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SA: seeking BG Artists!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 24, 2012, 7:42 AM

Plain and simple: we're looking for Background Artists for Starswirl Academy.

I can't tell you exactly what BGs we expect to have, but those who do apply should know that drawing these backdrops generally involves a decent understanding of architectural things like school buildings, nature things like plains and trees and whatnot, along with perspective and all that fun stuff.

... I guess that's kind of vague, but anyway. You can always do a little research on standard Visual Novel BGs. Here:… you will find the official announcement for it. I urge anyone interested in joining the team to check it out!


Journal Entry: Wed Aug 29, 2012, 3:14 PM

Well it's been three-ish months since I finished college, and now I'm getting ready for my first semester in university.


What this means is that I'll be even less active than I have been these past few weeks. I'm still working on Starswirl, and I do plan on drawing during my free time (assuming I'll have any), just don't expect many updates.

Anyway. Four years left until this whole school thing is done and over with. In the midst of things, that's not so bad.

Hi Ryan how's your new apartment


Journal Entry: Wed Aug 15, 2012, 8:56 PM
What'd I miss?

I'm back at home now, and it feels great. Somehow after a week and a half, I expected things to be different around here. Oh well.

Trip was fun, lots of new experiences, all that. I went horseback riding on a horse that looked vaguely like Applejack. ; u ; His name was Freddy though, so that made things a little weird.

Anyway, just letting the people know I'm back, and that I may be opening commissions in a couple of days. If you're interested, watch out for that.


Journal Entry: Wed Jul 25, 2012, 9:24 AM
[July 25]


Just a heads up...

A week and half from now on sunday, August 5th, I'll be leaving to someplace super interesting and stuff for about 10 days. :la:

I've opened commissions until then, but for those interested, note that I want to avoid taking on commissions that take longer than a couple of days to make. The reason for this is that any unfinished commissions I may have by the time I leave, I will have to put on hold for the entire duration of my trip. Which isn't fun for me or the commissioner.

But anyway. I'll update this journal on the day I actually do leave.

[August 5]

*is actually up early enough to write this*

Hi! So. Today's the day!

I'll be leaving in under an hour, but I'll  be back sometime the 15th, which is a week and a half from now. I can't say for sure if I'll be able to respond to anything while I'm away, but we'll see.

Incidentally, thanks for the birthday wishes! It means a lot. I tried to get back to everyone who left a comment, but I figured I'd say one last giant thanks here.

All right. Gotta go.


human pony/non-pony/kawaii girls prioritized.

human pony/non-pony/kawaii girls prioritized. These are just the things I'm more suited to do. I won't be taking pony-pony commissions right now, because that's not what I do anymore and no one would be happy with the end result. Apologies for the inconvenience.

If you're interested in one, please make sure you read this stuff before contacting me.

:bulletorange: Current Commission Types

Please specify sketch, line arthead/bust/full body shot, color/B&W, etc.

General style reference at bottom of journal.

:bulletorange: General

Payment: I use Paypal Invoices, and I will send you one when we have agreed on a price. Do not send me any payments before I email you one of these.

To commission me, send me a deviantArt note with the word commission somewhere in the title. Include required information, e.g. reference pics, etc. Include your email address, which I need for sending the invoice + final product.

Process: commission request -> confirmation note -> preliminary sketch -> payment -> final delivery (+ small adjustments, no charge, though massive changes at this point are not free) -> enjoy life with new art

:bulletorange: Prices

Varies. Currently $100+ (I try to make 100 my base price nowadays, though less elaborate things like sketches will of course be less than that).

:bulletorange: Notes

Always feel free to ask for more information;

First come first served (with regards to securing slots, anyway. Usually I do shorter commissions first so bigger commissions usually take longer to begin);

No free things, no payments in points;

Things I won't do: Explicit R18 material, extreme violence/gore, excessively complicated BGs/character designs (complex cityscapes, hyper-realistic anatomy, mechas), anything I judge morally/ethically/politically wrong;

Completion time: varies, 1-3 weeks generally (per commission), may be less or more;

I reserve the right to refuse/cancel commissions (with refunds). I try to avoid cancellations because they are a hassle for everyone;

Commissions may be posted in my Gallery at my discretion unless notified otherwise.

:bulletorange: Slots (in no particular order)


-end transmission-


Journal Entry: Mon Jul 2, 2012, 11:20 PM
I got Rin's good ending! I'm so happy ;_;


Katawa Shoujo © Four Leaf Studios

</pointless journal entry>

(not LiM but) Starswirl Academy!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 20, 2012, 4:52 PM
Hello, everyone. News! Oh so wonderful news. This journal is kinda long. You've been warned.

