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2016-09-08 Tai by derpiihooves

hi all,

so it's been something like a decade since I last posted anything at all here, which I apologize for if you were waiting on that for some reason. The good news is, I'm not dead and I've been drawing all this time! Just not here.

I figured I might as well share the places you can find me nowadays. First off is a Twitter account, which I've had for a while and where I post basically all my stuff. You can find it here:

Twitter has become the place where I put everything that I want to have online, so there won't be many updates here anymore. If you still feel like following the doodles I make, you can do that most easily over there. I know there's been a couple of people who have asked if I had anywhere I post stuff, and I thank you for the interest. Here you go!

There's another thing I would like to direct you to while you're here. It's been a plan for a while now, but I realize the best time to actually put it into action will always be right now, so here's a link to my Patreon page:

I'm going to try drawing for a living with this. If you don't know how Patreon works, it's essentially paying a monthly pledge (as little as a dollar) to support a creator's work. When you pledge, you also get rewards based on how much your pledge amount is. There are other details surrounding it, so here's the site if you feel like exploring it a bit:

And if you do know what Patreon is, it would make be happy if you would consider lending your support.

You'll notice both the Twitter and Patreon profiles are under a different name. I think I'm retiring derpiihooves for good with this, so I'll say here that it's been fun, and thanks for the continued support over the couple of years I was more active here. Starswirl Academy is still being worked on, if you follow that.

Right, so. That's about it for that. Thank you for reading!

-end transmission-
MisterBrony Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hoooi derpii :>
Jeriih Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016
i've been pretty active there for the past couple of months, i'l give a follow. I Wondered whatever happened to you sometimes! XD
The-Aziz Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016
Why people use Twitter for art anyway, I still have problems understanding it
I don't even remember pass to my account there, and even if I do, I probably won't be too active there, not to mention following and liking (or whatever you're doing there to send feedback). 
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September 9, 2016


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