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Sister of Battle

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Made this for a contest using a piece of Warhammer 40K  of up-until recently (7/2016) uncredited artwork - The original is by Xil at… if any want to check it out. The picture reminded me of Amberley Vail from the Ciaphas Cain series of WH40K books. The original was so washed out, I went with the Inquisition's color scheme and dark theme, instead.  It also had some issues other places I fixed, but I know there are still a lot of errors that just cannot be done in a sane fashion without doing complete redrawing, which I am trying to avoid doing, as each piece I have done so far has needed it. Again, I don't own this original image, but comments appreciated. Also let me know if you have used it. If I get time, I might work on the omitted cloak, but I personally like it better this way.
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No one so cute should be so baddass. 
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The 'uncredited' piece of art you traced to make this picture is from a Japanese artist by the name of Xil.

Link to pixiv page with the original picture.…
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Sorry for the late reply.  Thank you for letting me know!

I'll update the info in a moment.
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My evaluation form from the contest:


The lineart is generally very good with good consistency throughout. The lines have appropriate weight to give depth to the image. The use of coloured lines in places is good also, although the light lines of her hair contrasted with the black line for her face can be a bit jarring.


Colouring is also generally very good with gradients/gmeshes giving nice shape to many parts of the vector and that quality is maintained throughout. The texturing/colouring for the straps across her chest/arms are a very nice touch and I like the detail a lot. I like the choice of colours for the vector, when looking at the original image. It does look quite bold when contrasting the gold and red with the black – but in no way is that a negative thing.

Personal favorite feature-

Overall I like the shading on the image, the gradients/gmeshes are really well done – the gold on her outfit in particular looks fantastic.

Extra comment- I think this is a really great vector. Regardless of any perceived problems with the face/eyes, the image is great and the focus is really on the uniform. Definitely one of the most interesting and unique vectors I’ve seen in a while.

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Thanks for the comments guys, two points...

First: If it had not been for the time constraints, I would have done more with it (I wanted to add blood stains, scratches and a tyrannid claw or two) but alas, with so little time, I could not get it better than this.  The thing I am happiest with, is the mesh for her rorso - the original wrinkles were all over the place, and lining them up like this and making it look a lot more convincing made my day.

And second: No blurs were used whatsoever - I only do gradients, meshes and solid colors, else it is not a vector anymore.  Maybe after a break, I'll go at it again, and see if I can clean up some of the other bits, and get the cloak finished, as well..
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Time seems to have been a much bigger issue for everyone this time around compared to the last contest. I wasn't expecting it to get this tight. We will have to keep this in mind if we are to organize another contest next year for sure.
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Here's my evaluation! 

Lineart: Everything is very consistent, especially the firearm(sharp, too!). The hair has a nice variation of thicknesses. The grenade thingy on her belt by the inquisition book is really random-looking, but I kinda like it. Almost looks like alligator scales or something. The beads next to it are very thin and add to the accents of the vector.  The armor itself is very uniform(hue) and is near perfect, and the trim is rounded and thinned. However, I don't like the head because it looks like she's trying to hold it at a weird angle. Possibly because it's set a little far back.

Coloring: Very heavy use of blurs and shading. Textures on belt and book strap. All of the little gem thingies have shading. Armor has good shading as well, and it looks realistic. The firearm also has some shading along with highlights. The buckles and bust have reflections, too. The paper attached to the book has damn small writing and shading to make it look aged. The armor appears to have some good shading via gradients, blurs, and block shadows. The little skull on her chest looks a little weird, but resembles a skull enough. The eagle has some good gradients in it. The hair also causes shadows on her face, and that's something I haven't seen much of lately.

Personal Favorite Feature(s): The gun and the beads. They're so sharp, crisp, and smooth. I really like them, especially how the rivets on the gun and the beads are thin-lined.

Extra Comment: The vector is regal-looking, and I like its color scheme. Badass character!

Rating: #2.
I liked its overall impression. Especially the trimmed armor. Well done imo.

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Here is the evaluation I gave you for your entry in the contest during judging.

Uses only a slight amount of coloration which let's it blend in very well with the actual coloring. Doesn't quite cut it and looks too wobbly on features like the tubes at her neck/shoulders and what seems like a grenade at her waist. Lineart on the gun could also use a bit of improvement as it seems messed up in some of it's own perspectives. In counter to that, the lineart composing the gauntlets and pretty much every golden rims of the armor give out a super solid and heavy metallic impression. Very well done.

Coloring is very hit and miss, lots of highs but also a lots of lows. Just like the lineart, the coloring job for the armor's gold rims is impressive even more so considering that the palette has been completely redone from the original for this whole vector. On the flip side, the shading on the face and the book falls flat. There are also some of the darker areas on the armor and gun that use gradients which just don't seem to all flow well together.

Personal favorite feature-
The top plate for her left gauntlet looks beautiful. It really shows the potential of what the whole idea for the re-coloring has to offer.

Extra comment-
I love the metallic effects you managed to come up with on this, makes me curious to see you take a crack at tracing mechas.

As for the ranking, your entry was not awarded any of the top 3 from me. Still, good job on winning 3rd place!
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