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there must be an angel...

By Derrewyn
happy mess with textures from HELL!

well, heaven.

or hell.

*.* I am so playing guilty gear tonight.

Anyway, I was goofing around with textures while doing the colouring for this one, and just loved how this came out even when it ruined all my hard work at sai of being nice with the colours.

( the work in progress with the "real" colouring so far is here: [link] , in case you are curious about how it's going to look)

angels are creepy, with all those eyes and feathers everywhere o_o

pencil for the sketch
rotrings for the inks
sai for the colours
photoshop cs3 for the editing
textures made HELL with brightness and contrast ^^ (I think this one comes from cgtextures o.o)

this will be moved to scraps one I finish the other one, but I wanted to share XD
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Kohakuro's avatar
your art is deliciousss <3
vmbui's avatar
this is lovely. very raw.
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buah, me he quedado pillado, esta perfect.
HawksXXDEATHXX's avatar
es un angel?? wow siempre dije que morir a manos de un angel es algo horrible... pero bellisimo al mismo tiempo. tu trabajo es inspirador niña!!
Derrewyn's avatar
aww, grazie! y si,es un angel con problemitas XD
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Jbrizzi's avatar
Creepy and lovely =)
LuliTheBunny's avatar
BlueVenom's avatar
this is so nice. my second favorite concept next to your series with the moths. maybe this will sound douchey, but your execution of the subject is so creative (!!!!!) i can't find another word. beautiful beautiful!

Derrewyn's avatar

o.o it might be fun to make a series on angels, I do love the fluffy ones (specially when they go ka-boom)
darkside-ky's avatar
I was gonna ask, is that A.B.A. or Valentine??? Or some dark alternate form of Justice or Dizzy??

*searching for Guilty Gear art*
Derrewyn's avatar
oh, none of them, but it does screams the "heaven or hell" line, doesn't it? XD
mechavegeta's avatar
looks wonderful keep bangin!!!! got u on twitter now so I'll keep a look out for you.
Derrewyn's avatar
awww, thanks! :hug:
dragonalth's avatar
wow i really love the body
annekaretnikov's avatar
I really like her pose and expression, but the textures really are my favorite part.
Beli's avatar
Amazing!!! Y un poco creepy, hermosa, por supuesto pero da un poco de miedo ^^U.
Derrewyn's avatar
don't fear the engelen!
Asmoix's avatar
Como amo, amo AMO, pintar lineart con texturas, aunque nunca uso mi propio lineart, es una cosa que me puede, las texturas me vuelven loca y esto ME ENCANTA

(sentite privilegiada, hace casi años que no posteo en nada XD)
Derrewyn's avatar
pensé que habías desaparecido de devianto! glad to see you back! :hug:

ahora me siento toda privilegiada y feliz ^^
alaztheri's avatar
Even if you just played around with the textures it looks great. The colours go perfect with the creepiness of the angel O_o personally I'm too fascinated by the father-wings-all-seeing-eyes thing.
I also like the other version you're working on for this, the one with the colouring. So far that one looks more elegant while this is hardcore.
Can't wait to see the finished work. :heart:
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