A month ago or so I posted a fake screenshot of Twilight in a visual novel (VN) -like setting. Well, guess what: it may not be so fake anymore.

After the pic made its way to reddit, a couple of people decided that it'd be cool if the game actually existed. So some guys got talking, and I was contacted through dA, and now we've got a bunch of people working together to make the MLP:FiM visual novel a reality.

The game's pre-production name is Love is Magic Starswirl Academy. It will be written with the Ren'Py engine, and it will feature humanized versions of the mane 6 as well as a few of the prominent BG ponies. Each of the mane 6 will have their respective route, and the player will need to decide which one to play, and how to play it. I don't want to leak any details right now, so I'm just gonna say this: it's going to be so awesome. I mean it!


The project's current coordinator is RainbowWavedash. For now I'm the only artist on the team, but including all the other roles we have a fair amount of staff members already: writers, coders, proofreaders, etc.

Interested? Have some links:

public subreddit:
don't know what a Visual Novel is?:…
don't know what Ren'Py is?:

We'd love to hear what the community wants to see in the game. If you have any comments or suggestions, post them on the subreddit, G+, or here!



We've actually been overwhelmed with applicants of all sorts. You people are amazing. We still need some specific staff members though, namely:

- a path writer for Twilight Sparkle
- a programmer who has experience with Ren'Py and customizing its look (in-game windows and buttons, etc.)


I had to make a list of applicants because there are so many of you. I'm also closing off applications; we really only need one staff member per open position, so to avoid having to refuse too many people, we're no longer accepting applications.

Is this journal finally over?

Yes it is.

derpii needs your help! [contest over]

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 8, 2012, 5:47 PM

Hi guys!

So there's this contest going on relating to the BronyCon Documentary. Currently they're looking for a piece of art to hand out as a gift to all those who contributed funds towards the production of this documentary. The art should be, according to the contest organizer, a piece of art that Bronies everywhere would be proud to own! So that's what I tried to make.

My entry can be found by clicking this link! If you like it, I'd be honoured if you guys voted for it! With only a few days left to vote, each one is greatly appreciated.

Additional information about this whole BronyCon Documentary can be found on Lauren Faust's profile. :iconfyre-flye:

Thanks for the support!


Journal Entry: Wed May 16, 2012, 8:19 PM
Once again I return to you with another tag, this time courtesy of :iconkobrakin:. It never ends! but at least it's an excuse to use my new journal. These things are kinda fun sometimes, anyway.



1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs!
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "You're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 11 people.



1. Finding things to say about myself is always a chore!

2. Because Kobrakin said so on his journal, I thought I'd also mention that I'm bilingual, French and English. Although I haven't spoken french in a while since I finished all my french courses a year ago. There's also some spanish in there but not enough to consider myself trilingual.

Parce que Kobrakin l'a dit dans son journal à lui, j'ai eu l'idée d'aussi mentionner que je suis bilingue, français et anglais. Par contre ça fait longtemps que je n'ai pas parlé en français puisque j'ai achevé tout mes cours de français il y a un an. Il y a aussi de l'espagnol là-dedans mais pas assez pour que je me considère trilingue.

no hablo enough espagnol, sumimasen

3. my favourite artists on deviantART are yuumei, wickedalucard, Cushart, KYMG, emperpep, feguimel, CosmicUnicorn, Apofiss, and Namie-kun. There's a little bit of each of them in all my drawings! Even if you can't tell.

4. Talking is a pain, writing and drawing is easier.

5. Applejack is my favourite pony! There, I said it. I didn't think it was very obvious, so I'm coming out right now and telling the world. It's no longer a secret. Tell your friends!!



1) Robots, dinosaurs, or robot dinosaurs?

Robot dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are cool, and if they were robots maybe there's a chance that they would still be around for us to see. Then again, there's also the chance that the human race goes extinct with them around, but... that's a detail I'm willing to overlook.

2) Who would win in a fight: a grizzly bear or a Komodo dragon?

Komodo dragon. Komodo dragons are kind of like dinosaurs and are equally as awesome, and the bear knows it. It would run if it knew what was good for it!

3) What if the Komodo dragon could breathe fire and the bear was actually a Bigfoot in a bear costume?

Bigfoot ain't got nothin' on dragons!

4) Cobra Commander is now the supreme ruler of Earth. Why is this the best thing ever?

