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Not much of an update, but things are pretty much the same. Working overtime as a manager of a liquor store, and using most (if not all) of my free time jumping from doctor to doctor for a variety of issues. Making slow progress, but I dont see my hours easing up at all (in fact I'm looking at somewhat of a promotion this summer that will leave zero time for artwork...but gotta pay dem student loans somehow)

Plans for the future.. maybe.. hopefully..:
~Open my commission queue back up
~Free art raffle on my FA page once I reach 100 watchers (still have a ways to go, only at 92)
~Set up a Picarto account to start streaming my work
~Make proper ref sheets for all my characters
~Verify whether or not anyone is even on DeviantArt anymore and if I should even be wasting my time writing these journals??
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Jumping from doctor to doctor doesn't sound like much fun ): I hope whatever issues you have can be sorted out smoothly and quickly :tighthug:

Nice to hear from you!
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Thanks<3 I just have a lot going on at once, but in terms of my health I'm making a lot of good progress. Just trying to get this out of the way before I'm 26 when I loose my health insurance, which is in a little over a year (I get to stay under my dad's plan until age 26, but after that I have to buy my own insurance, which I can't at all afford, and my full time job cant provide for me unfortunately. And theres no way I could afford healthcare without insurance, so better to get most of this out of the way while I can)
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I'm glad you're doing progress in terms of health! And I hope you can sort everything out before the insurance runs out D: That possibility sounds kind of scary!