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The Family (Parts 4-6)
Part 4
Shivering, the two toddlers stood naked while Gwen readied the bathwater. Reeling and unable to focus for very long on a single aspect of this unfolding nightmare, Seth couldn't decide what was more disturbing - that his manhood had been zapped so rapidly or that this giant woman towering over him already took on such a maternal demeanor. With his hands clamped madly over his crotch, he fought back a healthy, age-appropriate cry. The reflex grew stronger when he took notice of the puny organ hiding behind the palms. 
“You two have been very naughty!” Gwen lectured the pair, as she grabbed Lindsay by the armpits and hoisted her into the suds. “Won't it feel nice to come clean?” 
Busy studying little Lindsay's skittish reaction to the lukewarm water, Seth managed to be taken by surprise when the same fate befell him. He never knew such an intense form of embarrassment even existed. To be magically rewound to early childhood, stripped of on
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The Family (Parts 1-3)
Part 1
Seth Travers wiped the fog from his windshield. Any moment another short blast of rain would again reduce visibility to nil and he would be stuck squinting through the small circle he had cleared with his hand. 
“Not one damn station...“ he muttered, clicking the radio tuner with one hand and driving with the other. 
By now he was certain he’d made a wrong turn at the last intersection roughly ten miles back. The crinkled map offered no help, aside from its ability to soak up the occasional drop of rain that leaked from the passenger side window. Seth’s editor would kill him if he knew how much time he was wasting on the winding backroads. All of which seemed to lead nowhere. 
Already approaching six o’clock, Seth couldn’t afford to spend any more time or gas meandering on the narrow country two-lanes. Agitated and sick of interpreting the useless signs that dotted the road every few miles, he decided to detour into the n
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Nathan licked the envelope and sealed it. After weeks of hints and shy suggestions, he knew the moment would come. Hesitating briefly, he tucked the modest Valentine’s Day card underneath Katie’s officer door and continued walking briskly down the hall. 
The last thing Nathan wanted was a secret office romance. A careful young conservative, Nathan knew instinctually that the relationship could complicate work and even earn him a pink slip if the bosses caught on to the tryst. It began so innocently a few months before - inconspicuous coffee breaks, lunches, maybe a movie on the weekend - and now they found themselves drifting headlong into an affair. As if the clandestine canoodling wasn’t risky enough, another dilemma hovered over their relationship like a stormcloud: a substantial age difference.
From their first introduction, Katie appeared out of place at Thomas, Holden, and King. With her short red hair styled into a fiery decoration, the divorced 41-year-ol
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Status: Second Update
Part 1
Dana Parker had been nursing a lukewarm mug of Folger's for what seemed like an eternity Thursday morning when the statuses began popping up in the newsfeed. She disregarded them at first, assuming an unusually far-fetched albeit persistent hoax was making the social media rounds. No doubt Snopes would quash the ridiculous rumor before the day was out. In the meantime, however, friends and relatives on Facebook - even her arch-skeptic cousin Devon - seemed to be entertaining the possibility that the viral story might have a grain of truth to it. 
"Oh please," she muttered, returning to the coffee and her morning thoughts. 
A dated copy of Woman's Day stared back at her from a forgotten trash basket below the computer desk, the cover announcing that "The Perfect Family Is Only Three Steps Away." The number seemed overly optimistic, even for rag like Woman's Day. Still, the words were enough to remind Dana just how many cracks had appeared in the foundation of her
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Part 1

