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Follow Your Dreams

Did this a long ago in a fit of Robot Unicorn craze before I realized how futile it is to capture the awesomeness of the game.

Making myself post this now before I noodle on it anymore :O

Critiques welcome~~~~~

btw what's your high score on Robot Unicorn? I'm a lamer who can't get past 50k

UPDATE: You can get this on shirts and stickers with this link…
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It is possible to use this on a kids sporting tournament shirt - Local event?  The kids pay for their own entry, shirts, etc., so we don't have a lot of money, but if you had an eps file we could buy would be perfect.  We/you could add a artist signature, or 'art by Derlaine8' on it, or something like that.  Very urgent and kids very much in love with this.
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Are you the copyright holder of this image? It's been posted on so many sites. I assumed it may've originated on Deviant Art.

My score on Robot Unicorn is not a number (NaN) because I have 0 ms of gameplay,
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Hey wanted to let you know your art is being stolen  unicorn by tulacoe
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Love this artwork, but I wanted to let you know that this image is being used by this scumbag facebook page that steals art to make profit by selling on Teechip, (I assume it is not you):…

You should report this to facebook.  They are also using it on instagram but I don't have the link handy.  

They recently stole my art and I've tried reporting it to have it taken down.
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Hi there! Just letting you know that this user has stolen your work here:…
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tineye suggests this is the proper place to comment on the nice rainbow unicorn. Even if it is.. years after the fact..

and, it's been long since I played RUA classic, but I rember doing about 25k a run in RUA2
wooo UNICORN!!!
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All colors work together so beautifully. Hope someday I could work the colors like that. :meow:
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My score is 300,00k. XD I worked three days on it,Pausing it and unpausing.
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Looks really awesome!
I've heard couple of times about the game but so far haven't figured out what it's about. Probably should do bit of research of it. ^^;

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I was sooo obsessed with this game at one point
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So Majestic -Dies-
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Robot Unicorn Attack
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this is cool i love horses oh and you too toothless
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Wow. It is so pretty. :)
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why is it not a robot?
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Fallow your dreams Dashy, 
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