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Left Behind

[see download for full size, thank you.]

For Left Behind, by ~Gold-the-Writer.

>>Gold on FimFiction

pony © Hasbro, art © ~derpiihooves, Left Behind © ~Gold-the-Writer
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© 2013 - 2021 derpiihooves
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As I close my eyes, I feel it all slipping away!
We all got left behind, we let it all slip away!
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very simple, beautiful art! Just perfect!
SongbirdSerenade's avatar
I love this so much!
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Huh, desire to play Kingdom Hearts is strong now. 
*comes from around the corner*
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Beautiful, thank you for the fan-fiction suggestion will check that out! This is just amazing! 
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Why are all wallpapers in fullHD (1920x1080)? My monitor is way bigger than that :\

Anyways great wallpaper, love it.

Yes I do have first world problems.
Violetfur97's avatar
DarrenCross's avatar
Even the font is good. Goddamn, this piece is perfect. Perfect...
paperhater's avatar
Fantastic work.
DoughnutJoe's avatar
A very atmospheric scene.
Bloo-Ocean's avatar
You forgot to draw AJ's hat! How dare you!!

Hehe jk, man the way you handled both character and the background is so neat and clean! It really looks like something you will definitely see on book covers or as a promotional image.

Awesomely done derpii!
lucas420's avatar
oooh, so cool!
zxxVengeancexxz's avatar
This is really well done, as I've come to expect from you.
HedaSophie's avatar
Love Appledash... :la:
Mito94's avatar
I really LOVE the background and the colors. Very artistic, i really like your style :D
K4nK4n's avatar
I don't know what the story's about, but I'm getting some strong emotions from this lovely image.
Emby-Spark's avatar
Absolutely beautiful piece of art! There are just so many feels!
opus-13's avatar
Really like the style of this piece. The ponies look great and the colors and composition are wonderful. Very nice work!
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