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Star Wars: Mando'a - Vode An

I did this wallpaper some month ago and found it today again. So I thought I can put it on deviantart :)

I have include the resolutions:
* 1920x1200
* 1280x1024
* 1366x768

"Vode An" means "Brothers All" and is a mandalorian war song. Because Star Wars wiki can explain it better, I will use their description:

"Vode An, meaning "Brothers All", was an ancient Mandalorian war chant sung in Mando'a. During his training of the clone troopers of the Galactic Republic, Jango Fett revised a number of chants, including "Vode An", replacing traditional Mandalorian keywords with more appropriate Republic ones. In this instance, it is presumable that he replaced "Mandalore" with "Coruscant".

The chants were sung by the clone troopers with the accompaniment of drums and horns.(It is sung on the main menu for the game *Star Wars: Republic Commando )"

Source: [link]
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For Mandalore!
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