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ANIMATION : Cuphead - Mugman Straight Attack



THIS IS NOT FANART.  This is production work from Cuphead: Don't Deal With the Devil.   

Here is my work on one of Mugman's Attacks.  This was my last shot of Mugman, and I absolutely had the most fun with this one!

BACKSTORY:  For a very brief moment in time, I was contracted to do assisting animation work on MDHR's "Cuphead: Don't Dance With The Devil."   "Cuphead" was already on my radar due to an early teaser a year before, and I pretty much exploded when I found out what the animation project was going to be.  It is still one of the coolest animation jobs I've ever had.
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man i still cant believe you worked on cuphead.. THIS IS SUPER COOL OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! so smooth as well!! i love mugman too!!!!!!!!!