Giving up on any trick-or-treaters materializing on her front porch, Jennifer Matthews settled into the comfiest end of the couch under a fall-themed afghan when the first intrepid soul rang the doorbell. Taking a break from mindlessly scrolling through Netflix selections, the yawning thirtysomething made her way to the door in zombie-like fashion. Apropos for such a sleepy Halloween. More than two decades had passed since the holiday elicited anything more than a glimmer of interest. At least the entire godawful bag of seasonal “Cauldron Skittles” won’t totally go to waste, she figured, lazily unlocking the deadbolt.
On the other side stood a solitary, three-and-a-half foot nurse, complete with stethoscope draped around her neck and the requisite Florence Nightingale hat no modern healthcare professional has worn in ages. Jennifer grew a motherly glow, instinctually sympathizing with the miniature medical worker’s evident lack
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Status (Parts 3-4)
Part 3
Contemplating the possibilities of this brave new world, Sarah's head spun in a million directions. Every new discovery gave birth to a million new questions. Interested but unconcerned with the actual mechanism causing the changes, she immediately set about discovering just what the system was capable of. Better yet, what could this bizarre development do for her
As she struggled to pinpoint the best use of this new tool, one of Sarah's babydoll nightie straps had slithered halfway down her shoulder, leaving half of her left breast exposed. The sudden infusion of 13-year-old hormones still coursing through his veins, Michael discovered his focus unavoidably returning like a magnet to the jiggling flesh. Also, though he couldn't place the changes with any accuracy, something about his sister seemed... well, prettier. Was it her cheekbones? The way her eyes sparkled from the glow of the laptop screen? Michael strove to exile the vagu
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Status (Parts 1-2)
Part 1
Michael's eyes scanned the screen, dwelling only a split second on each new post. 
Kelly Maddock was recuperating from last week's back surgery, Todd's political trolling continued unabated with his latest note, “Sarah Palin's 9th grade report card,” while Melody, his high school ex, announced she was moving to Fort Worth. Invitations abounded, mostly to events he wouldn't attend at gun point. From the mountains of minutia to the pointless Farm and Mafia games, narcissism took many forms on the internet. Still, Michael had to admit, social media was like digital nicotine. Even his parents had succumbed, becoming part of the growing tide of boomers threatening to overtake the web's most popular hangout. 
But as he scrolled through the News Feed, Michael noticed, subconsciously, a pattern emerging. Something was different. “What the hell?” he muttered under his breath. 
It was as if time had reversed course and everyone in Facebookland
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Solomon's Lake
Danny had lived in the house for fourteen years, so why he yanked open his sister's bedroom door that afternoon instead of the bathroom one was a mystery to him (or so he maintained). And, like all unfortunate gaffes, it happened in a vague kind of slow-motion (the kind that allows one to realize the error and what punishments it might entail before the act is even completed). As the door cracked open, Danny was treated to a full-on peep show, the kind that haunt siblings well into their golden years: Heather's perfectly peach-tinted skin, the roller-coaster curves that curled and spun around her, the outright sweeping nakedness. All combined to form an exquisitely awkward moment in time, one when biological stimulation butts head-to-head with the brick wall of taboo. 
Motionless -- or rather frozen with a mixture of chemical excitement and childish dread -- Danny gulped. What exactly was to be the course of action? He could slowly shut the door, praying no stray squeaks escaped t
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Retrofocus (Part 5)

~At Sasha’s~

Frantic, Laura scanned the bathroom, but her search came up snake eyes. Peeking into the hallway, she noticed Lizzy’s door hanging wide open. Oh, no. Laura’s belly groaned, her palms grew salty with sweat, and dryness took over her mouth. The camera was out of her hands now, and the possibilities were endless. 
Dressed in Sasha’s pretentious garb, she sped out of the bathroom, down the hallway, and onto the stairs. Even as she approached the ground floor, she sensed the mayhem had already been unleashed. Christy and Sasha both huddled over someone, a child Laura guessed from his height. As she drew closer, her mind shifted into overdrive and her eyes widened in disbelief. Please don’t let that be who I think it is... she prayed.
But the nearer she came, the more her hopes seemed in vain. With astonishment written on her face, Laura approached the frenetic, teary-eyed boy.
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Retrofocus (Parts 3-4)
Double Exposure

In the doorway stood a boy at least twelve years old. Nearly naked, except for random bits of clothing he held strategically over his privates, Kevin was no longer the plump little ball of energy he’d been only fifteen minutes before. Though still naturally chunky, the sixth-grader had all but lost his bunched up baby face. And his voice had deepened considerably.
”My clothes got small,” Kevin announced almost matter-of-factly.
Taylor’s mouth hung open as he watched Laura approach the overgrown kindergartener. The complications mounted yet again. Great.
”Kevin, what happened to you?” Laura asked.
”I was watching toons and I got too big for my clothes,” the scantily-clad boy replied.
Laura already had the mystery figured out when she again perused the picture she had taken of herself earlier. As suspected, a barely visible blob in the background turned out to be none other than Kevin, candy bar in hand
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Retrofocus (Parts 1-2)
Camera Obscura

