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Long Leg Casts

Eva: They've made your other cast bigger too?
Vivienne: Yeah, I noticed that my foot stopped aching after they extended the cast above the knee.. so I had them extend my second cast. Of course I'm a bit less agile now, but at least I can get around without having to choose between aching feet or this damned wheelchair. Altough, now my back started hurting more and more over the last few days... anyways, it's probably nothing, how's your leg, is it still aching badly?
Eva: Mhm, the pain is manageable (thank god for those pills), but it's just.. the cast is just sooo high, while walking it constantly rubs against my.. it drives me mad!  

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I'm in love with Vivienne's Long Leg Toe Spicas!!! All that limping around though must be doing a number on her poor back. I foresee lots of braces and casts in her future. Maybe even some hip articulation connecting those LLCs... Amazing work and characters as always <3

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Viviane is becoming one of my favorites.

Thank you for sharing.

castsandfeet's avatar

One of mine too!

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It seems Vivienne tends to be an unhappy girl. Even at the cocktail night her smile was quite shy.

Now I wonder if she belongs to the people who always find a reason to complain about (like her back now) or wether she is just an unlucky girl who has got reasons to complain about.

I hope we will learn and I hope to see a smile on her face from the buttom of her heart. :)

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Vivienne may be a person for whom the glass is always half empty.

Just two broken legs and she's in a sour mood. Sheesh.

This new casting technique used for Eva may improve her outlook on life :-)

Two of the new and improved long, long leg casts may send her into a state of unbridled euphoria.


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At least Eva would have a good excuse for being always breathless while walking...

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Love it. The Toespica is delicious.

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So...the cast drives Eva mad?

Maybe her doctor has found a way to help women tolerate their injury better.

She'll get used to it pretty soon.

In a few months when her right leg is ok,

she'll start thinking about a way to break her left leg.

Alternating back and forth, the ecstasy could continue for a long time.


BTW, what happened to Tina? Is she still in the hospital?

mabauterklamm's avatar

Eva: "So, what's about the pain?"

Doc: "Walk it off!"


Both girls looks great with there new boots. I assume they have to wear them for a longer time. Hopefully Vivienne does not need a Minerva cast on top. It is summertime a little bit color for her toenails will be a nice eye catcher

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If Vivienne’s back keeps hurting, they might have to make a cast around her whole spine… and while on it, why not the arms too? ;P

Gorgeous render, keep up the great work!

mabauterklamm's avatar

Wouldn't be a surprising condition, Vivienne may end up in, would it?

But I guess, this would escalate slowly. (Maybe like in Anna's case.)

That blond girl look verry nice, good Job

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"the cast is just sooo high, while walking it constantly rubs against my.. it drives me mad"

If it would rub against a certain place, it could be pleasurable, too! :-)

As an expert by experience, Vivienne can tell Eva how to manage her life when having such a massive leg casts. I adore her big-toe spica casts, as well.

The setting, the pose of the characters and the fine details are fantastic again!

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