Because Kobrakin said so! Also if wikipedia is to be believed, because Cobra Commander was suddenly written off as part of the reptile people Cobra-La, that makes him kind of like dinosaurs too, and thus just as cool as them and Komodo Dragons. So it's all good!

5) You and a complete stranger are given a remote control with a single large button, and then placed in separate rooms. After ten minutes,  if neither of you have pushed your button, you will both receive $250,000.  If only one of you pushed the button, the person that pushed it gets $500,000, but the person that didn't push it gets nothing. If you both push the button, you both get nothing. Would you push the button?

This is actually a really tough one. With nothing to go on there's no reason for me to trust or distrust this person. The only thing that comes into play here would be my own selfishness. Or more specifically, how highly I value other people's interests compared to how I value my own.

I guess I don't really wish any harm to anyone unless they give me a reason to. I think I would just leave the remote there. If the other person is a decent human being (which most people are, thankfully), they'll also follow the same logic and also leave their remote alone, in which case we both benefit. I feel it's what Applejack would do, so I would do it too!

If ever the person decides to press their button though, it's not even such a big deal. At the end of the day I'll just go home, wonder "well that sucked a little", and forget about it the next day.

6) As question 5, except instead of a complete stranger, it is your best friend in the other room.

Leave the remote in a corner, and pass 10 minutes by singing or dancing. No-brainer, really.

7) As question 6, except it's your worst enemy in the other room. If you don't have a worst enemy, assume it's some other person you despise for whatever reason.

Press the button. I'll get over it.

Pressing the button accomplishes more than just granting me some entertainment at their expense though, because it also ensures that they won't be able to use me for their own personal gain. I don't doubt that they would go straight for that button.

However, if (by some miracle) I end up being the only one who pressed the button and I receive 500,000$, I think I would go up to the person and hand over half of it. Whether or not they had the will to press the button, fact is they didn't press it, and I think that's worth the 250,000$. I'd have to apologize for not trusting them, but in my defense, they never gave me a reason to trust them in the first place.

I guess what's important to me is that both parties get the same thing out of it, whether that be 250,000$ or nothing.

8) You are presented with a potion that will grant you perfect health and freeze your aging for the next 300 years (any existing ailments you have are also cured). The catch, however, is you will also be transformed into a giant Galapagos tortoise for that entire time (you will still be able to speak, and you won't end up locked in a lab or a zoo). Do you drink the potion?

As fun as being a reptile (thus being closer to dinosaurs, Komodo Dragons and being that much more awesome) sounds, I'd have to decline. I like being the way I am now.

Plus 300 years is a little long, isn't it? I mean, no one else lives that long (besides other Galapagos tortoises), and that's a really sad life to live, having to say good-bye to like, 3.75 times more people in your lifetime. Out-living everything I care for? I don't know if I could handle it.

9) You get to spend a day as your favorite cartoon villain. Who are you, and what do you do for the day?

I would be Trixie, the Great and Powerful

and I would go around Ponyville and get people to praise me for being the best adorably obnoxious blue show-off ever witnessed by pony eyes.

Or I'd be Discord

and turn the world into such a fun place for everypony to enjoy.

I can't seem to recall any villains from any cartoons othe than MLP. D:

10) Do you think that the Fausticorn (Lauren Faust's alicorn character [link]) should be given a cameo in MLP:FiM as Celestia and Luna's mother (possibly in the form of a flashback or a painting)? If you don't watch MLP:FiM, instead revisit Question 8, except instead of a tortoise, you'll be a dolphin.


Anyway, I think that would be interesting. It would cause a hilarious uproar among the community, and plus it would show how much attention Hasbro pays to its fans (although they've already demonstrated that pretty clearly, I think).

Unless it messes up any plans that they may already have for the princesses' mother.

11)  Do you find getting tagged irritating?

Not really, as long as the questions are interesting. Deep, psychological questions happen to be interesting. AND SO DOES COMMANDER COBRA!


Ok, so like with the last tag I posted, I don't think I'm gonna tag the same five-ish people in my friends list over again. I would like to make up some questions for people but there aren't any people left to tag. Plus it's really late here. Sleep calls for me.

The NEW new journal skin!

Journal Entry: Wed May 16, 2012, 2:48 PM
School is finally over forever until it restarts in three months! Of all the greatest things that could happen, this is the. greatest. possible. thing!

What this means is that I now have lots of free time to do all the nothing I've been meaning to do, like finish off some commissions/requests, maybe actually officially open commissions, and make journal skins that aren't obnoxiously orange like my previous test.

Life is cool.

