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After a talk with a friend I decided to draw all of Emily's outfits in a single image, I didn't realize how many there where until I was about halfway though...

The outfits
From left to right.
1. This is the first outfit I ever drew Emily in, at the time I had little idea of how she dressed or who she was. I think it was originally supposed to be a boob-tube and separate skirt, but this works at least marginally better with her dress sense. Ultimately I reused to design for one of Rachels outfits.
2. Still unsure of who Emily is, this was supposed to be a sort of sexy-gypsy costume I think…it still doesn’t really work with Emily’s personality and background as it developed, but at least it has the excuse of being fancy dress.
3.-4. Two separate every day outfits Emily wore around and about school. I hit my stride working out what she should wear I think, and fitting her clothes more to her personality/social standing. In the first she’s wearing one of her two semi-precious sets of earings (these ones Silver and Amber)
5. Similar to the last two except she wore this hanging around her own home.
6. The most formal outfit Emily wore so far, and probably one of my favorites. She only dresses like this when her family is entertaining or on the incredibly rare occasions she gets to go out to a formal event. She also has her second set of semi-precious jewellery that I’ve drawn her with, her Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings have jade set in silver.
7. Another every day outfit. Not much to say about this, Emily’s been wearing her hair down less and less and I think this is one of the few hairstyles with her hair down that I’d see her wearing normally.
8. Similar to 7 except that she was trying out a sweatshirt in a shop at some point.
9. I don’t think I draw Emily in Pencil dresses often enough, they suit her and they do work with her fashion sense. For some reason she chose to go into school wearing this particular outfit rather than her usual blouse/skirt outfit. Maybe it’s because she knew her friends would be coming over afterwards.
10. Just a bathing suit, not much to say about it.
11. Another outfit Emily wore while hanging about her home, not making terribly much effort to dress up, or to tie her hair back. She ended up however running around town dressed like that (probably rather selfconsciously).
12-13. Two more everyday school outfits, the latter including high heels, a rare choice of footware for Emily since she’s already 6ft.
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