Cool air crept through the cracked windows along the side of the otherwise sweltering classroom. Taylor’s head bobbed as the boredom of the new school year washed over him. Like the first few yards of an uphill bike ride, roll call for the first class of the year pained him. Professor Whitley’s long Southern drawl only enhanced her trance-inducing recitation of the list: “...Foster, Garrison, Gellar...” 
Finally, the tension reached its maximum as the nearly comatose sophomore heard his name.
”Taylor Hanson.”
”Here,” he replied, mimicking the teacher’s monotone.
Within seconds the muted giggles started. It never fails, Taylor reminded himself. It had been his freshmen year at Baylar High School when the levee broke and the dark harbinger known as Middle of Nowhere was released into record stores. At that moment he ceased to be Taylor Hanson, Captain Normal, and became from that time for
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Original Son (Part 9 + Epilogue)
Part 9

“And may Jesus heal...”
The solemnity of the church service vanished when the doors opened wide and a squad of uniformed officers marched wordlessly up the far sides of the New Life sanctuary. Heads turned one by one until the entire congregation gradually lost interest in the pastor’s sermon. A clamor arose among the confused churchgoers as they pointed and whispered to their neighbors. 
Pastor Leary leaned back and mumbled something to the youth pastor seated behind him. 
Detective Harris, who led the brigade into the sanctuary, calmly stepped onstage and closed in on the pulpit. 
“What is this?” Pastor Leary grumbled, insulted. “You can’t interrupt our service just like...“
“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law...” Harris rolled of the Miranda warning in an unaffected monotone. 
“Officer Harris, I demand to know what
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Original Son (Parts 7-8)
Part 7

Once home, Patricia led Matt into the bathroom, opened his mouth, and inserted a cold thermometer. 
“Under your tongue, honey,” she instructed, as if for the first time. “It’ll be a couple minutes.”
Matt knew he needed to conjure a good excuse in the next ninety seconds, but nothing brilliant leapt to mind. Taking the thermometer out, Patricia studied it, then grimaced at her son. 
“Well, it’s not a fever,” she announced, holding the instrument up to the light. “Does your tummy still hurt?”
“A little,” Matt said, massaging his belly. “Can I go upstairs?”
“OK, honey, just take a couple of these.” Patricia popped two little blue pills from the plastic and handed them to Matt, but stopped herself. “Oh wait, what’s gotten into me...” she said, subtracting one pill. “Twelve and under.”
What Matthew would have given to be twelve again. By nigh
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Original Son (Parts 5-6)
Part 5

“I haven’t seen you in church before.” Matt struggled to make the sentence sound natural, but it still possessed the ring of a bad pick-up line. 
“It’s Danielle.” 
The young woman’s eyes darted from one end of the sanctuary to the other, avoiding direct contact with Matt’s. Though obviously unoccupied, she breathed in agitated sighs like a bored woman on a blind date. Noticing this, Matt tried to keep his speech brief and straightforward. 
“I heard you talking to your mom,“ he began tentatively, “about being in college.” 
“Well, I overheard you arguing over your age,” Matt explained, his cheeks already glowing crimson. He couldn’t help pausing momentarily when Danielle drew back her bangs and her gorgeous brown eyes finally met his. Behind her long strands of highlighted hair was an unusually pretty face, dotted with dimples and growing m
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Original Son (Parts 3-4)
Part 3
Pastor Leary had been speaking for about ten minutes when it happened. After an extended meditation on Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding party he had asked the congregation to bow their heads in silent prayer, and only moments later a brilliant white light consumed the sanctuary. A frenzied murmur broke out. Everyone, including Matt, assumed it was a malfunction of some kind.
But then the deep voice bellowed, “Lift your eyes and look upon me.”
Though partially blinded by radiant glow emanating from the pulpit, Matt made out a long-haired figure, dressed in a tattered robe. As the light faded the image became clearer and the congregation was left staring at a bearded man who bore a remarkable resemblance to the stained glass window directly behind him.
”Do not be frightened. I bring you peace and happiness in the name of the Father.”
Many were confused, some awed, and others began to softly weep at the sight. Yet all remained quiet in an
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Original Son (Parts 1-2)
Part 1 
At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, "Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?" He called a child, whom he put among them, and said, "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." - Matthew 18:1-3What God wants God gets. God help us all. - Roger Waters, Amused to Death
Maybe it was the look on his parents’ expectant faces at his baptism still etched in his memory, maybe the weekly regimen of sermons and youth group meetings, or maybe the Holy Book itself. Matthew couldn’t be sure, but every time he tried to masturbate on a major religious holiday the same indescribable guilt seized him. There, in the middle of his oftentimes elaborate fuck fantasies, the specter of baby Jesus would whine and wail as if Matt had knowingly upset the very balance of heaven and earth.  
”Matt, honey, are you dressed yet?&
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