You guys really like this tagging thing, don't you.

le tagged by :iconmintzorro:.


1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 10 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, then create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 new people to tag and post their icons in your journal.
5. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff about "Oh, you're tagged if your reading this," it's a waste of time to me. Just go ahead and pick 10 and only 10 people.



1.Do u like animals?if so whats ur favorite? mines foxes

Animals are pretty cool. I like cats, even though I used to be allergic to them and might still be. And dolphins. Dolphins are so cool.

and ponies.

2.Do u like music?if so whats ur fav type?mines country

Rock stuff. Some metal-ish stuff, too. And piano music! And the occasional orchestral thing.

supercell and Demetori are the greatest bands in the known universe! :la:

3.Do u like anime? if so what type?

I do. I guess as long as it's not some predictable gooey shoujo romance thing I'm ok with it.

also, if there're lolis in it you can bet I'll want to watch it

4.Do u like carrots or any veggie?i carrots

Carrots, not particularly. BUT POTATOES ARE BEST VEGETABLE

5.Do u like icecream?

Yes, vanilla ice cream with apple pie!

6.Did u ever have a friend that was so close to u but moved away and forgotten all about u?

Not really. I never had anyone so close that it pained me that they moved away and risked forgetting about me.

7.Do u hate being tagged?

I don't mind that much. If the tagger's questions are interesting, that is.

8.Whats ur worse childhood memory?mines being attacked by an animal



and they wouldn't go away

and the stinging wouldn't stop

9.Do u feel like ur a good person but do bad things always happen to u?

I feel like an OK person to whom OK things happen. :dummy:

10.What do u like about DA?

I like how easy it is for people to share their art, get feedback and even get paid for their efforts. It's just a really great place for artists of all kinds to grow. Most of the time, anyway.


Here's the deal though, everyone I would've tagged with this quiz I already tagged with another quiz recently, so I'll spare them. :D
[commission information to come]

hello. This is just to say that commissions and requests are closed right now, despite never having been officially open. I've got a few commissions to work on at the moment and they're really quite huge projects, so I'm going to finish those before accepting any more.

This journal will be updated sometime at the end of May/early June when school is over and all my commissions/requests are dealt with. Until then!
So I got le tagged by :iconangelicalsweetie:. This happened a couple of weeks ago and I've been too busy to actually do it until now. HERE WE GO

Royal Canterlot Rules

1) You must post these rules.

2) Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.

3) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.

4) You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.

5) Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.

6) No tag backs.

7) No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately have to tag 10 people.

8) Have fun & be truthful when answering!


1) How did you first get interested in the MLP fandom?

I was playing God of War 3 as someone beside me was messing around on KnowYourMeme. At one point he's all "Ok, what's with the pony thing?" So we decide to watch the first episode right then and there (still while playing God of War). I finished season 1 in the following three weeks.

2) Which MLP character do you like the best?

Applejack. Applejack is the pony I like best. I don't really know why, it just kind of happened one day. Maybe because she reflects the kind of person I'd like to meet irl the most.

3) Are you ever amazed at how fast people ship characters together?

A little. I have to wonder if this happens in any other fandom.

4) I heard Discord is returning for Season 3. Are you as excited as I am?

Yes! Discord is always welcome. Though maybe his return should come with a twist. Maybe he'll be teaming up with some other villain. Maybe he'll be an ally instead.

5) How do you watch the show? Youtube, Cable, etc….

le Youtube. Though I watched the season 2 premiere on livestream. :icontwilightclapplz:

6) Do you read any MLP fanfictions?

Personally I don't venture out specifically looking for fics to read, but I've accidentally stumbled upon a couple that I liked and read in the past. Also when people commission me to make covers for their fics, if I can, I read those too. They've all been good so far, so I'm grateful for that.

7) If YES, is it mostly romance? :wink:

Nope. Someone commission me for a cover of a romance fic!

8) If you were suddenly transported into Equestria, would you try to find a way back home or hope you stay there forever?

I would make my home

in Equestria

That way I'd be at home in Equestria forever.

9) Who's the best MLP villain from Season 1?

THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE. Does she count as a villain? I'm not really sure. But she's pretty awesome. In her own annoying, pretentious, condescending way.

10) Any theories related to Discord's future role in our beloved MLP:FIM? Come on Bronies and Pegasisters! What do ya'll think he's going to DO?!

Like I said, maybe team up with some other villain. I think it'd be great if he became an ally though. He'd be all bitter and hard-headed about it, but it'd be awesome nonetheless.


Royal Canterlot Questions

1) What was the first episode of MLP: FiM that you watched? Was it also the one that got you into the fandom or did it take you a few to get hooked?

2) Favourite season: 1, 2, or both? Or neither?!

3) How much do you resemble your favourite pony?

4) Which pony is your favourite singer?

5) Do you sing/hum/whistle MLP songs to yourself? Which ones? How often? HOW LOUD?

6) You're alone and lost somewhere in the Everfree Forest. Which pony of the mane 6 do you call to come to your aid?

7) Do you dream of pony?

8) Has MLP ever made you cry? Even a little?

9) You can take one episode with you to a deserted island for a month. Which one? Choose wisely.

10) Are you worried about season 3? Worried that the quality will start dropping? Maybe that they'll run out of lessons to teach? Or are you completely positive it will rock as much as 1 and 2?


Royal Canterlot List of Ponies That Shalt Be Tagged
i.e. list of people I can remember off the top of my head that I feel I can bother with this stuff without getting in any serious trouble

:iconmisterbrony: :bulletblue: :iconpinkiepocalypse: :bulletblue: :icontelaros: :bulletblue: :icondragonlordt: :bulletblue: :iconaidanmaxwell: :bulletblue: :iconurban-meadows:
derpiihooves does desire a delightfully derp-dacious derpy day for the denizens of dA!
No one actually knows what went wrong!

Well, we tried. But Hasbro still went and 1. changed Derpy's name (or rather, you know, just plain got rid of it), and 2. gave her a new "less offensive" voice.

The new voice isn't so bad, but it is awfully generic, as most pointed out in the comments at EQD. Personally I find her first voice more interesting and fitting; the new one doesn't reflect the personality we're used to at all - which is the point, I guess. But we can deal with that, I think. It's not the worst part of all of this.

No, the worst part about all this is the fact that they pretty much censored her name because it was, like, politically incorrect or something. Which honestly makes zero sense. I'm wondering, had we named her something generic like Patricia or Sue, would the outcome still be the same? I suppose we'll never know.

But anyway, let's not overreact. It's understandable that we'd be upset over this. I know how passionate people can get about their ponies, and I can respect and understand that. But Hasbro is a company, and if they get in any sort of trouble over something like this, it's gonna suck for them. I don't for a second believe that they value their salaries any more than they do the community, that they made these changes solely for the money or whatever. It's just unfortunate that the less Internet savvy population decided to come along and mess things up. Sometimes, the world sucks.

Right now we just have to be bright enough to see that we can't have our way with everything in this fandom, and that random, unexpected crap will occur every now and then.

There's really no point in blaming Hasbro for this, either. The fact that they gave us Derpy in the first place means a lot to me. Like, a lot. Just 'cause they were forced to take her away doesn't change those intentions they first had when they decided to make her into a real character. Don't forget that, everypony.

tl;dr - You don't need to love what just happened to Derpy, but you do need to tolerate it.

I'm sure you've all heard of the Derpy Hooves "outrage". Seriously, Hasbro just did a huge favour to a huge part of its fanbase, and somehow this is resulting in the complete removal of her character from the face of the Earth? I don't know if we're dealing with protesters who believe they're being better human beings or some crap like that by displaying their disapproval of "ridiculizing" the mentally disabled or if we're just getting massively trolled. Either way, what the hell. I mean, come on, FiM isn't the first cartoon to portray a character like Derpy. There are plenty of similar comic relief characters out there. I'd name a bunch of them but there's JUST TOO FSCKING MANY.

Derpy stays Derpy or my name isn't derpiihooves! (how freakin' ironic)

anyway, if you haven't already, go sign this petition. Honestly I can't say for certain if it's going to help, but I can sure as hell hope so.

I woke up this gorgeous saturday morning and headed off to EQD first, then dA, then Minecraft, then BACK to dA because I realized someone had bestowed a year of premium membership upon me!

Whoever did this decided to remain anonymous, which means unfortunately I can't thank them directly. So I'll do that here in this journal. Thank you! :)
So the EQD December Draw Off has been over for a while now. Late congratulations to all the great artists who participated!

Celebratory cheer aside, when are the results going to be published? I know there were a lot of entries (like 800+, probably) so it's completely understandable that it's taking as much time as it is. Still, I can't help but feel like expressing how totally looking forward to the results I am, though I'm sure I kind of know which kind of entries will probably win anyway.

will draw additional pony in the meantime
I made myself a pony icon, huzzah!

is this how you use journals
I realized pony is what I've been living for recently and is the only thing worth writing a journal about