public knowledge too. How embarrassing!

The best neckbrace ever.

Unable to learn in that class!!!

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Why is Sonja looking so intently at Zoe's midsection?

She already has two girl friends but then...they are sort of banged up now.

I hope the lecture hall has a wheelchair ramp somewhere.

Otherwise, Sonja and Delia are going to have a very hard time getting Hanna up and down the steps.

If either of them should slip...well, it won't be pretty.

Hanna could have a major setback in her recovery process.

Another time when Sonja and Delia were trying to help Hanna negotiate some stairs, it did not go well:

A Spring Tale #4

Great description of the impression a person has when she stuck in a full body cast. Letˋs see if the hospital will reduce her cast

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Hanna is an eye-catcher for sure in this lecture.

To me it seems the girl behind her is about to post a picture of her back side (which is supposedly as half as exciting as her front view.)

Looks like Sonja is fed up after all, too, which would be some kind of ungrateful as she is the first one out of any casts or braces.

And Delia... I wondered why Delia is straighten her back. Is her back aching or did she spot some cute guy she wants to get in touch with?!

Maybe we will learn some day... :)

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Sonja is bored. She's getting no attention. Up to now she always had a cast(s).

Now she has no casts, no braces...nothing. She can't adjust to her new cast-free life.

She may be contemplating making a quick flying trip down the steps in the auditorium.

She's desperate.

For Hanna, it could be worse.

At least she can move her head a few mm without her minerva cast.

[And she's a whole lot better off than poor Ladina...]

Yeah, Delia should really have that back pain checked out.

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Although I like the thought of getting Sonja back in casts, I am not sure about her intentions, as she is still a sportswoman.

Maybe she is just pissed of because she doesn't understand what the prof is talking about.

Or she doesn't like what Zoë is just saying to Hanna.

Or she can't see the blackboard, because Zoë is just in her way.

Or a combination of all of them. :D

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For the girls to struggle so much to attend this lecture there has to be some powerful motivating factor.

Could the prof perhaps be Scarlett (Rizzo's character) or one of Scarlett's proteges?

mabauterklamm's avatar

You mean bananas could be used in this lecture? :D

Alice9353's avatar

Yes, Scarlett uses fruits and vegetables to illustrate concepts.

Her classes are very popular and getting larger every semester.

Her proteges are also highly regarded as lecturers throughout Europe.

mabauterklamm's avatar

How to explain the world through fruit!

Is that a concept that could make you rich on Youtube?

(Most likely if you have the appropriate cute face... :D)

Alice9353's avatar

Very nice group picture !

Delia seems to have a pain in her lower back, maybe from struggling with Hanna's heavy cast.

Will she need a more advanced treatment than the brace?

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I love it SO MUCH when girls in full body casts are forced to partake in daily activities while being around lots and lots of people, something about that just feels so cathartic.

That's an instant favourite, not a doubt!

Also, props for the story piece, your stories just keep getting better and better each time, as well as your renders. Congrats, DerS4tyr!

PS: Hanna'll surely have to accept the minerva extension for good. Sooner or later...

Omg....I love it so much...

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Well, Zoe can get back to the centre of attention as soon as she will have a Minerva cast :-)She and Hanna would make a nice pair of heavily casted students sitting in the first row of seats.

The scene would be even better if the students behind Hanna would continuously stare at her, or even would take photos of her. Or are they already used to the uncommon sight of such a big body cast?

Isn't there a commissioner/representative of disabled person at this university? Hanna should meet him/her so that she doesn't need to attend the lessons personally.

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this wouldve made me appear at classes all the time lol

(wasnt the case though)

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