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Ayy did a collab with Nicole

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:iconnicoleta84aj: did the sketch and background
i did the lines, coloring and shading
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Lovely art derpy :D
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So this got featured on tfm. But they only gave credit to you and not to me when we collaborated on this, so I'm trying to get things resolved to have me credited as well. I hope the staff fixes it because I just sent them an email about it.
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Ya i saw it too, but this is probably because mine is one the tfm group.
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But mine also was in the transformice group? I'm confused, and that's really odd! But I'm still trying to reach the staff so they give me credit on there. Because for a company especially that's a very bad move... They can legally in all rights be sued for that. And it pisses me off that they didn't credit me.
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Excuse me? I don't know what made you come up to me to say this at my face but, that was extremely rude. WHY.. 
Not to mention you weren't in our conversation. And if you were, you could have introduced yourself in a more respectful manner towards me.
This is a conversation that started since transformice didn't give credit to me in their featured post, and all I wanted to do was to inform derpy about
my current situation since we both worked together to make this artwork. (and it was extremely unprofessional in my eyes that transformice did this and yet still 
haven't replied back to my emails about it.)
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ew shut your ugly face up
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Content Aware Scale - Annoyed JonTron Chat Icon I tried to be polite to you.
Yet you are still trying to make me somehow burst? Ok, I'll try to put it in the best way I can, it may sound rude, but that's beside the point.
Look pal' You don't know what happened. It isn't your fault, but it's just our problem. And besides that.
Who are you to interfere with this conversation and tell me, I'm ugly and to shut up. That only shows the amount of education you have.
And if you don't like me, then just don't reply back to me, because you're only making things worse for yourself, kiddo.
I don't know you yet now because of how you introduced yourself to me, I don't want to know you.
Learn to be respectful on the internet, and people will show respect towards you back.
I'm done with this conversation. And I don't want to see you reply again with another "Shut up ugly face" comment. Because you'd just be proving most of my points.
I've just made. Thank you, and good day sir/mam.
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Well they did credit you but not with link, but like at least they would have made the name as a link because 1 picture really can't be a link for two. Or like disable the picture link and make both names as links.
Edit: well i just saw that they really didnt credit u, not even with name.
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