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first version of a hades interpretation for uni project. theme is underworld. i set it into deep sea; because we know even less about those places than about space...
i upped the original sketch along with steps on my artblog, the cookieden [link]
merely a speedpaint at this point, arround 2-3 hours i think.

//edit: some of you talked about the color combination, it's actually inspired by nature; to be more precisely from Vampyroteuthis infernalis 1:50, BBC-doku
or [link]
that thing is so fucking beautiful :o

//edit: touched this one up: [link]
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love-peace-magic's avatar
very cool interpretation of the Greek God Hades! :wow:
NekoAkiKun's avatar
I don't understand, but... wow! This is pretty amazing xD Incredible<3
kh85's avatar
Great interpretation, keep up the amazing work!
Zuzuy's avatar
sooooo really incredible :))))
shadowfan36's avatar
best realistic hades ever. *tired of the hercules' hades*
MomotsukiNezumi's avatar
Beautifully haunting....
Eqonosp's avatar
Very nice, like the colors
mamaOOD's avatar
ooOooOh Spooky!
pandafan89's avatar
I like it! :) I want to do something similar just not sure of what just yet.
mangaartman's avatar
looks like teresa from fable
soosookachoo's avatar
This is one of the most beautiful yet terrifying thing I have ever seen from a Greek god depiction. Bravo! I absolutely adore this. :heart:
DAZUMA's avatar
more than incredible.
it seems that you goes there to see him!
avatargrl's avatar
So evil.... yet so BEAUTIFUL at the same time! 8DD
ahetal's avatar
Good work with the theme of the Underworld - I think it's the first time I see it associated with the deep sea. Beautiful coloring and I love the eels around Hades.
The-Shady-Lady's avatar
This is beautiful. :3
Jaromir83's avatar
I like this one a lot
Dahque's avatar
Amazing. I love the colours. THe swarm of eel things is great.
fairie's avatar
:clap: wonderful!!!! A speed paint? It's looks very nice as it is now I can't imagine how it will look later :O
DerMonkey's avatar
i hope i can push out some more versions of him...
philby's avatar
I like it. I wish I had something more to say (I hate giving generic comments), but I haven't really. Looks almost like a concept for a videogame character.
Chaosty's avatar
sieht gut aus, ich mag das ganz dunkle rot das man noch sieht, verleiht dem ganzen irgendwie etwas mystisches! °_°!!
DerMonkey's avatar
hrhr danke^^
die farben sind inspiriert von "vampyroteuthis infernalis" [link] (ab 1:50)
der geilste tintenfisch überhaupt (und mit 15cm der kleinste :D)
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