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Finia: Come on, meeting some people will make you feel better!
Zoë: Meeting people? Wearing these casts? No! They will see..
Finia: No need to be shy, they have experiences of their own.
Zoë: But these casts are so heavy and I’m tired, I can’t walk much further, and..
Finia: Stop it with all the excuses, we'll be right there!
Zoë: Wait, what pants am I even wearing?
Finia: Are you cold?
Zoë: No it’s just, I can’t remember, and what if they notice that you make me wear a diaper!
Finia: Stop worrying honey! They will understand. And besides, you know them already. Delia and Hanna from uni, I’ve seen you talk to them.

(from left to right)
Finia (thinks that Zoë should not always be in her room) - Previous
Zoë (would like to sink through the floor) - Previous
Delia (accompanies Hanna) - Previous
Hanna (finally in smaller casts) - Previous

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Imagine if Zoë was pushed too hard and fell onto her face. I mean sge's casted already, so a few more wouldn't be THAT bad, right? :devilish: