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hi all,

forgot one last thing.


since I know a lot of people are more used to dA than anything else for art-related things, I'll be maintaining a new page over there.


-end transmission-
2016-09-08 Tai by derpiihooves

hi all,

so it's been something like a decade since I last posted anything at all here, which I apologize for if you were waiting on that for some reason. The good news is, I'm not dead and I've been drawing all this time! Just not here.

I figured I might as well share the places you can find me nowadays. First off is a Twitter account, which I've had for a while and where I post basically all my stuff. You can find it here:

Twitter has become the place where I put everything that I want to have online, so there won't be many updates here anymore. If you still feel like following the doodles I make, you can do that most easily over there. I know there's been a couple of people who have asked if I had anywhere I post stuff, and I thank you for the interest. Here you go!

There's another thing I would like to direct you to while you're here. It's been a plan for a while now, but I realize the best time to actually put it into action will always be right now, so here's a link to my Patreon page:

I'm going to try drawing for a living with this. If you don't know how Patreon works, it's essentially paying a monthly pledge (as little as a dollar) to support a creator's work. When you pledge, you also get rewards based on how much your pledge amount is. There are other details surrounding it, so here's the site if you feel like exploring it a bit:

And if you do know what Patreon is, it would make be happy if you would consider lending your support.

You'll notice both the Twitter and Patreon profiles are under a different name. I think I'm retiring derpiihooves for good with this, so I'll say here that it's been fun, and thanks for the continued support over the couple of years I was more active here. Starswirl Academy is still being worked on, if you follow that.

Right, so. That's about it for that. Thank you for reading!

-end transmission-
hello all,

So something like four years ago I made a post that was probably entitled "DONE WITH COLLEGE" or something along those lines, which confused a lot of people because the term college where I live is used interchangeably with the term for the weird limbo between high school and university, which apparently exists here exclusively. I was still four years too early to be celebrating being done with school.

(I checked after posting this journal and it was just entitled "school". All right.)

A couple of days ago I wrote my last final exam ever, so I can say "DONE WITH COLLEGE" for real now, without the risk of confusing anyone. It's true! And it's wonderful, probably. It's time for the real world, as many people seem to like to call it. Apparently everything up to this point has been but a figment of my wild imagination. Probably should've gone a little crazier, if that was the case.

Learning doesn't end with formal education and there is indeed a whole bunch of stuff I plan on learning. I hope everyone else is living fulfilling lives learning new things every day as well. Your real world is whatever you make it out to be, and no one's reality is entirely determined by outsiders.

So that's that. Time to make history, even if it's just mine. I left some toast in the toaster oven to write this and it's going to be so crunchy and overdone by now... geh.

-end transmission-

P.S. I'm still drawing and I'm actually much more comfortable with it than I was when I last posted, which is good fun. I haven't been posting here at all and I apologize. Thank you for all the watches since the beginning.
hi all,

Just popping in to say thanks for the bunch of birthday wishes yesterday. I appreciate it, especially since I'm not even that active here anymore.


-end transmission-
Hello there!

Since I've been away for the most part I figured I'd come back here and wish everyone a happy new year. Happy new year!

2014 was actually a pretty big year in terms of art improvement, though it wasn't terribly noticeable as it happened over such a long period of time. That's usually how it goes.

I hope all of you aspiring artists will continue to draw on into 2015, because I know I will. Fill the world with art!

-end transmission-


Journal Entry: Tue Dec 31, 2013, 9:08 PM
hello everyone,


It is now 2014 and a fresh start for everyone.

Get crackin'

-end transmission-

dA membership!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 15, 2013, 9:59 PM
hello everyone,

just a quick shout out to WolvenF0X for a year of dA membership. Thank you very much!

The fun has effectively been doubled!

-end transmission-

hi everyone,

I just started a portfolio over on REDBUBBLE.

I will of course be adding more stuff to it as I make more, but for now feel free to browse the single print I have in store.

Not too sure how this is going to work out, but I'm setting it up for future use anyway.

I'll probably make a journal post every once in a while saying that there's new stuff in the store, so stay tuned if that's something that matters to you.

-end transmission-

Starswirl Academy DEMO

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 13, 2013, 8:15 PM
Hello, all!

Short and sweet. The demo for Starswirl Academy is out! Below is a link to the download section of the site.

Feedback about gameplay, technical issues and Pinkie's hair is always welcome. Enjoy.

-end transmission-

Starswirl Academy Trailer

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 29, 2013, 5:23 PM
Hello all,

Here is the recently released Starswirl Academy trailer.

Expect a demo release within a couple of weeks. Thanks for all the support! Cheers!

credit goes to derpiihooves for the lineart, semehammer for the pretty colors and Bloo-Ocean for the crazy background work. Also the beautiful writers, the beautiful person who did the animation, and the guys who put the whole thing together, who are also beautiful.

-end transmission-

Starswirl Academy is at Saint-Louis, Missouri!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 27, 2013, 6:05 PM
hello everyone!

Just a quick message to announce that SA has landed at the Crystal Fair in Saint-Louis, Missouri (not IL as I previously wrote, my bad). Check out the tumblr for updates and pics over the weekend.

If you're in the area, feel free to drop by and say hi to Wavedash, Sam Rose and semehammer! (also our mysterious gang leader.) Thanks to everyone who's already greeted us!

end transmission.

Telaros' Diamond Tiara contests!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 1, 2013, 8:11 PM
Hey there,

I come to you today to help :icontelaros: spread the word about Diamond Tiara's Art and Fanfiction Raffle! Here's the dA link:

and the FimFic version, for those who prefer to read it there:

It's a Diamond Tiara-centric set of contests for artists and writers alike. Check it out if you can. There are prizes. You'll like it.

-end transmission-

birthday wishes

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 4, 2013, 1:51 PM
hello everyone,

just dropping in to say thanks for the birthday wishes and stuff. I got a bit of gift art which I'll be posting on my tumblr thing. Thanks for that too!

Lastly, I'd like to thank Prince-Harmony for 3 months of dA premiumness. Thanks a bunch!

-end transmission-

School's out!

Also I have tumblr.

It's mostly empty right now, but there will be posts eventually. Like stuff, and things.

end transmission.
The Sweethearts are back for more!

The quality of Book 1 continues in My Little Sweetheart Too!, with more pictures of your favorite ponies re-imagined as sexy humans.

This time, new artists like Atryl, Doxy and Shepherd0821 join familiar names among the roster, and an all-new sketch section doubles the fun! All proceeds of My Little Sweetheart Too! will go to the Lung Cancer Alliance.

>> Link to purchase

some nice news: My Little Sweetheart Too is officially on sale. Head on over to the link above to order a copy! All profits go to charity. Isn't it great?
hello again, everyone!

SA is once again on the lookout for some writers. Please visit the site for all the details on how to apply and stuff.


The deadline is this Friday the 5th. Give it a shot!


question for the people

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 10, 2013, 8:28 PM

For those of you may not follow Starswirl Academy's tumblr, just letting you know that we're interested in what you'd like to see in the upcoming visual novel. Feel free to head on over to this post and add a comment!

end transmission.


Journal Entry: Mon Dec 24, 2012, 9:39 PM
Merry Christmas to everyone!

... that's it! Have a good one.

semehammer has joined the party!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 19, 2012, 9:26 AM

It's been a while since I updated people on SA directly from dA. But to make up for the delay, I bring great news!

Please welcome semehammer as the newest member in the Starswirl Academy development team. If you've delved into humanized ponies at all, the name shouldn't be unfamiliar. From now on, she'll be assisting Bloo-Ocean and me with stuff like the game's sprites.

Stay tuned!


BG artist

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 3, 2012, 7:29 PM

Just a quick announcement. If you haven't already heard of it on either Starswirl Academy's main site or the tumblr, SA now has a new BG artist. Please welcome Bloo-Ocean to the team!

Be sure to check out bloo's gallery if you want a glimpse of what could possibly be in SA. You can probably expect BG concepts here and there, too (no pressure, bloo). Look forward to it!